New Year's Eve

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“Hey, he’s awake!” I heard as I struggled to get up. As soon as I stood up I felt this large rod hit me in the gut, and someone shouted, “Start digging!” I thought it was a prank and I said that this wasn't funny. I suddenly felt something hard against my temple when I tried to move the bag. It felt like a gun and something hard was shoved into my hands. “Dig!” The person said. I realized soon enough that I was holding a shovel, so started digging, like my life depended on it.....which it did....

Submitted: July 10, 2017

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Submitted: July 10, 2017



2016’s New Year's Eve Dedicated to 2016

“I guess it's best to start from the beginning. My name is, well, you already know that part, and I was born on the 2nd of May 1998, to the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Jones and they raised me in the small town of Benseville named after, as a matter of fact I have no idea what it was named after, what kind of name is Benseville anyway!? I mean honestly...... Oh and the people there, the people there are just so……. - ok,ok,ok don't get so irritated, I was just trying to lighten the mood. I won't waste any more of your time, I know it's just an hour till 2017 begins and you wanna spend it with your family and what not but trust me when I tell you that you’re gonna wanna hear this. It all started this morning when I woke up to my mom nagging me about my grades after my first semester at Uni….. again. So as usually I drifted to my computer and started crushing this new game that came out. It's so awesome and the graphics are out of this world! Then my sister came in, nagging me about how I'm wasting my life away, I have no ambition, what happened to the good grades in high school…. Blah blah blah. They drive me crazy honestly, all the more reason why I hated the idea of coming home for Christmas. So I planned on treating today like any other day. Screw New year's’ resolutions, I mean what's the point we’re all gonna end up doing the same crap we did last year. The world's messed up and nothing we do is gonna change that. At least that's what I thought. Before I knew it was after 12 in the afternoon, I'd beaten level 37 and I was starving. I hadn't realised that i’d missed breakfast. Dreading the thought of socializing with the rest of my family I made my way downstairs to see Dad hooked on ESPN and my mom and sister hustling about the kitchen. They were preparing for our annual new year's party, you know the one, where everyone from around comes to welcome another year. Yea well that’s the one. I barely made it down the stairs before my sister comments about my lack of enthusiasm in everything, like I cared. I grabbed a leftover sandwich from the fridge and ignored everyone when my mom realised that she had ran out of eggs. Of course they asked me to head to the local grocery store to pick it up, and as much as I wanted to get back to my game I wasn't up for them nagging me about this later. So I grabbed my mom’s keys to her car and got outta there as fast as I could. It wasn't until I was in the parking lot of the store I realised that I had forgotten to ask for cash and i’d forgotten my wallet too. In fact, thinking about it, I was so lucky I’d taken a shower and remembered to change out of my pj's before I started playing video games. Anyway, I found about 50 bucks in change stuffed here and there in the car and headed into the store. As soon as I entered the store I realized that I needed to go, so I made my way to the male bathroom. Now it wasn't the normal bathroom with the stalls or whatever, I’m talking about opening the door and staring at a dirty old toilet that smells like it could be an outhouse right next to a shower. So imagine my surprise when I saw a girl trying to fit through a window a few feet above the toilet. We were both staring at each other in surprise when she said, “Don’t just stand there, gimme a boost!” As shocked as I was, there was no way in hell I was helping some random chick get out of a bathroom through a tiny window. Ignoring my no, she rolled her eyes and continued her struggle while I stood there in disbelief. Just then a man pushed open the door and stared straight at the girl as she dropped to the ground on both feet with her hands to her side and her head dropped. A silence filled the room as the man’s voice rung with domination. “What the hell do you think you're doing?” He didn't shout, but yet his words resonated as if he did. The girl didn't respond she just stood there head down like a disciplined puppy. “Get in the car,” the man suddenly said and we both watched as the girl walked past me and out the door. The man looked up at me and a shiver ran up my spine. “I’m sorry about my daughter, she’s in that rebellious stage you know,” he smiled and shut the bathroom