Princess Dorm 11

Princess Dorm 11

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Kida arrives at the camp to tell everyone that the Academy burned down and she was the only one who survived. What will happen now? When Jack and Vanessa are surrounded and with noone to come to their aid, will they fall or rise against the threat.
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Kida arrives at the camp to tell everyone that the Academy burned down and she was the only one who survived. What will happen now? When Jack and Vanessa are surrounded and with noone to come to their aid, will they fall or rise against the threat.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Princess Dorm 11

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Kida arrives at the camp to tell everyone that the Academy burned down and she was the only one who survived. What will happen now? When Jack and Vanessa are surrounded and with noone to come to their aid, will they fall or rise against the threat.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 06, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 06, 2012




When my eyes opened, the cellar had been magically transformed into a Christmas Wonderland. I didn’t know who did it or how, but it just was. There was a tree, garland, wreaths, even enough presents for all of us. I’d fallen asleep next to Jack, so I shook him awake.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” he asked, sitting up fast. Then he said ow and laid back down.

“Nothing’s wrong, something’s right! Look around!”

When he did, he seemed in complete shock. Then he seemed to have remembered something.

“That old devil.”

“Who? Who’s an old devil?”

“North. You know, Santa. If a house doesn’t have decorations on Christmas, he leaves those too.”

“Awww, well that’s awfully nice of him. Especially after he refused to help us yesterday.”

“Should we wake everyone up?”

“Oh, of course! They would be so excited! Wait, there’s something missing.”

There indeed was something missing. I stood up and made some snowflakes for the ceiling. Extra large in size and glittery. Then I tinted them in Christmas colors. Perfect. Now I could wake everyone up for Christmas. When they were up, they all dashed for the tree. Santa must not have got the news because he left a gift for Naveen and Charlotte. Tiana kept them both, because she was dating Naveen and Charlotte was her best friend. Naveen got cash because Santa never knew what to give him. Charlotte had gotten a dress, big and princessey.

“Lotte was always one for gowns.” said Tiana, tears in her eyes. 

I myself got a book. It was literally titled “Don’t read this yet!” I decided not to read it yet. That exclamation point was intimidating. When I looked around at everyone, I loved Santa more than I ever did. Everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves more than they’d been in a while. Maybe we should have tried to leave instead of fighting. Too late now. We were stuck in this war now. At least we had today off from fighting.

The wounded people were all healing up nicely. No one else should be dying anytime soon. Unless they get killed. Which they wouldn’t, not until tomorrow at the very least. The day was looking up, and looking up fast, but then something bad had to happen. There was a loud banging on the cellar hatch. When I opened it, it was Kida.

“Kida? What are you doing here?” I wondered. She hadn’t come with us to the camp and the only way into the camp in the first place was straight through the field where we were currently having an interspecies war. “And how are you still alive right now?”

“I teleported once the school was done burning.”

“What?! The school was on fire? What happened there?”

“The hobogoblins. Also some werewolves and giants and trolls. They burned down the school. I’m the only one that made it out alive.”

There was a collective gasp as the reality of that sank in. It was only the Disney dorm and the two guys in the Dreamworks dorm who’d left the school. Every other dorm full of children, all of the teachers, every one of them, dead and gone now. Jack sat up. That’s when I knew how sad he really was. He hadn’t sat up since yesterday morning, we’d told him not to. He wasn’t sobbing like most of us were; he was just letting the tears come. I ran over to comfort him. Every other couple was the other way around, the guy comforting the girl. It was weird that I was doing the comforting, the being strong.

“Well, Kida, there’s a present for you under the tree.” I said, voice choked up.

She opened it. It was a new spear, like the one that she had told me that she used to own. She smiled and hugged it close to her. I could tell she was comforted now. Nobody even had to hug her.

“What should we do?” asked Jack, calming down.

“We… wait a minute. What happened to Vanessa?” asked Kida as if she had just noticed.

“I fell through ice and died. But I’m all good now.”

“What? Everything about what you just said tells me that you are not okay.”

“Don’t worry. I am okay. Just finish telling me about what we should do.”

“Well it appears that you’re in the middle of a war here, so we’ll deal with this later, but there’s only one person who can help us right about now.”


“Mickey Mouse.”

“I thought he wasn’t real.”

“Oh, he’s real. He even has several movies.”

“He has movies?”

“Yeah. We all have movies.”

I looked around the room. “All of you? Even you Jack?”

“Oh yes. I’m not the only one in it though. It’s all of the Guardians. In fact, you’re the only one here without a movie.” Jack said.

“What? Why don’t I have a movie?”

“Vanessa, you’re not as real as us.” said Kida.

“I’m real!”

“People know about us, just not as much as you.”

“Oh, that’s all. Well, what do we do about the hobogoblins?”

“Something effective. Taking a day off, no matter what day it is, is not effective. Neither is any of us staying here. We have to leave.”

“Can you teleport us?”

“Not enough magic left. Besides, we have nowhere to go. And I meant everyone but you and Jack. You can fight the rest of this out by yourselves, and we’ll set up a safe house in the mountains.”

