Almost sent to a foster home, freakish appearance, no real friends or a loving mother. Who would want to live with all these characteristics? But Jean faces the reality with her gentle ways, dreaming for a better future, not knowing that she would have to spend her young life in prison away from her beloved family. But dreams do come true right... :D

Table of Contents


This novel is about a lonely innocent girl leading her most fun and important days in jail. Read Chapter

  CHAPTER 2 The sound of thunder awoke Daniel from his sleep. Slowly he opened his heavy eyelids and the first thing he saw ... Read Chapter

  Jack smiled at Jean as she set at the kitchen counter. A deep silence followed and Denial couldn't stand it.  ... Read Chapter

Dan looked at this wife then at Jean and back at his wife. He saw the rage in her eyes and also saw the muscled of her jaws flexing as sh... Read Chapter

Jack paced beside Jean’s room. It was morning when she went in there and now it’s almost two. No sign of her. It’s just possible th... Read Chapter

A smile played Jean’s lips as she faced the brown eyed brunette. “Hay Tanya.” She ran forward to hug her friend. “Hi Jean. Yo... Read Chapter