door and I remembered thinking how young he looked, too young to be the father of a girl who seemed to be in her late teens not to mention the way he spoke to her. He even made me feel like ‘I’ had to get in his car. I didn't want to think too much about it. I used the bathroom, got the eggs and headed towards my mom’s car with the keys in hand and the rest is a blur but, the next thing I know I'm lying on dirt with a black bag over my head with a rope around my neck holding it in place. “Hey, he’s awake!” I heard as I struggled to get up. As soon as I stood up I felt this large rod hit me in the gut, and someone shouts, “Start digging!” I thought it was a prank and I said that this wasn't funny. I suddenly felt something hard against my temple when I tried to move the bag. It felt like a gun and something hard was shoved into my hands. “Dig!” The person said. I realized soon enough that I was holding a shovel, so started digging, like my life depended on it... which it did. I didn't know how long I was digging for but my hands were blistered and bleeding by the time they knocked me out again. Some other guy showed up I couldn't see obviously but I could tell by the voice. He said something like ‘we don’t have time for this’ and ‘just kill him’. I knew he was talking about me that's when I thanked God that another one said that it would have been too messy. The new guy also said that a girl was missing and I didn’t know what that meant until I woke up from being knocked out again in darkness. I was underground because I could hear footsteps above. It took a while to get used to the dark tiny room but when I did, I noticed a girl sitting with her back propped against the wall opposite me. The panic finally set in. I didn't know where I was, my head hurt and who knows how long ago, i was about to be buried alive. I had a panic attack and if it wasn't for that girl I would have died. It took a while before I realized that the room was dimly lit by a tiny light bulb. Right next to me stood a stand with only two shelves, one with a first Aid kit the other with a few cans of fruit that looked like they were there for years. The girl was staring at me as I scanned the tiny bunker. I didn't know what to ask because somehow I knew that she didn't have the answers. “What's your name,” she asked. My mouth was so dry I didn't recognize my voice as I told her my name. “Well, Julian, my name's Hope and we need to get out of here!” she responded. I asked her how she expected us to do that, but she shrugged. The wheels in my head began turning despite the feeling that the walls were closing in on me. There was this first shooter game I played once. Out! I think was the name. I was stuck underground because I stepped on a land mine and I fell into a tunnel. I was trapped there for days with no idea how to get out. It pissed me off that I couldn't beat that level. It was dark yet I had to use my surroundings to get out. “They’re going to kill us,” Hope said suddenly and I didn't doubt that. “How did you end up here? Were you kidnapped?” I asked. I recognized her as the girl from the store, she looked like she was skeptical about trusting me and stayed quiet. “I have no idea why I'm here,” I said to fill the silence. After analysing me Hope told me that I was here because I had seen her face at the store, and because she tried to escape. She said that a few months ago she sneaked out of the house with her sister to go to a party and she’d lost her sister. Too afraid to go home without her she wandered around looking for her when she found a guy she’d remembered her sister was with last. She followed him about for like a day when she saw him take another drunk girl. He had given her a drug at a bar and stuffed her unconscious body into the back seat of his car. So she baited herself and unknowingly entered a ring of traders that sold young girls as sex slaves among other things. I tried to hide my surprise but I couldn’t. For two months Hope had been getting herself traded from place to place in search of her sister and about a week ago she had finally found her here which according to her was a trading site. She said that at the store she was trying to escape to get help because there was no way out of here and the traders here kept a close eye on her. She’s been down here so many times it wasn't funny. These guys, they sounded horrible. They had apparently had enough of her and they were gonna get rid of her, saying she wasn't worth the trouble. Tears filled her eyes as she said her story and for a moment I felt like I didn't deserve to be in the presence of someone so strong. I really didn't. Hope wiped the tears from her eyes which were suddenly filled with determination. “I have to get my sister and I out Julie, can I call you Julie?” she asked. “What! No!” “I’m gonna call you Julie- we need to figure this out. The person in charge isn't around