I know you'll come around

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

So after breaking up from a relationship of six years due to a few reasons. I wrote this for her. Didn't use her real name, instead I used 'Jia'and for myself, used ' woodie'. This is my first time, I hope you guys like it.

Do you remember the times we had
When I was yours and you were mine
Do you remember that blissful kiss
Which now you consider your biggest crime

Have you forgotten the way i hugged you
Or have you chosen to be naíve
Did you close your heart for me
Cos Lord knows I put mine on the sleeve

So I raise my hands and say GOD oh why
God don't do this, God I'll die
God give me strength, God set me free
My Jia doesn't want to be with me

Was it something I did, Was it something I said
No time for regrets, for happiness is ahead
I've known you for so long , I know you'll come around
My heart's where your home is eternally bound

Fear not my love, Woodie's here
That line would fill you with joyous tears
I fight so hard because I know
You fight your heart and you don't know

Baby you know I don't care if you were rude
I don't care when I was reduced to a dude
I'll understand the things you're gonna say
Cos nothing can trump our own "Okay"

I should give up in this time so frail
But then I think of Hamna and Kumail
The time they'll call us Mom and Dad
Come on Jia that ain't so bad.

Right now he makes you feel secure
Give it some time, Let him get bored
For I promise my baby he's not the one
If I can't be it, there can be none

There goes your problem for falling for him
Onto your parents, a line very thin

Do you honestly believe they won't say ok?
Do you honestly think you won't have a say?

Don't you know how I can convince others?
I got you didnt I, and I was your brother

Maybe they'll be angry, Maybe they'll be sad
And I know you too, You'll also feel bad
I'll make them happy, I'll prove myself
That I'm worthy of their daughter, as gorgeous as yourself

So chin up Jia, Don't overthink
Life passes one by, In just a blink
Live that blink with me, Live it to the fullest
Or live it with someone else, and to the dullest

I don't hold grudges, especially against you
Don't ever think that, not ever my boo

There's so much to say, There's no blame to lay
I love you my baby, just this way

In the end I'll say I Love You to Death
I whisper your name with every breath
So come back to woodie, Come back home
You've got no reason to wander and roam

Submitted: November 04, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Stardamore. All rights reserved.

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