Stop Dating Leanne

Poem by: Staplink


Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011




I know you’re not the sharpest knife

In the drawer but you’re throwing away your life

And your friends for an ugly slut

I thought you were better than that; you make me sick to my gut


Without us you’d be a loser but we gave you our friendship

And you met lots of cool people but you choose to replace it by continuing a relationship

With that bitch that you dated for a year and a half

And if you were some nameless idiot at our school I’d laugh


But I’ve known you since second semester freshman year

And no I’m not a bitch, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I didn’t want to hear

That you two were holding hands but I guess she’s more important than us

You used us all and then trashed us like toilet paper soaked in puss


I can’t even begin to name off all the shit we’ve done for you

And this is the shit you decide to do?

I thought you loved us and we were bros

But to you I guess bros don’t come before ho’s


The only reason I waste my time yelling at your thick head

Is because I really give a damn and I don’t want you dead

She’s just going to use you and then treat you like you treat us

You’ll enjoy the ride for a bit and then get booted off the bus


Or she’ll suck on you until you are finally lifeless

She says she love you but she could care less

She’s dying and wants to take you with her

So I bet you’ll enjoy her taste until you pucker


I’m falling asleep and forcing myself to stay up

In access class to write this hoping you’ll grow up

And I’d rather scold you in a rhyme

Than coming to your house just to beat you up and waste my time


I feel backstabbed, and you’re worst than a girl

Because she stabs and runs, but a bro stays in the whirl,

In the storm, so I guess you’re less than a man

Because we gave you everything and for no reason you ran


My question is why? If you just wanted sex

Then go on to the next

As you normally do. And I don’t think you like her personality

Because there was a reason why you two broke up initially


It feels like you plunged a knife in our heart and twisted it

If you didn’t want to be friends anymore, just say it

I don’t understand why you have to make us feel like shit

And from now on we won’t think of you legit

© Copyright 2017 Staplink. All rights reserved.

Stop Dating Leanne Stop Dating Leanne

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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