An Andy Biersack Love Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Andy Biersack Love Story

The cold wind flushed through my hair as I peered through the gap in the black tinted windows. I felt a shiver send through my spine while a cold hand grabbed my the rope that secured my hands behind my back, as the hand dragged me to a large, tall black house that stood out from the rest. Little did I know what I was in for.

I was thrown against a wall, as a dark figure held a knife to my throat. I gasped, and let a tear roll down my cheek. \"What do you want from me\" I trembled quickly. \"You will be silent!\" You work for us now\" he said, still not revealing his unworthy face. He grabbed my ear, pulled my through the halls and slumped me into a dark room. The room was dark, and what I thought was empty until I saw three other girls there. They looked starved. They were thin, hunched up, and looked cold and scared. One had short blonde hair and emerald eyes, another was brunette with blue eyes, and the third had long black hair with blue eyes. They looked like poorly taken care of super models because they were so thin. When the cruel figure had left, the three girls glared at me. \"Welcome to the gang\" one said a little too enthusiastically, \"Where am I?\" I trembled quietly \"In hell\" said another. I slunk down slowly to sit on the cold, hard floor. \"Do you have names?\" I asked, still trembling. \"Zara\" said the blonde girl. She looked the skinniest. \"Jeanie\" said the other. The last one didn't answer. \"That's Katy\" said Zara pointing to a girl with long black hair. \"I'm Libby\" I said. \"What happened to you?\" I asked, looking at them, disgusted. \"That fucking jackass starves us\" said Katy, frowning. \"How long have you been here?\" I asked, questions were buzzing around in my scared and confused head. \"3 years\" said Zara. \"I'm getting out of here\" I said Zara just laughed. \"Good luck\" Jeanie chuckled. I tugged on the door. \"You can't leave\" sighed Katy \"He'll beat you if he finds you trying to escape!\" said Jeanie \"Who?\" I turned around to look at her. \".....Him\" said Katy \"Does he have a name?\" I asked with sarcasm dripping from my lips. \"He doesn't deserve one.\" said Jeanie coldly. \"Rick, but we have to call him master\" said Zara

Rick came storming into the room. \"You!\" he shouted pointing at Zara, who flinched, shot up instantly and ran over to the door, a few steps back. He yanked her arm and grunted, slamming the door. \"Where's the bathroom?\" I asked \"There\" Katy said, pointing to a door that was in very sorry state. 2.I opened the door cautiously, I found a disgusting, brown toilet that was seatless. The room was small. On top of the filthy loo was kitchen roll. I knew I was not going to enjoy it here.

******** I heard loud screams coming coming from the distance. We all flinched. \"What is he doing to her?\" I asked, shocked and with tears in my eyes. \"He rapes us\" Jeanie sniffed. \"It still hurts to hear each others' screams\" said Katy.

I don't know how long it had been but Zara was thrown into the room, followed by a door being harshly slammed. \"This is no life\" I said, annoyed. \"We know\" sighed Katy When morning came, I was woken by a man yelling. \"You!\" he pointed at me. \"I have a name!\" I yelled He slapped my face. \"Don't you dare talk to me like that!\" he yelled. \"You kidnapped me, I should be able to speak to you how I want!\" I demanded. Big mistake Libby. He rammed his fist into my stomach. I dropped to the floor the last thing I heard was the door being violently slammed. When I had the strength to speak I said; \"He likes to slam that door dun he?\" I said \"I wouldn't try that again\" Zara advised.

I was trapped in this hell hole for three months more. I wanted out. Now. I got up, and trashed the door with my fists continuously until Rick slammed it open. \"What!?\" he yelled loudly. \"I'M HUNGRY!\" I yelled as loudly as he would yell. \"WE'RE ALL HUNGRY!\" he walked towards me, clenching his fists, as I stepped back. I dove to the right of him trying to escape, he tried to grab me, but I ran through the door, I had no idea where I was going, but I found a door, that sadly, led to his back garden. \"GET HER!!!!\" Yelled Rick I stood very still, looking around for somewhere to run, but it was useless. An arm wrapped around my neck. Rick chuckled. \"Well well well, what are we do with you eh?\" he laughed smiling at his crew. \"Let go of me!\" I demanded

Andy's POV

In the two weeks that I had moved here, I had heard nothing but yelling and screaming from that house, and I was certain that there was something not right about it. I was oblivious to the events that happened there, so I didn't call the cops. There might not even be anything wrong with that house anyway. The weather was so beautiful outside, so I had to go on the swing, which I hoped that I had grown out of. Just as I stepped out into the warm air, I peered over the garden fence. I saw a girl dashing out of a backdoor I didn't get a great look at her, because a tall man wrapped his arm around her neck. I ducked below the fence and peered through a gap in the fence because to be honest, I was a little frightened myself. \"Well well well, what are we to do with you eh?\" the sick creep laughed smiling at three other men. 3.\"Let go of me\" the girl demanded. \"I don't think that will be happening any time soon\" he whispered into her ear \"I hate you let go of me!\" she shouted.

************* He threw a punch into her stomach. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to watch. I slapped my my hand onto my mouth. I never wanted to see a little girl get beat up by such a brute. She fell to the floor, blood oozed out of her mouth, as she coughed, She lied there motionless. \"Leave her\" said the sick creep. I waited for them to go back inside before I dared look back up over the fence. She had long blonde hair, and was far too skinny. I gasped as I saw her lying there. I had to do something about this.

I waited all day for them to finally leave their house. All four of them jumped into their rusty, vile car, evacuated the dirty drive. I crept up to the door, it was locked. \"Damn\" I remarked to myself. I ran to the back garden and flew over the fence. The girl was not there anymore. I tugged on the back door, but that was locked too. There was tiny open window. There was no way I am climbing through a window that small. OK, I had to. I jumped up to it, and tried to go through it. Finally I had succeeded. Ouch! \"Fuck!\" I shouted. A little too loudly. I slapped my hand to my mouth. I crept through the house, I saw a little black door, what's paint was peeling off. I heard a girl crying. There were several locks on the doors, (the ones that you get inside your bathroom) I put my ear to the door and heard the girl crying even louder. I slowly reached to unlock them, until I heard a car backing into the drive. I panicked! I reached into my pocket and found a receipt for some potato chips. To my luck, a small black pen was sitting under a pile of crap, I grabbed it, it was sticky and had a piece of gum attached to it. I scrawled a short note on the paper and slid it under the door. I then ran for it, my heart was racing, as I threw myself out of the small window and flew back over the fence puffing and panting. I ran back into my house and into my room. I sat onto my bed, still exhausted.

Libby's POV

I woke up in a strange room. I had been separated from the others. I buried my face in my knees and wept. \"Fuck!\" I heard someone yell very loudly. I instantly thought it was Rick. I heard faint footsteps. I ignored them and carried on crying into my knees. When suddenly, a piece of paper was slid under the door. I grabbed and went back to my spot. It read: 'I'll getcha outta here\". I was confused. I fell asleep. I highly doubted that anyone was going to save me.

2 Weeks Later....

Andy's POV

After weeks and weeks of screaming, I decided that it was enough. That night, the house fell silent at 2:00 am. I crept in through the tiny window that was STILL open, to my relief. I looked around. I was really scared now. I tiptoed through the hall to the small, black door. I slowly pushed one of the small, metal bars that locked the door out of the lock. I moved onto the second one and cautiously looked around making sure no one was watching. I quickly unlocked all of them, cringed back, and turned around to see if anyone was there. I 4.opened the door very slowly. I ran over to a girl lying in the corner and knelt down beside her. She was absolutely beautiful. She had lovely blonde, long hair, rosy red cheeks, and long eyelashes. I caressed her cheek with my finger. She had bruises along her pretty face, and red marks across her neck. Blood covered her lips, yet she still looked so beautiful.

