Zombies Exist

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About people who gossip

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011




Those bloodsucking leeches with no life

All those knife-happy kindlers of strife

Like to jab you in the back and twist it

And afterward I don’t want to trust again and risk it


I always remind myself that everyone’s not like that

But how can I believe that when everyone is a rat

With rabies determined to poison everyone they meet

And as long as people have loose tongues I’ll keep killing this drumbeat


You live to breath about the life you don’t have

And if it wasn’t so devastatingly pathetic I’d laugh

But I guess zombies really do exist after all

Because you spit out lies and gossip to brawl


You may think that talking about others is a matter however small

But the victim of your venomous words should thrust you into a wall

Or if that’s wrong, that’s at least what you deserve

For being a half-live, half-dead, dry, boring, and crusty perv 

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