The Players

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Players are not serious with girls. This poem is just a reminder.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Just because he corked your gap

Doesn’t make him your finger rap

Though you danced in his lap

He still thinks you’re a trap


Just because he said, ‘I love you’

Doesn’t make it at all true

Though you let him tell you what to do

He’ll be staring at other girls’ butts too


Though he seems like a faithful man

One day you’ll reminisce of when he ran

Though you can be a decent woman

He’s gonna copy the habits of his male clan


Though he denies cheating on you when you’re not around

Doesn’t mean he is innocent in renown

Though you ignore the facts and refuse to frown

He’s trashing your integrity and making you look like a blind clown


The conclusion is that good girls

Will be treated like anything other than pearls

When handled by jackasses who are players

Who think it’s fun to be heart slayers 

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