************ I sat there for a bit wondering how I was going to make this work. I had a plan worked out.

I picked her up gently, bridal style. She was very light, because she was so skinny. She looked starved. I looked at her, admiring her beauty. I snapped out of it, and ran to the back door, and twisted the key that they had left in the lock. After some fiddling about, the door finally opened. I slammed it behind me, and jumped over the fence holding her, without waking her. I took her into my room and carefully put her into my bed. I was gonna sleep on the couch downstairs. I moved a lock of hair from her and kissed her forehead gently and walked downstairs to get some sleep. **

Libby's POV

My eyes fluttered open to a heavily tattooed arm stroking my hair. I was in yet another different room. Not again. \"Where am I?\" I asked, sitting up. \"Are you ok?\" I turned to look at the man who had been stroking my hair. My thoughts took over; Fuck HE SO HOT! I definitely don't mind being his sex slave, this guy is as sexy as FUCK! I pictured myself giving him a lap dance. Score. I was going to be the worlds' hottest guys' sex slave. Days like this don't come often. \"Yeah, I'm fine?\" I said, looking around and scratching my head. \"What did they do to you?\" he asked, with an apologetic expression in his sexy blue eyes. \"Do you really wanna know?\" I asked. He didn't answer, he just kept looking at me. \"So you're not gonna make me be your sex slave then?\" I asked. He looked stunned. \"\" he said. I was a little disappointed. I clapped my hands together and smiled. \"Well! Guess what those freaks made us do\" I said \"Us? You mean like,\" he said \"there are more there?\" he said, gagging. \"Well yeah, they weren't gonna share me\" I muttered. He looked at me as if he was a little disgusted. \"Shouldn't we call the cops?\" I asked, fidgeting ever so slightly. He was SO gorgeous. \"Yeah I'd better do that now\" he said, fleeing the room. I flopped back down and sighed. How could one dude be SO fit! I was very disappointed that he didn't make me his sex slave. Sad face.

I heard him mumbling in the background on the phone. He poked his head around the door and smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back, he was so cute. He then walked in and sat on the end of the bed. I curled my toes. \"I didn't get your name\" he said \"Libby. I didn't get yours\" I replied, smiling. \"Andy\" he said. I noticed he was holding a fag, but who was I to question such a gentleman. Fuck he was so hot. 5.\"Oh. You want one?\" he said. He must have noticed me looking at the cigarette. \"I'm fourteen\" I said. \"I feel like the biggest pedophile in the world right now\" he laughed I giggled too. \"I like vodka though\" I said winking. I'm not really 'shy'. He laughed. \"Maybe in seven years\" he said \"Uh uh uh! I'm british, so only 4 years actually\" I said \"Well, while you're in my country, you'll have to wait seven years\" He said. I laughed. \"So where is your family? Don't you miss them?\" he asked. \"Not one bit\" I said sighing and lying back. \"You don-?\" he asked \"Nope!\" I interrupted. \"So, you don't wanna-\" he started \"Nope!\" I interrupted him again. \"You don't miss you-\" he tried to start \"I am certain that I said no, although I do miss my iPad I said enthusiastically. \"Ok\" he said \"Yep\" I said. \"That is pretty Ok alright.\" I said. \"You're still only fourteen, you need to go back to school\" he said. \"You don't need to go to school if you wanna be a mermaid when you're older\" I said \"You can't make a living being a mermaid\" he said \"Then I want to work in a Unicorn farm\" I said \"Magic isn't real\" he said \"Then explain rainbows\" I said \"When light interferes with moist air\" he said I looked at him. \"What a sad world you live in\" I muttered, \"\" he said, looking at me. I shrugged. \"It's the summer holidays dude, let it go\" I said \"Well exactly, you need to be put in school by the end of summer\" he said. \"if you want a future\" he said \"If I go back to the school I'm registered with now then my parents will find me and I'll have to go back home and I hate it there!\" I said. \"Well where else are you gonna go?\" he said. I shrugged. \"I've got a spare bedroom I guess...\" he said \"Are you gonna adopt me?\" I asked, smiling in a flirty behaviour. \"Sure\" he said smiling. \"Good\" I said, still smiling, pulling the covers over me.

Andy's POV

Not a conventional way to get a really hot girl to move in with me but I did it anyway and I was pleased with myself even if I did look like the biggest pervert in the world. Even if she's not legal yet. I'll wait. She looks 17 though, I don't understand how she can be 14. She is pretty tall. ** I knocked softly on the door. \"Hey!\" she said. \"Hi\" I said. \"Are you hungry?\" I asked. You could almost see her ribcage. Damn! This bitch needs a McDonalds. \"Um. Sort of\" she muttered. 6.Why did this child have to be so cute? \"You wanna do a fridge raid with me?\" I smirked at her. \"Sure!\" she said, leaping from my bed.

I was worried that I may not be able to control myself around her for much longer. I want her. Badly. We pulled out everything that was in the fridge and threw it into the kitchen table. \"Wow, you've got a lot of stuff in here\" she laughed. I smiled and bit my lip. She was so fit.

Libby's POV

That next morning, I woke up to Andy's gorgeous angelic face. \"Hey\" he said. \"Is this gonna be how you greet me every morning?\" I said, reaching out my hand to stroke his cheek with my thumb. \"Yeah\" he said smiling. \"Good\" I smiled. He walked out of the room when I closed my eyes to back to sleep.

Andy knocked. I don't see why he should have to knock on his own bedroom door. I pretended to be asleep. I don't really know why, I just wanted to see what would happen. He walked in, knelt down, moved my hair to the side and very gently kissed my forehead.

Andy's POV

I think I might be falling for her already. I got up and left the room. As I turned the tap off, I looked out the window and saw cops surrounding the next-door neighbours' house. I ran up the stairs to get Libby. \"Libby! Quick get up, you gotta come see this\" I said, she got up and followed me downstairs and we both ran out to see the three men be forced into police cars. We both stood there watching. I put my arm around Libby's waist and hugged her into me while she squeezed my hand.

When the police car had zoomed out of the drive, we walked back in the house. \"Glad those creeps are finally gonna be put behind bars\" I said \"I don't know why the cops didn't come yesterday\" she said. \"Hang on, there were only three men in the police car, there were four\" I said \"You probably just didn't see him. They would have found him and locked him up\" I tried to reassure her.