which mean that the guards alone are here, and they're idiots without the boss.” “Who’s the boss?” “I don't know I’ve only seen his face once before,” “You do know the guy who abducted you though, is he still here,” “Haven't seen him since he abducted me” “What about the other guards,” “They keep changing I kinda lost track, why does it matter if I know them they're not gonna help us, even if we ask nicely.” “No, I mean for the police. When we get out we gotta send the police against these guys.” “The police won't help,” “Of course they will they have teams dedicated to finding people.” “Yea well I’ve been here for months Julie, and I haven't been found yet. They only find you until it’s too late.” This was true. There aren't much stories of abducted girls being found alive. “Everyone knows we’re gone Julie, yet they do nothing about it but feel sad about the world going to hell. They already gave up on the world while we sit here suffering.” She was right. “Hey!” She suddenly said. Her hand went over her head and started the scratching a metal door I hadn't noticed before. She screamed again. Then curled into a ball in hopeless surrender. I kept Staring at the door. It was definitely a way in and our only out. I made a promise to Hope that I would get her out. But we needed to find a way to get her sister and get out of there without the guards noticing, which would be impossible because a guard could be right above us. But that was it. We had no idea where the guards were, unless we forced them all together. Which means we needed bait. “Hey Hope, how much guards are there?” I asked. Her head popped up from her ball. “There were two with me today when they brought me over, but there isn't much girls here yet which means there's not that much guards” My eyes fell on the shelf next to us. My plan slowly grew in my mind as I grabbed one of the metal rods holding the shelf up. I tugged until the rod fell out because of the rust. I smiled at how thick the metal was ignoring the crash of the cans on the dirt ground as the shelf fell. After some time I was able to cut the rod in two. I grabbed the bulb and carefully tried to unscrew it without being electrocuted after searching for a light switch I didn't find. I started a spark with the wires of the bulb and heated the rod to the point where a substantial amount was red hot. I quickly stuffed it into the lock of the door. Choking from the smoke of the fire I quickly took out the makeshift key and formed a bumper key. I felt Hope's eyes on me as I entered the key again and we both practically screamed yes! When the lock turned and the door opened to be stopped by a lock outside. I slumped in disappointment. Hope suddenly lay on her back and started kicking the door in frustration. I joined her knowing that it probably wouldn't work but still I did. The lock broke open and we hugged each other. But we had to move quickly. I grabbed the rod and climbed out of the bunker looking around in the moonlight to see a man napping against a tree. We were in a woods surrounded by trees. I helped Hope out of the bunker and we quietly approached the man. He had a gun next to him, a shotgun and a small piece in his pants. I grabbed the shotgun as the man jumped awake. He stared down the barrel as I instructed him to hand over the handgun in his pants. He did and I gave it to Hope. “You have a choice, here man we’re going to the police so you can leave now and forget this happened or follow us and end up dead or arrested,” I said. He left and I felt so badass. We needed to get back and I followed Hope to where they were holding the girls which was in a metal barn connected to a small concrete house deep into woods. We had to draw the guards out so we went back into the forest and shot randomly praying that it sounded like a shootout. It worked because we soon heard voices headed our way. I told Hope to go get her sister and meet me where we were before we entered the woods again. I climbed a tree and looked down to see the three men run past us with guns in hand. I descended the tree when I thought it was safe but walked right into one of the guards who fumbled for his gun as I bolted. Bullets flew everywhere as I ran as fast as I could. I reached back to the house to see a car waiting with Hope in the driver's seat. “Get in!” She screamed and I jumped into the backseat as she drove. I ducked as bullets hit the car from behind breaking the glass behind me. When we were a good distance away I noticed Hope’s sister in the passenger seat unconscious and bleeding like a busted fire hydrant. “How did u guys get out so quickly?” I asked. I asked so many questions so quickly I couldn't keep up. “I’ll explain later,” Hope said. She then told me that Grace, her sister, was shot. Grace was losing too much blood. We needed to find a hospital fast. Hope floored the gas and followed a dirt road leading out of the