Death from a life full of pain

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This is the way I feel about my life.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Chest feels heavy with burdens buried deep

Too many promises I fear I won't be able to keep

On the outside I smile, I'm okay

Inside my heart doesn't beat at all

I feel so dead, yet I keep going

Keep living, keep breathing, yet I've forgotten why

How I yearn for the knife

To watch every breath run down my arm

Every smile, every laugh is a lie

Fantasize every second about running the blade down my wrist

How energizing it would be

A body is just a body and mine doesn't hold much value

Just a body lacking a soul

Chest is filled with pain hands shaking

Wish this pain would end

Wish this heart and body could die

Just want some peace, need to escape from the pain

Why do these people want to keep me here?

They don't know how I suffer

They don't know how I hurt

Take away my blades and my means to ease the pain

Death is now my only refuge

I only wish to drown my suffering

Maybe poison the pain out of me

I could always tape a bag over my head

Overdosing sounds promising

Somebody hear my screams

I just can't live anymore

Don't have the strength to live anymore

Just let me die please

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