That evening we found ourselves watching TV late into the night. I glugged down a litre of beer. \"Can I have some?\" Libby asked flashing me an almost irresistible smile. \"I'll get done too if I give you beer\" he said. \"No one will know\" she said sitting closer to me. Man she was so hot, I bit my lip. \"You're bad\" I smiled. \"I know\" she said ****** I looked at her for a few seconds, and decided to give her the bottle. She poured it down her throat like the sexy-ass mother fucker she was. Man I wanted to do so many ungodly things to her right now. 7.She passed the bottle back to me. I emptied it into my mouth and opened a new one, and carefully passed it to Libby. She had about 1/4 of the whole bottle in one go! I gulped down the remaining three quarters and opened a new one. \"Shouldn't you be in bed?\" I asked \"Yeah but I'm having so much more fun down here with you\" she said \"Good\" I said, admiring her beautiful face. \"Now its my turn\" she said grabbing the bottle and drinking the entire bottle in one. \"You can't be serious\" I said I took the empty bottle from her and weighed it. \"Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom\" she said \"Me too\" I exclaimed \"

Libby's POV

We couldn't remember much that night, but I woke up in Andy's arms. I have never felt in a righter place in my life. I put my arms around him and tried to go back to sleep, but I was woken my Andy running his fingers through my hair. \"Hey\" he said \"Hey\" I said sleepily. \"How's my alcoholic queen huh?\" he asked smiling. I smiled, closed my eyes and pulled him closer. I wanted to fall asleep with him again. I think I'm falling in love with him.

Andy's POV

And she pulled me closer, something was tempting me to kiss her. But I know that I couldn't. \"Hey you wanna go out and do something fun today?\" I said \"Sure! What did you have on your mind?\" she replied sweetly. \"I dunno, just going to McDonalds or something\" he said \"Sure! Let's go!\" she said excitedly. I put one of my coats on her to keep her warm. It looked really big on her, but it was cute. We ran out to the car, and Libby sat in the front seat. \"Wow, you get excited easily\" he said \"Yeah well, my family would always insult me because I ate too much, so I was rarely taken to McDonalds\" I said \"Oh. I'm sorry\" I said \"It's OK. I just laughed it off. My sister is pretty big herself because I speak the truth when I say that my mum feeds her about 500 calories every 2 hours. My Mum called it a 'fast metabolism' which sounded like bullshit to me\" she said \"That's a lot of calories in one day\" I said.

Anyway, we had a great day, took about 100 pictures, and I swear that in about 70% of them we did the peace sign in. We went into the craziest shops. Libby dared me to walk into the sex shop and take a picture. She could not stop laughing when she saw the picture I took, and I probably got some very funny looks from other people, but I do not honestly think that anyone else who was spending their time in that shop could judge me. Libby thought that shops like this were ridiculous.

I am certain that I am falling in love with her.

8.And I didn't mind.

Libby's POV

That next morning I woke up and walked downstairs. \"Hi!\" I said

\"Good morning\" he said enthusiastically. \"I was surprised not to find you watching me wake up\" I smiled. \"Aww. I'm so sorry Libby\" he said, putting his arm around me.

Later on that day, Andy drove me into town so that I could go buy some clothes real quickly, because I had been wearing the same ones for months. Apparently, he didn't mind at all. \"I'm gonna watch some TV! I am knackered!\" he said, slumping his sexy body onto the couch. I came to join him. He popped open another bottle of beer. sipped it and passed it to me. \"If someone finds out I've been giving you beer I am dead!\" he laughed. \"No one will find out\" I smiled \"I hope\" he muttered. \"Dude, quit worrying!\" I said , playfully punching his shoulder. He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. \"You are way too young to be drinking\" he sighed \"Well I first got wasted when I was 12\" I said \"My god you are awful\" he said \"I know\" I smiled. He looked down at me and smirked. \"You're also crazy\" he said \"Anything else?\" I asked sarcastically. **

9.\"You had better go to sleep or you're gonna be tired\" he pouted \"Carry me!\" I yelled \"Of course, your majesty\" he whispered into my ear seductively. He scooped me up bridal style and tucked me into his bed. \"Do you have a shower?\" I asked \"How many people don't own a shower\" he asked \"People who have a bath instead?\" I suggested \"Alright Little Miss Know-It-All, the shower is just down the hall on your right.\" he grinned \"My god your house is so huge.\" I complimented, walking off into the shower.

I locked the door behind me and turned the dial up. I got in and let the warm water hit my back. I stood there soaking, thinking about Andy. How I wanted him. They way he held me in his arms, the way that he touches me, the way that he says my name, he is all I can think about, and right now, he is my world. I got out, grabbed a towel, put my hair up and walked out. \"Careful, or I might take your towel\" he said winking. I rolled my eyes, smiled and walked into Andy's room and put on some clean leggings and a shirt. Andy came in and said; \"Hey\" \"Hey. Don't you ever want to sleep in your bed?\" I asked him. \"Nope. I sleep in the spare room and I don't mind one bit\" he said \"Oh\" I said. \"Goodnight\" said Andy, kissing my forehead. \"Goodnight\" I said. Andy closed the door behind him slowly.

That next morning, Andy woke me up. \"Wake up! Wake up! I made pancakes\" he said excitedly. \"Five more minutes\" I moaned \"Ok well hurry!\" he said leaving the room. I ran to the mirror to fix myself up.The only possessions that I had were my eyeliner and my Visa card, hat I took everywhere with me.

I ran down the stairs to find Andy had made pancakes. \"Hey! You made pancakes!\" I said. \"Yeah!\" he said as he turned the kitchen TV on.

When I finished eating, I said; \"Thank you for making me breakfast\" I grinned \"I can't not have made you breakfast!\" he said I hugged him.

\"Hey, Andy! I was wondering if you could drop me off into town so I would wander around?\" I said \"Aww, sure\" he said. \"We can go now if you wanna\" he suggested \"Cool!\" I said

10.We ran out to the car. When we reached town, he dropped me off. \"Stay safe\" he said I smiled at him folding my arms. \"I'm not that young\" I said

It had been a quick hour, and I found myself talking to a nice boy. \"Hey\" he said \"Hi\" I smiled sweetly. \"Nice belt\" he said \"Thanks!\" I said. \"Nice skateboard\" I said \"You want a hot chocolate?\" he said \"I'd love one\" I said \"One chocolate please\" he said to the bored looking woman behind the counter who was filing her nails. \"Hey I like your accent\" he said \"Thanks\" I blushed. \"So...\" he said. \"Is your name prettier than your face?\" he asked \"Libby\" I blushed again, giggling quietly. \"I'm Justin\", he replied We talked for about half an hour and I really drank down my hot chocolate. Andy's car pulled up just outside Starbuck's just as Justin and I were talking. He moved a lock hair from my face. \"See ya round\" he said, handing me a small piece of paper with Justin's number on it.

Andy's POV

I pulled up around Starbuck's only to find some pimp giving my Libby a piece of white paper, and touching her hair. Oh no, no way, this dude is so not happening. Libby must have seen me. \"Oh hey Andy!\" she said, getting in. \"Bye Justin!\" she waved. I snatched the white piece of paper from her. \"Gimme that!\" I snapped. \"Woah!\" she said \"What's wrong?\" I refused to talk to her.

Libby's POV

I wanted to cry, why was Andy so upset with me. And then it hit me, I think I knew what this was about. \"Wait... You're not jealous are you?\" I laughed He still wouldn't answer. He looked even more angry.