forest to an empty road. We had randomly chosen to go left and drove for two hours straight. I tried my best to put pressure on Grace’s wound. The gas tank was on E when we finally approached the first stoplight in the city, which I thankfully recognized. But when the light turned green a red pick up drove straight into us. Then, the next thing I know I ended up here.” “So, you weren't driving the vehicle Mr. Ambrose?” Officer Barnes asked seeming overwhelmed by how I had just answered his question. “No, I was not and this is Grace’s blood on my shirt, not someone I murdered, just in case you're wondering.” “That's quite the story Mr. Ambrose,” the officer said looking flustered. I sighed. “Yea,” “Ok, I’m going to need you to make an official statement of what transpired, excuse me while I go get the paperwork.” “Wait what? Didn't you just hear that awesome story? There are girls that need to be rescued from crazy guys that are gonna sell them to who knows where. They're in danger there is no time for paperwork!” I yelled in frustration. “Mr. Ambrose I understand the situation but unless the paperwork is processed-” “Yea well this is time sensitive!” “We’re gonna get these guys Julian, but wait here.” The officer left the tiny interrogation room and I stood up with adrenaline still piercing through my veins. The door soon opened again and I was surprised to see hope standing in the doorway in a police uniform. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Be quiet and follow me Julie!” Hope whispered sternly. Glancing at the blank window that I’m seen so many times on TV, I followed her and she lead me into a emergency exit that lead to a stairwell. “Grace is dead,” Hope said while running down the stairs. I rushed down and grabbed her arm. “What?!” I asked in disbelief as we both stopped. “l-I’m sorry, I-” I could see the hurt behind Hope’s eyes and my heart sank. “We need to go back and watch the police take these guys down!” I said with anger. “We can't trust the police.” “Why not?” I asked. “Remember when I said that I only saw the boss once? Yea, well I saw him again, his picture is hanging in the waiting area, he’s the head of the police department,” Hope said. Shocked, I stood frozen in fear. “You’re kidding,” I said in disbelief. Then I suddenly realized my mistake, “I just told a cop everything,” I said. Hope looked at me in fear, “everything?” she asked. I nodded. We needed to get out of here. Who knows how many cops were in on this. “Grace told me to something for her after I apologised for abandoning her. She said that I forgot the others.” Hope said as tears filled her eyes. “I didn't forget... I was just being selfish. If I saved Grace I thought I would end up saving myself,” she wiped her eyes and took a breath, “I have to to go save them Julie.” Her words made me realize how selfish I had been too. I didn't even think about the other girls when I was in the woods. I didn't think about my family either when I gave up on college. I mean I just gave up, like I was the only one that it was affecting. Then I gave up on the world. Not anymore. “I”m coming with you Hope,” i told her with fire in my eyes. “You don’t have to.” “There's no way I’m letting you do this alone.” She smiled at me for the first time and it was contagious. We entered a parking garage and Hope pulled out keys from the uniform pocket and a car beeped nearby. I followed her skeptical about getting into a stolen car but still did. She was really good at stealing stuff. As we pulled out of the space I asked if we could stop by a grocery store. There, I picked up eggs and I directed her to my house. I told Hope to wait as I walked up the walkway to the front door. I rang the doorbell several times before my sister answered screaming 'Happy New year's’ at me. “Where the hell have you been?” she said when she realized it was me, “And why are you covered in- what is that? Blood?!” I handed her the eggs and apologized. For everything. I told her that I was going to be different next year and I meant it. I left her shocked at the door. I smiled as I entered the car. “Everything OK?” Hope asked. “Yea, where to?” Hope started the car and started down the street. “A friend’s house,” she said. “Can we trust this friend?” I asked. Before she could answer, Hope hit the brakes so hard I jumped forward as a loud crackle ran through the air. “What was that!” Hope screamed in fear. “Calm down it’s fireworks,” I said fixing myself in the seat, “we do it every New year's’ at midnight.” Hope looked up as another splash of colour filled the air. I smiled at her fascination and couldn't help but be happy I’d met her. Ironically she gave me hope. “Happy new years’ Hope,” I said. She smiled and I felt warm inside as she said “Happy New year Julie.” My smile immediately left. “Please stop calling me that.”

;} Yay 2017!

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