Drifting into the unknown

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A poem about being lost in a world that is far from your own.

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Submitted: July 15, 2014



She lives in a world where she doesn't belong.
She lives with people who are not of her kind
All of her life she has gone through things she shouldn't have.
Things she shouldn't of been put through, things that she should of never seen
Things that should of never happened to her, emotions that should of never been felt
Throughout her whole life she has been an outcast.
All of these things are true but one day they will all change.

One day she will find her place in the world
One day she will be with people who truely are her kind
One day all of those emotions she felt, all those bad memories she had will be washed away
One day the things she has seen, the things she has felt, the people who she had met before will be forgotten forever
When that day comes, she will truly be happy.
When that day comes, she will know who she really is
She will accept herself for the amazing person she is and there will be no more doubt in her mind

The people in her past will be long forgotten and nothing more
They will get what they deserve for treating her like nothing more then a waste of space.
They will know what it truly feels like to be treated how they treated her.
The day when all this will happen is coming soon and on that day she will be long gone from those people
She will be in the arms and thoughts of people who truly love her
She will be in the hearts and souls of people who truly understand her.
Those days will be coming soon and on those days, the world will be set right.

And on that day, she will be in the world she was suppose to be born in and the world she is in now will be a long forgotten memory.

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