Jewels, Edition 2

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Obsidian and Bernard go on a date and Bernard... well, read it and youll find out.

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



Obsidian had gotten into her best dress and had done something with her hair. She said goodbye to the girls and dashed out to meet Bernard at the tavern. He was waiting outside. People still weren't over yesterdays party at the defense post, so people were jigging and kicking chickens. It was still fun. Obsidian and Bernard joined in for about twenty minutes, then went inside. They had chicken and ale, so they greatly enjoyed themselves. Nobody got drunk except the pastor, so it was good. He wasn't one of those people that got violent when drunk, just sounded crazy when he talked. He told this story, which actually made everyone laugh.

There were these two buddies out walking their dogs, one with a chihuahua, one with a doberman. Then, they smelled somethig delicious coming out of a nearby restaurant. The guy with the doberman says to his friend "Let's go over there and get something to eat." The other guy pointed to the sign that said No pets. So he said that his dog was his seeing eye dog.

It wasn't that funny, actually. So when their date was almost over, they leaned in untill their noses touched and.... a cyclops picked up Bernard and ran off with him




To be continued.

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