We got home and I sat at the table drumming my fingers. When suddenly, the door flew open, as we fled from the table to see who was there. And none other than the criminal called Rick. He grabbed me by the collar and slammed me against the wall. \"YOU!\" he started. \"Let her go!\" shouted Andy. Rick let me go and walked over to Andy, \"Or what?\" he asked. 11.\"Or I'll beat the shit out of you, you crack-ass\" he yelled. Rick threw his fist into Andy's torso, as I slapped my hand to my mouth and watched in horror. Andy threw plates, and pictures and cutlery at him, but he still wouldn't leave. He had finally had enough and reached for his base ball bat, and threw it around Rick's face. Rick's face turned an angry shade of crimson, and he slammed Andy against a wall, Andy wriggled out and reached for the kitchen knife. \"Dude, I'm warning you\" he said. Rick threw a punch into Andy's torso again, but this time, Andy coughed up blood. I let a tear wash down my cheek. \"This isn't over bitches!\" yelled Rick at the top of his voice. And slammed the door as he left. I ran over to Andy's side who was on the floor coughing up blood. I let floods of tears stain my cheeks, and pulled Andy close to me. \"Are you OK?\" I sniffed. Blood oozed down his jaw. I wiped it off with my hand, and pulled him closer to me. \"Yeah, I'm fine are you?\" he asked. I hugged Andy tighter and cried much harder. \"Baby, it's ok\" he said sympathetically. I wanted so badly right now to tell him that I love him, but I couldn't. It didn't really seem fair on him, because of the age difference. What am I thinking? Age is just a dumb-ass number.

I choked on my tears and buried my face into his torso. He stroked my face. He took me up into his bed and I must have cried myself to sleep in his arms, because I woke up in his bed with him.

I realised he was awake. \"Oh Andy, I was so worried! Are you ok?\" I asked him \"Yeah, I'm fine\" he said \"Yesterday evening, why didn't you want me to talk to Justin?\" I questioned He sighed. \"Because, .......Because.. I..\" I looked at him promisingly.


12.We sat up \"Because you were talking to some guy you didn't even know who he was\" he said \"Andy, I did know who he was\" I said \"Yeah well I still didn't want you talking to him\" he said quietly. \"Why not?\" I asked him \"Because\" he said \"You don't have to hate me so much!\" I said \"Libby, I have never ever hated you\" He said \"Libby I lo-\" he stopped I let a tear roll down my cheek. \"You what Andy\" I whispered. \"Nothing\" he said. \"Sure?\" I asked He leant over to my ear to whisper. He held my arm very gently, and ran his fingers through my hair softly. He gulped to swallow a tear. He took a deep breath, I put my hand around the back of his neck. \"Andy?\" I whispered, trembling. \"Because, I-\" he started \"I just wanted to tell you that.....\" he tried again. I was trying to be patient. He whispered this into my ear very softly; \"Libby - I-I\" he tried I squeezed his hand. \"I love you\" he whispered. I crushed my lips onto his, running my fingers through his hair, and rested my hand on his arm. He kissed back and pulled me closer to him, gently holding my waist. I very slowly pulled away from him. He held my wrists. \"I love you too\" I whispered, trembling letting a tear wash down my cheek. He wiped it away with his finger, and then kissed me, and lowered me back down onto the bed, so that he was on top of me. I could feel his boner digging into me.

Andy's POV

I lowered her back down onto the bed so that I was on top of her. I heard her moan. I grunted back. I licked her bottom lip, as I heard her groan. I moaned, she made me so hard. This may not be legal, but who gives a fuck, I love her more than anything in the whole world.

Libby's POV

I moaned again, even louder, he made me absolutely soaking, and I didn't want this to stop. \"Oh Andy!\" I managed to moan. He bit my neck; \"Oh Andy!\" I moaned again. I bit my snake bites. \"Oh baby don't stop!\" I groaned. I panted and puffed. He was so good. He nibbled and sucked into my skin. \"Oh!\" I screamed He went up to my mouth and kissed me so heavily. I loved it and wanted more. I couldn't get enough of him. He really made my knees weak. The way he touched me made me beg and cry for more. He made me really want him. I screamed out. The pain and the pleasure was all so much.

13.Andy felt me up and down, his hands took me to places I have never been before. I screamed out; \"Andy!\" I gasped and panted, moaning while he rubbed my entire body, caressing every inch. \"Oh Andy!\" I yelled. He slid his fingers down my skirt, I felt him rub around, and that's when he found my soft spot. I moaned and yelled as his pace grew harder and faster. I groaned and gasped, he teased me with every centimetre. \"Oh Andy!\" I exclaimed. \"Oh Andy I' gonna cum!\" I yelled I pulled him closer as he grabbed my waist and squeezed it hard. I let out a moan. \"Oh you like that\" he grinned. I let out a moan as I felt too weak to respond any other way.

Andy's POV

Libby pushed me back onto the bed as I felt her reach into my pants. She placed her finger across my lips. She slowly unzipped my pants, making seductive gestures with her hot body. She finally got me moaning and groaning for more. I panted and panted, breathing even heavier by the second.

Finally, she laid me down and crashed her lips onto mine as I lay there breathlessly. She released herself from me, my hands didn't leave her perfect little waist. She laid back down next to me, cuddling into me. I gently kissed her forehead.

We fell asleep, we were breathless and exhausted. Frankly there was no other place I would rather be than in Andy's arms. Safe from anything.

Libby's POV

\"Hey\" I woke up to Andy hovering above my face. \"Hey baby. How you doin' down there?\" he smiled, I got up and sat on his lap, putting my arms around his neck smiling. \"I love you\" he whispered into my ear. \"I love you too.\" I whispered, cuddling him into me. \"Hey,\" he sad, caressing my face gently. \"We should get something to eat\" I said \"Sure\" I whispered. He picked me up a spun me around. I giggled and squealed.

14.That night, I had noticed something very strange up and down his arms, \"Andy?\" I asked softly \"Yeah?\" he asked, just hopping into bed with me. \"Can I see your arms?\" I said, looking at him. \"Uh,, sure!\" he said, sounding uncertain. I inspected his arms. \"Now let me see the other side\" I demanded, He pulled his arm back in. \"Let's go to bed sweetie\" he said I grabbed his arm and stared in horror and shock. Red marks, scratches cuts and bruises covered his arm from hand to elbow. I felt tears welling up my eyes. \"Why would you do this to yourself?\" I looked at him, trembling, choking on my words. He didn't answer me. \"Andy!\" I said a bit louder this time. \"Go to bed!\" he said angrily. \"Andy\" I whispered. \"Leave me alone\" he said \"Andy, is there anything you want to talk about to me?\" I asked \"Andy!\" I said. Tears began to flow from my eyes. \"Baby please tell me what's wrong\" I insisted \"Why do you care?!\" He yelled at me. \"Why do I care?\" I puzzled. \"You're right! Why should I? Why should I care? Why should I car, about someone I clearly hate so much huh?\" I question I heard Andy sniffing. Just ignore him Libby, just ignore him. I kept on telling myself. But I couldn't take it. Tears flowed from eyes like waterfalls on a moist, rainy day. \"Andy! Please tell me what's wrong!\" I asked, trying not to sound as pathetic as I did. \"I thought you hated me?\" he said, turning around glaring at me angrily. \"I don't hate you\" I soothed \"That's what you said! That, is, what, you JUST said, that you hated me!\" he said \"No, no, no, Andy!\" I said \"You said 'why should you care about me' because you hate me\" he interrupted. \"DUDE! I was like, just trying to see what the matter was!\" I said I wasn't going to speak to him anymore, I didn't want this to get anymore unreasonable. I just sobbed, and sobbed quietly. Finally Andy turned around. \"Baby please don't cry\" he said. \"I never meant to make you cry\" he said, sounding sensitive. \"You didn't?\" I turned around wiping underneath my eyes. \"No\" he said cuddling me into him. \"I hope you're telling the truth\" I said \"Please stop hurting yourself\" I said, more tears sprang to my eyes. \"Please Andy, I can't look at you like that! It makes me feel sick, and I love you\". I said \"I love you too\" he said, his voice trembled. \"Please tell me why you hurt yourself\" I said He didn't answer me. \"What the fuck is wrong with you?\" I asked. 15.I stormed out of his bedroom, to go and get some paper towels and water. I came back in the room holding them. I walked in and froze in horror, he was cutting himself right before my eyes. \"ANDY!\" I shrieked, running up to him. I threw the blade out of site, and wrapped my arms around his neck, clutching his arm tight. I wiped his tears away. \"Andy\" I said, my voice shattered. \"Andy what the hell are you doing? I asked. I pulled him closer to me. \"Please don't so this, it's hurting me!\" I whispered. I ran over to where I left the paper towels and glass of water. I touched his blood-soaked arm, and wiped away the blood with the paper towel. I unravelled some more paper towel, soaked it and held it on his wrists. \"Andy\" I sighed \"What are we to do with you?\" I whined. He was really upset about something.

