Welcome to Hell.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

About High School


High school should have a picket sign with a bell

With this message saying, “Welcome to hell”

For all the drama it brings it would turn you pale

You’re excited at first but it later feels like jail


You have to see the same people constantly

Who are very imbecilic who peep at your wee-wee

When you’re taking a piss, showing no ounce of respect

So how can you expect these conditions to not produce a negative effect?


Walk into biology or philosophy class and if your prospect

Hasn’t changed, you are theologically considered elect

Another vexation is getting entangled in all the rumors and drama

About this girl who left early with this guy and you hear she is now a mama


Get axed in the back by someone you considered your bro

And live with the painful fact that he dismissed you for a diseased ho

Just goes to show you that anyone can turn on you

And lead you on until you’re done hunting down every clue


Now I’m friends with people I never even thought I’d hang out with

And others are backstabbers who treat me like a hammer battered by a blacksmith

I used to care a lot way back in the day

But now I leave people alone, not caring for what they do or say


Now some advisory words for people in the middle schools

Don’t be surprised if most of high school is filled with tools

The trouble you have now is only practice for later

When you meet and contend with all the varsity haters


You think people would grow up, but it’s a punch in the guts

When you find out that most of them are dogs and sluts

I’m sure they’ve all underwent puberty

But seemingly no has underwent maturity


And that’s why girls don’t know what they want

And guys think with the head zipped in their pants so they flaunt

A different girl every two weeks when the other one gets difficult

But it’s natural to have a menstrual cycle so grow up and be adults


And girls think they are more mature than boys

But you’re not cuz you treat everyone like prop toys

Liking ten guys in real life and Edward Cullen

He’s not the only – there are other fictional guys making your heads swollen


And after you watch that you expect reality to reflect insanity

But you don’t realize it’s all stupid vanity

It’s never going to happen child

Keep this thought mentally filed

Submitted: November 17, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Staplink. All rights reserved.

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