Unkown for now

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This is my start to a story that I am working on and it about an individual dealing with death and trying to move on.

Watching the sun rise on a calm october morning in the wake of a crisp autumn, I can only hope that I will get through today and many more days to come. The nights are no longer my safe haven, as I spend most of them awake and terrified of dreams that I cannot comprehend, or even explain.. I hear the alarm clock going off, but it makes no differnce I don't need it and have not needed it for almost a year..Seems like yesterday you were standing here next to me watching the sunrise with a smile that glowed just as brightly.
It is my very selfishness that leads me to my most vulnerable acts of not getting past your death as you would have wanted me too...I stand here weeping my days away in hopes that maybe my eyes have dried out so mush that I cannot cry anymore.
It is with some sense of renewment that I must move on, but how do I do that when I know you'll never walk through that door again and give a warm hello, a fresh flower, or even a smile that says your mine? I can only stare into the suns rays and still not get the answers I need. My heart is breaking all the time, even the clouds know it by the end of the day..why did fate take everything from me? Why do the stars tell the story I cannot read? Why am I still here when I have no purpse to go on with?
Still the skies offer me no reassurance as I continue on this path of dreariness..

Submitted: August 04, 2007

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Frances Gail

I llke the writing and use of words,,I can feel you're
loss and despair, it is universal when we loose those we love. I lost my parents in the last few years and they were my best friends and family. It is so difficult to go on without them. Everyday is a struggle. Only time helps, it is trite but it is true.
Hope you can come to some peace with the memories of your dear one by remembering all the wonderful times you shared.

Sat, August 4th, 2007 8:07am


Thank you for reading! Funnily enough as this sounds no one close to me died..it was just something that popped into my head and needed to be for lack of better words inked. Sometimes I just have to go with the flow and let it be "inked" lol! I am very sorry for your loss though.

Sun, August 5th, 2007 10:37am

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