Andy's POV

Libby made me feel so much better and I love her. I only cut myself when I heard about this 'Justin' kid. Stupid douche. I just wanted her all to myself. I couldn't control my feelings for her, I just love her so much.

\"I'll be right back ok?\" said Libby, kissing my cuts on my wrists apologetically. Seconds later, she came back in with some healing cream that my mother had once given me. \"You didn't do anything while I was gone did you?\" she looked at me. I shook my head. \"Good boy\" she grinned, She gently massaged my wrist with the cream. I could get used to this...

She budged up closer to me and wrapped up my wrists with paper towels. She took off three of her hairbands from her wrist, and secured the paper towels to my wrist. She looked up at me. I couldn't take in anymore, I pulled her into me and our lips collided. \"I love you\" I said. \"And I love really care about you Andy. Please take care of yourself\" she said ********

16.Libby's POV

I walked up to the lights to turn them out, and flopped back down into bed with Andy. He shifted up next to me, and whispered in my ear; \"I love you baby\" wrapping his sexy arms around me. \"I love you too\" I said, hugging him back. We fell asleep in this position

I knew that the morning had come by the blinding rays peeking out of the windows. I had noticed that Andy was still asleep, so I very gently lifted up his arm, removed the blood-soaked paper towels to look at the ghastly marks that covered his arms.

I couldn't take it any more, tears welled up in my eyes as I dove forwards, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. \"Hey\" Andy said. \"What's goin' on baby girl?\" he said, hugging me closely. \"Morning\" I kissed his nose. He leant in and passionately but gently pressed his lips onto mine. He moved a lock of hair from my face. \"Someones looking beautiful this morning!\" He smiled. I smiled and blushed a little. \"Well, someone else seems like they're in a better mood this morning\" I pouted, He kissed my nose. \"Wanna go have some beer?\"he said grinning and raising his eyebrow at me (which by the way was very seductive) \"Let's go!\"I shrieked, tugging his hand along with.

I had just realised that I had fallen hopelessly in love with Andy.

I wish that without me, his heart would break, I wish he thought I was the reason he was in the world, I wish that without me he would be spending the rest of his nights awake, I wish that without me he couldn't eat.

Just four wishes. Not many.

I yanked Andy into the living room. Andy flopped down onto the couch and pulled out a six-pack of beers from behind it, and chucked me one. I opened it and guzzled it down. Andy grabbed the television remote and slammed the button onto the news. I cuddled up next to Andy as he placed a kiss on my head. He hugged me into him, while I caressed his face with my thumb. I grabbed the remote turning up the sound. A blonde woman appeared as did a mugshot of..... no...... Rick? \"Richard Sullivan found guilty of abducting 4 teenage girls and raping them for three years was sentenced for 10 years\" she babbled on. \"Yes!\" Andy rejoiced. \".....has been missing, and allegedly escaped prison\". I turned around to look at Andy. '.......escaped?\" he said. \"I doubt he'll come after us again\" I said reassuringly, kissing his forehead. \"Let's change the channel\" he said 17.I gulped down some more beer. That night, I was just brushing my teeth, thinking about Andy, when he walked in, and kissed my neck. I spat out the remainders in my mouth, cleared it with water and then spoke. \"What are you doing in here?\" I asked. \"Same as you\" he smiled. I couldn't help but drift off into his dreamy, seductive, blue, sparkling eyes that longed for me to kiss him I walked and stood just outside the room waiting for him to finish brushing his teeth. I couldn't watch someone else brush their teeth, and I was waiting for a shower.

Andy wandered out of the bathroom, as I walked in and nearly shut the door. \"Hey baby girl\" he smiled. \"Hey\" I said, smiling. He gently kissed my nose. \"I'm just taking a shower baby\" I said \"Need any help with that?\" he asked, seductively tugging on my shirt. I smiled at him, looked into his eyes, grabbed him by his shirt, into the bathroom into a kiss. I felt his hands rest on my hips. He kissed back and started ti gently tug my shirt up, he lifted it up to my chest. As I released myself from him, he had tugged my entire shirt off.

I tugged at his shirt, and stripped it clean off him, as he went right back in to kiss me. He unfastened my belt, and quickly reached for the buckle on his. His belt fell to the floor, as he reached for my jeans. I kicked them off quickly, and I stripped Andy's, as he tugged them off.

He unfastened my bra, as I wriggled out of it. I let Andy remove my pants, as I did his.

I walked over to the shower to turn it on, and pulled Andy in with me, just then the warm water sprayed on us.

Andy's POV

She teased me and wouldn't let me inside of her, as her hands felt me all around down there.

Libby turned the shower off and grabbed a towel, I did the same, and we walked back to my room, I was just about to put on a pair of boxers until Libby interrupted \"What are you putting those on for?\" she pushed me down onto the bed. \"I wasn't finished with you yet\" she whispered into my ears She rolled over bringing me on top of her.

18.CAUTION! I Just want to take some time to say that the following text contains mature/adult content, and people who are only like 9-11, probably shouldn't read it because you may be grossed out. You won't be grossed out if you LOVE Andy Biersack though.

\"Are you sure?\" I whispered into he ear. \"I'm sure\" she whispered back. Finally, I glided into her, she let out a moan. \"Oh,....Oh Andy\" she moaned I let out a loud grunt. \"Oh Andy!\" she shrieked in a high pitched voice. \"Oh, Oh Andy I'm gonna cum baby!\" she yelled.

Libby's POV

I moaned and groaned for him, how I had been yearning for this moment. He teased me with every stroke as I moaned even louder for him. I rolled over the other way so that I was on top of Andy, taking complete control.

When Andy 'finished' we fell asleep soon after due to the exhaustion. We had the best night of our lives, and I suddenly woke up in Andy's Arms. \"Hey baby\" he whispered. \"Hey, sweetie\" I replied. He placed a kiss on my forehead. \"Hey you liked last night didn't baby\" He smiled. \"To be honest\" I said, \"I loved it\" I said. \"Not as much as I loved it\" he said \"Oh yeah!\" I said \"You wanna bet?\" he asked \"How much?\" I grinned \"A BJ\" he said \"Sure baby\" I grinned. \"We should just like, lie here... forever\" he said \"Yeah...\" I sighed He sat up and kissed my nose. I pecked his forehead. He gently lifted up my chin and smashed his lips onto mine. He laid me down on the bed, as he licked my bottom lip, I let his tongue in mine. We rolled over on his bed as I lay on top of him, I felt his lips moving up and down in harmony with mine, I moaned quietly. I let my tongue into his mouth, and grabbed his shirt to pull him closer to me, as he tightened his grip on my waist. I let out a louder moan. I placed my hand around the back of his neck as he grunted.

