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How I hate my pyschology class

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011



To my psychology class y’all suck

Just thinkin’ bout ya wants to make me upchuck

Like seriously what the fuck?

Don’t pretend like you’re a dumb duck


Butikoffer makes me sick with all his jokes

That ain’t even funny you’re so full of smoke

And why the hell should you reject me in the hallway

Cuz you can’t have them papers signed your way


I’m eighteen and I watch rated R movies on my own time

So for your fucked up preschool policy I could give a dime

All them preps, jocks, and fakes

After a daily hour dose of your bullshit my head starts to ache


And what’s the worse, seeing some of you again

In other classes and I’m getting to my end

I’m not being on the offensive, I simply defend

Let me tell you plainly and straight, y’all ain’t my friends

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