I kissed him on the nose gently, he caressed my cheek, as he settled down beside me. \"Oh, baby! Just remembered\" he said, pulling something out of his pocket. \"I've got a tour-thingy to do around here in a few days\" he said, in is low, deep sexy voice, showing me a Black Veil Brides ticket. \"And you want me to come?\" I asked \"Yeah! Course, who else would take care of you baby?\" he said. I threw my arms around his neck. \"I love you Andy\" I said. 19.I could now tell that we were going to have a very hard time hiding ourselves from the press. \"Hey, Andy, can I see your arms please baby\" I said quietly. He just looked at me blankly. I took his arm very gently and looked at his scars. I threw my arms around his neck again. I let a tear fall from my eye. He rubbed my back very gently. \"It's okay\" he said \"No.\" I sobbed. \"No Andy, it's not ok\" I sniffed. \"Whoa, whoa, whoa what's not ok?\" he asked. \"You!\" I said \"You keeping on hurting yourself like this\" I snivelled. \"Baby,\" he soothed \"Baby, ssh!\" he said reassuringly. \"I'm ok, seriously\" he said \"But, baby you're not\" I sobbed \"Libby\" he pleaded. \"Baby look\" he said, wiping my tears with his t shirt. \"Let's go downstairs and watch some TV, hey?\" he asked with a sweet voice. \"Yeah,\" I said \"sure\" I looked at him. He got off the bed, took my hand and helped me up. He picked me up and twirled me around. I giggled. He ran with me downstairs carrying me, while I giggled. \"We have arrived at your destination, my princess\" he said, kissing my forehead. We laughed at each other. We took my hand and pulled me into him slowly, and kissed me, while I felt through his black soft hair. We let each other go. \"So, what do you want for breakfast princess?\" he asked, glaring at me, with his dark, dreamy, drool-enducing, blue-grey eyes. I couldn't help but glare into them. \"Anything\" I said \"Hey\" he said. \"Wanna go eat out?\" he asked \"What restaurants make breakfast?\" I puzzled. \"McDonalds\" he smiled. I laughed. I just loved him so much.

We came bursting through the door giggling and kissing, we had a great time at McDonalds. We spat balls of paper through the straws and it hit this really ugly girl. \"Hey!\" he said \"What?!\" I asked with the same amount of excitement as he did. He grabbed a bottle of water and squirted it down my top. \"WATER FIGHT!\" he yelled at the top of his voice. I grabbed the bottle and poured it all down his shirt, as he backed away, as I laughed at him. \"SHIT!\" he shouted. He dove towards the kitchen cupboard to grab a cup. I squirted it on him while he ran to the sink to fill his cup up at the sink. He threw it at me as I screamed, laughing. I filled it up with freezing water and chucked it at Andy. \"I am SO gonna get you back for that!\" he choked, laughing. I realised that my bottle was empty, so I ran to the sink and filled it up, and ran outside while Andy was chasing me. I hid behind a corner, catching my breath waiting for Andy.

20.When suddenly, Andy jumped out from around the corner, and soaked me with a hose. I shrieked really loudly. \"ANDY!!!!!!!\" I ran after him and grabbed the hose and sprayed it all down his front. Andy snatched it from me and turned the setting to sprinkle and held it so that water sprinkled very gently on us. Our lips and very wet bodies collided as we wrapped our arms around each other. I climbed onto him, and wrapped my legs around his waist. He turned the hose off and dropped it giving me his full attention. He lifted me down and kissed my nose. He took my hand and took me in while we giggled, and skipped. He lifted me up to his waist and kissed me again. Just as he put me down, a man with longish black hair knocked on the window, and gestured for Andy to let him in. \"Who's that?\" I asked \"That's Matt, he's a good friend, lemme get this\" he said He rushed out and closed the door behind him.

Andy's POV

\"What?\" I whispered to Matt. \"Were you making out with a..TEENAGER? he puzzled \"Ssh!\" I persisted. \"How old is she?\" he asked. \"She's ..... eighteen\" I lied. \"what do you want?\" he asked \"I heard your next door neighbours were psychos!\" he said \"Yeah...they were\" I said \"I just came to see if you were OK\" he said \"Yeah I'm fine, did you wanna hang out sometime or something?\" I asked \"Yeah, sure, when?\" he said \"Uh, could you call me at...\" I said looking at my watch. \"Five?\" I asked \"Yeah sure, bye\" He said \"See ya\" I said smiling.

Libby's POV

\"He didn't see us did he?\" I asked. \"I told him you were eighteen\" he said I hugged him and sighed. \"He's my best friend and he thinks you're eighteen\" he said \"Everything's gonna be ok\" he stated \"I believe you\" I whispered. \"Good\" he said. \"What did he want?\" I asked. \"Nothing really\" he said. \"Sure?\" I asked \"Yeah. He just wanted to talk to me before the tour I guess\" he said.

21.The day of Andy's 'tour-thingy' came. I waited backstage (he gave me one of these complicated-ass backstage pass things). I watched him just outside. He looked even super-hotter when he had all his make up. He gave me a kiss on the lips in between songs.

I got to meet the rest of his band which was a blast, they were all coming over to Andy's tonight yay! Andy did in fact tell his band that I was eighteen and perfectly legal.

When his performance had finished, he came to come get me, grabbed me, dragged me through the press and mental fans, with the rest of his and we finally made the car.

\"We are gonna get wasted as fuck!\" yelled Andy The boys in the back of the car all cheered. I laughed quietly. \"You OK?\" Andy asked while his band in the back were all chatting and \"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?\" I puzzled \"Just making sure\" he winked at me. Andy and the rest of the boys, Ashley, Jinxx, Jake, and CC, all poured out of the car and ran into Andy's house. \"Yo! Andy where's yo beer?\" shouted Ashley \"Behind the couch in the living room!\" he yelled back \"I gotcha\" he yelled

We all flowed into the living room. I sat down in Andy's lap. Sadly, I was the last to attack the beers, so there were none left. \"Hey there's no beer left\" I muttered. \"You're like, only eighteen\" laughed Ashley \"Well I'm british and in Britain we're allowed to drink at 18\" I said. \"Tell you what\" he said \"What\" I said \"If you give me a lap dance\" he started, the whole room burst into laughter. \"Yes....?\" I asked They boys laughed even harder. \"Ashley come on dude, that's my girlfriend\" said Andy \"Hang on, I'm still considering the offer\" I said The boys just started cracking up again. \"You can have a beer per 5 minute lap dance\" he said \"I don't know how to lap dance\" I said \"Google it\" said CC. \"Yeah, give ME a lap dance and I will give you a beer!\" said Jake \"You guys are such perverts\" said Jinxx laughing. \"She's legal, eighteen is legal right?\" said Jake \"See, Jake stands up for me you guys!\" said Ashley \"Oh, too bad we don't have a pole installed here\" I sighed sarcastically \"Well that can be arranged baby doll\" Andy said, his hands snaked around my waist. \"Someone gimme a beer\" I said \"For a lap dance\" said Ashley \"Fuck it I'm gonna google how to lap dance\" I grabbed Andy's iPhone. \"Don't do it Libby!\" laughed CC

22.I typed in the search engine of youtube ' how to lap dance' I clicked on the first video I saw. \"We're gonna need a chair\" I sighed I cannot believe that they did not think I was 14. \"Damn. Bitches these days will do anything for beer\" Jake jeered Ashley gestured his triumph. So, I gave in. If I wanted a beer, I had to give Ashley a lap dance. \"Let's get this over with\" I sighed I went to the dining room to fetch a chair. \"Somebody get this on tape\" said CC Andy whipped out his phone ready to record it. I was a little surprised that he was ok with this, although I had a feeling that Andy would ask me to give HIM one.

I positioned myself on Ashley's lap and started by running my fingers through his hair. The boys all cheered and whooped. I swivelled around slowly moved in between his legs, slowly separating them apart and started to swivel my hips in a circling motion as I noticed Andy filming it up closer, I got up and walked around the chair, caressing Ashley's face and neck. I sat back down on his lap facing him, positioning my body in front of his face, moving it in a circular direction. \"Man, she's pretty good Andy. I might have to take her and keep her for myself\" teased Ashley. I slowly undid his buttons while the boys all cheered and laughed. I couldn't help but smile myself. I stroked around his chest and neck and flicked my hair close to his face as I turned around. \"Hey how long has it been?\" I asked And who seemed too entranced to answer. \"Andy!\" I snapped \"Yeah\" he said, finally paying attention. \"Baby how long has it been?\" \"Uhh, 7 minutes\" He said as I got up. \"You little bugger!\" I said to Andy as he smirked at his crew. \"Yo, I'll give you a beer for a lap dance!\" called out Jake \"No! No more lap dancing!\" I said \"Sucker!\" shouted Ashley, passing me a beer. \"Hey, I'll give you another beer if\" he said \"No\" I said \"If\" he said \"No\" I repeated \"If, you make out with me\" he said I looked at Andy. Andy looked at me and then Ashley. \"Dude, come on bro, no\" said Andy \"Come on man!\" said Ashley \"OK, for 10 seconds\" said Andy I walked over to him, as Andy got his phone back out and filmed more, I sat on Ashley's lap, ran my fingers through his hair, and pressed my lips onto his while he squeezed my ass, I couldn't help but let out a quiet moan, he licked my bottom lip, so I him in. I pulled away when it had been 10 seconds. The guys all cheered. Ashley passed me another beer while winking at me. I went to sit back down next to Andy. 23.\"Hey\" I said pecking him on the lips. \"You're gonna have give me a dance like that one day\" he smiled. I kissed his neck. \"Of course I will baby\" I said \"Good\" he smiled \"So, Andy where are you guys all gonna sleep?\" I asked \"Sleep?\" he said \"We ain't going to sleep!\" he said \"When I fall asleep I'm scared that you're gonna do something to me\" said \"Like what?\" he asked \"I don't know, something stupid\" I said \"Baby, I would never let anyone hurt you\" he said. Kissing my cheek.

Andy's POV

I looked down beside me to see that Libby had fallen asleep. She looked like a perfect angel. I pulled a blanket over her and kissed her cheek. Ashley didn't stop looking at Libby. He kept staring at her in this weird way. I guess I did really well with her.

We all drank the night away and fell asleep at 5. We all woke up at about 2:00 pm. \"Andy\" whispered Libby \"Yeah\" I whispered back \"I thought you said you guys said you weren't gonna go to sleep\" I said \"Not before you\" I smirked \"Now come one baby gimme a kiss\" I said She leant over and pressed her lips against mine. I pulled her by her shirt and we started really heavily kissing. She ran her fingers through my hair, as I caressed her waist. She pulled back and smiled. \"Love you\"she whispered. \"Love you too\" he said

Practically the whole day the band and I just ate junk food, played dares and drank beer. We were in the middle of truth or dare. \"Hey, what's my dare\" Libby said when it was her turn. \"I dare you to pierce your ow belly button\" said Jinxx She lifted up her shirt and said; \"Already done it\" revealing a belly button piercing. I sometimes for get that she is only fourteen. \"Ok, well I dare you to...\" Jinxx drifted off. \"Take your shirt off!\" said Ashley \"I'm not taking my shirt off!\" she said defensively \"Shit dude you're so fucked up\" laughed Jinxx \"Not messed up\" he said \"Just addicted\" he said in between gulps of beer \"To hot women\" he said Jinxx just laughed at him. \"Yeah well I got what you're addicted to\" I teased hugging Libby to me. \"OK, so what is my dare?\" she said

24.Libby's POV

\"I dare you to hardcore make out with Ashley\" said CC \"With your shirt off\" added Jake \"Guys come on stop now\" said Andy Ashley looked at me and licked his lips mockingly. \"Oh shit.\" I muttered to myself. \"A dare's a dare\" said CC \"Ok, I think we need some rules\" Said Andy \"You can't have rules\" added Jake \"Yeah, otherwise it's not truth or dare\" said CC gulping down more beer. \"Ok, last time this can happen though\" said Andy \"Agreed\" I said under my breath. \"THANKS\" Ashley mouthed to Jake and CC. They just laughed to themselves guzzling down more beer. \"Yo when are we gon' get our turn\" said CC \"No one is getting another turn\" said Andy \"Come on Andy, share!\" Teased Jake \"Fuck this is so messed up\" remarked Jinxx to himself looking into his beer. \"OK how long do we have to make out for?\" I asked \"10 minutes\" said Ashley \"Not 10 minutes!\" I shouted through my teeth. \"No, definitely NOT 10 minutes\" added Andy \"Fuck dude!\" he smirked \"Hey, we're the ones giving the dare here\" smirked CC \"You know what you guys are right, ten minutes ain't long enough\" said Ashley \"Ok, ok two minutes\" declared Jake \"Only two?\" questioned Ashley \"Oh you sir, are WAY too cocky\" I said quietly to Ashley \"Too many\" muttered Andy \"Hey, at least it'll be hot\" pointed Jinxx \"Well, when you put it like that...\" said Andy \"See! We have a good point here\" said Ashley \"Fine, two minutes. Not negotiable\" said Andy I discreetly put my thumbs up at Andy. He smiled back. I tried to look extra disappointed for Andy so that he knows that I still love him. I moved up closer to Ashley, took off my shirt, and placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed my lips to his. I ran my fingers through his hair and licked his bottom lip. He placed his hand on my waist, which made me want to moan but I kept it in for Andy. Ashley placed his hand around the back of my neck. I rubbed my chest into him as he quietly groaned while all the boys cheered.

I finally let him go, as he stared into my eyes. I turned the other way and got off him while all the other boys cheered.

25.\"Ok who's dare is it now? Nothing sexually involving my girl is allowed.\" said Andy \"Uh, It's you're dare now Andy\" said Jinxx

We played truth or dare for 20 more minutes, until Matt knocked on the door. Andy went to answer it. All I heard was; \"Hey! Matt, bro come in, I got the rest of the band here.\" he said excitedly \"Sweet\" he said \"Hey guys, Matt's here\" he said \"Yo\" they all said in unison \"Hey guys!\" he said \"Hey\" I said \"Hey baby, how you doin' \" he smirked \"Oh for fucks sake not again\" said Andy. \"Matt\" he said \"Meet my girlfriend, Libby\" he said \"Hey Libby\" he said \"Hi Matt\" I giggled. \"Well guys, gotta go buy some more beer so that my GIRLFRIEND\" he paused looking at Ashley \"doesn't have to give people lap dances for them\" he said \"You gave him a lap dance?\" puzzled Matt \"For a beer\" I said \"And I missed it?\" he said, looking disappointed \"And made out with him\" added Andy \"For another beer\" I said \"Twice\" Andy added \"I'm not proud of myself Okay?\" I said defensively \"You made with him twice?\" he asked \"The second time was a dare\" I said quietly. \"Just don't burn the house down, while I'm gone. Matt is in charge of making sure people don't bother Libby for sexual favours\" he said Matt looked at me and smiled. As soon as Andy left, Ashley raced to the couch to sit right next to him. I groaned, cracking my voice while moving my head to look at the ceiling. \"Hey beautiful\" he smiled. \"....Hi\" I said \"Hey\" Matt said pulling me into his side, looking at Ashley Ashley grinned at him. I groaned. \"Ugh! I'm not safe here without Andy\" I moaned. \"With me you are\" Matt said grinning at me. I got up off the couch. \"I'm going upstairs\" I declared

26.I went upstairs to take a shower after a long day of mucking about with Andy and his band. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair, and face. I let the warm water soak me and got out. I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out, and to my surprise, I found Ashley standing there with a huge smirk on his face. \"Don't worry 'bout me doll. Jus came up here to use the bathroom\" he grinned. \"Sure you were\" I smiled. \"Yeah\" he grinned. He needs a girlfriend. Maybe two? Nah. That'd be cheating I guess.

Just then, Andy walked in. \"Hey, Matt said you'd gone upstairs, Ashley hasn't been a sex pest has he?\" he said \"No baby\" I smiled \"Good\" he smiled kissing my cheek.

I walked over to put some leggings and a shirt on just after Andy left.

I flopped onto his bed.

Then memories started rushing back.

I just realised that I didn't miss my bitch of mother one bit. I hate my family. I hope never to see them again. Blech.

I tried not to think about them.

\"Hey Libby\" Andy snuck in and snaked his arms around my waist \"You are happy here right?\" he asked \"You know I just thinking about my family. And how much I no matter what I rather be here than anywhere else and I hate my family.\" I said, kissing his forehead. \"Good\" he whispered. \"I love you\" I whispered


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27.When Andy's band left the house, Andy came in through his door. \"Hey, they've gone\" he said \"OK\" I said He came to sit on the bed next to me. \"Hey\" he said, looking apologetic, putting his hand on my arm. I looked up at him. \"Are you okay?\" he asked. I looked down into my lap and smiled. I got up, crawled onto Andy, and crushed my lips to his and let go. \"Does that answer your question?\" I asked He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. \"Good\" I said. He crept into bed, as I went up to the wall to turn the lights out, and got back in with him. I snuck my arms around Andy, as he turned around and pulled me into his torso, kissing my forehead. \"Goodnight\" he said \" 'Night Andy\" I said Hugging him closer.

Man, Andy is like, the only thing I can like, think of. He's messin' with my head!

Andy's POV

I held Libby close. I was so scared of anything ever happening to her. I don't know why though.


OK so i know that the lat two chapters were pretty short. I just wanted to say to y'all, that I have a really exciting idea to add to the story soon, and I am thinking of ways to put it, so keep checking back in a few hours to see the update.

Libby's POV

I woke up this morning, and noticed that Andy was still asleep.


I thought to myself. Aww, I just wanted to squeeze his cheeks. He should know how adorable he is. Especially when he is sleeping, but when he is not sleeping, he just looks hot.

I stroked my fingers through his fringe and sighed. I flopped back down. Seconds later, Andy suddenly shouted: \"BOO!\" \"Dude!\" I said\"You scared me jackass\" I said He laughed. \"It's not funny, don't do it again\" I said \"OK baby I won't do it again\" he pouted, snaking his arms around me. \"Kiss?\" he asked I pecked his lips. \"Love you\" I said He pulled me tighter. 28.\"Love you too\" he said I smiled. \"Want some breakfast?\" he chirped \"Um, nah, I've been trying to resist food lately\" I said \"Baby, You have to eat, you can't 'resist food' \" he said \"I can try\" I said \"You know what?\" he said \"What?\" I asked \"You really wanna know what?\" he teased \"Yes\" I laughed \"We should go buy a piercing gun and mess around with it\" he said \"OMGz!\" I said \"That is an epic idea\" I said \"Where do they sell them?\" I asked \"Um, I think the shopping mall might\" he said \"I want a my nose done, and I want snake bites\" I said (snake bites are piercings on your bottom lip) \"Ok, one rule though\" he said I sighed. \"What?\" I groaned \"You have to have some breakfast\" he said \"OK, OK I will eat some stupid breakfast\" I said Sounded like a fair deal, I mean my mother would NEVER let me have my nose or my lips pierced. This sounds insane. YAY!!

We ran down hand in hand, the stairs gigging excitedly. And you didn't see or hear Andy giggling a lot, bless his poor little soul!

After having breakfast, I checked the time. \"They mall should be open soon\" I declared He looked at his watch. \"Almost Forgot about that\" he said. I managed another mouthful of cereal, and then I took it to the dishwasher.

\"Libby, we're going!\" said Andy, as I stared out of the window. \"Oh, sorry\" I said quietly. I grabbed my shoes, and rushed over to the door. \"It's ok\" he said, hugging me into his side.

Reaching the car, I hopped in the front seat.

After about 10 minutes of listening to Andy's music (BVB CD), we had reached the mall. I hopped out and started walking next to Andy. We started walking towards the mall.

29.Reaching the door, Andy took me up to the counter and asked if they sold piercing gun, with his hood on so that he wouldn't get publicly harassed. The woman at the counter showed us a whole wall of earrings, belly rings, nose rings, lip rings, studs, hoops, and a few piercing guns to the side. Luckily you didn't have to have a fancy licence or any thing like that to buy one of these, for which I was very glad. We quickly bought the gun, a few nose rings, belly rings, lip rings, and just as we were walking out, I suddenly remembered; \"Andy!\" I said \"What\" he said \"We're gonna need some piercing solution\" I said \"Oh yeah\" he looked at me. He started running back and bought 5 bottles of solution. We then ran back out giggling at each other.

We had finally got home and I sighed as we got out of the car.

We ran into the living room and I emptied the white plastic bag of all our little shopping haul. \"Hey, pass me the gun\" Andy chirped. I chucked it to him. He tore open the package, and took out the instructions. \"Well, this shouldn't be too complicated\" he said, analysing the instructions leaflet.

\"OK, so we need the solution first\" he said I fiddled around in the pile of stuff for the solution. \"And the ring...\"he said I chucked them at him. I saw him trying to load it, and then frowning back at the instructions. Boys are so cute when they don't know how to do things!!!!! \"Hey, baby lemme help you with that\" I said, moving over to sit next to him. He gave the gun to me. I tried to put it in. \"Hey, I think I got it now\" he said He took it back from me. He finally got it in, and looked at the picture in the instructions. \"OK, I think it's loaded now\" I said \"So where do you want done first?\" He said \"Woah woah woah, when you got your nose done did it hurt?\" I asked \"You don't really feel it\" he said \"Ok\" I said \"I want my nose done first. I took the bottle of solution and scanned the label and the instruction, and put it on the outside and inside of my nose. \"Ok, are you ready?\" he said. \"OK, you, gotta lie down\" he added \"Yeah ok,\" I said I flopped ov

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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