“How are you going to get there?”

“I found an Easter Bunny tunnel.” said Kida.

“Wait! Jack is not yet healed enough to fight!” yelled Pocahontas.

“I can do it. It’s best if you guys just leave anyways. There’s not many of them left anyways.”

Jack stood up. To anyone else, he appeared fine. Only I saw the pain behind his eyes. I looked at him like “You don’t have to do this.” He shrugged it off and grabbed his staff. I reached for the bow and made an ice quiver and filled it to exploding with ice arrows.

“Did you just make arrows out of ice? I didn’t know you could do that!” said Jack.

“You’ve had three hundred years to figure your powers out and you didn’t know you could do that?”

He shook his head. Someone handed me my sword and I strapped it to my side.

“Okay, get everyone out. We’ve got this covered.”

“No way am I leaving!” insisted Snow White.

She grabbed the machine gun that Santa had given her and had it locked and loaded in five seconds flat. I widened my eyes.

“Snow, you can’t stay.” I replied.

“I have to stay! I am only here on this Earth to defend. I didn’t know that until this whole war business got started. But I feel in my heart now that I have to fight. That entire flower picking and singing and talking to animals was just a front to make me pretend that I felt something. I didn’t.” I looked into her eyes and I knew that she was telling the truth. I smiled.

“Fine, you can stay. Just live through the battle, and we can arrange a fight for you.” I said. She jumped up and down, squealing.

Kida took the others and went down into the tunnel. Jack and I turned to look at each other just before we opened the door.

“I love you.” we both said at the same time. We hugged, and then opened the door.

They had been waiting for someone to come outside. They tried to burst in, but Snow blasted them back pretty fast. We leapt outside and attacked with all the powers we had. I shot arrow after arrow and Jack froze so many. Snow sniped the hell out of them. Just when the hobogoblins were out of reinforcements and the hobogoblins were down to about six left, a giant picked up Snow and threw her. I didn’t see where she landed. I stared in shock at the horizon where I’d seen her vanish. Then I snapped out of it.

“This one’s for snow!” I said, shooting an arrow straight into his forehead. He crumbled to dust.

Jack and I fought on alone, making good progress. Then Jack’s staff broke. He screamed in pain and then seemed to have recovered. But he wasn’t doing anything but punching and hitting and kicking and biting.

“Jack, use some magic already!” I yelled.

“I can’t!”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“The only thing I can do without my staff is make that frost that covers windows. That’s not going to be terribly helpful at the moment, is it?”

“Really?” I groaned and shot yet another arrow. The string on the bow snapped at that precise moment. I threw it on the ground and grabbed my sword.  

“Die, weird things!” I yelled.

Naturally, a troll snapped the blade on my sword. I smacked it and it froze into an ice statue. I couldn’t fight them like that forever, as proven by what happened ten seconds later. Jack and I ended up on the ground, defenseless, surrounded by the last giant, three trolls, and a hobogoblin.

“Well, we fought hard, didn’t we?” said jack.

“That we did. We also had some good times together. Only been a week and two days too.”

We hugged one more time as the creatures surrounded us. Just when we were completely braced for death, the things stopped coming forward. We opened our eyes and saw that wherever we were touching, blue lights shone. It grew brighter and brighter and soon we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

“Hop scotch.” said Jack.

“One.” I replied.

“Two.” said Jack.

“Three!” we said together.

As soon as we said three, the light erupted, searing the creatures where they stood. When It finally died down and we opened our eyes, they were gone, char marks in the grass where they had been standing. We let go and stood up.

“We did it! We finally did it!” cheered Jack. We kissed and then decided we were going to head right out to the mountains to tell everyone.

When we arrived, we were received with happiness. Then they realized that Snow wasn’t with us.

“She fought bravely, but Snow White could not come see you all with us. She has died a hero.” I said.

I found out that at least a dozen more of the injured kids had died. They were buried under mounds of rock. I reached out to touch the one Naveen was under. It got covered in frost. I realized how beautiful it looked and touched all of the other mounds too. Soon they were all glistening in the setting sun.

“We finally did it. Three hard days of fighting has finally ended.”

“That’s nothing.” said Belle, holding a book in her hand. The title was The Trojan War. “The Trojan war lasted ten years.”

“I don’t think any of us but Snow would have been happy to fight that long.” I gave a weak laugh.

Merida was okay. So was Rapunzel. We all hugged.

“I’m so sorry. That goes for both of you.” I said, holding them tighter than was necessary.

“No, I’m sorry. I overreacted about that kiss. Foolish of me. But at least some good came out of it.” said Rapunzel.

“I’m sorry too. I shouldna have gotten angry with you like that. I take it back, the not wanting to be like you and the not helping you when you needed it most. I take it all back. I’m so sorry.” said Merida.

Some time later, after we had all eaten, I asked Kida what we should do now.

“Some of us should make our way to Mickey’s castle. Not all of us. We don’t need that many of us. You’ll go. And Jack too, obviously. Merida and Rapunzel too. I’ll come too, if you’d like.” offered Kida. I hugged her. She wasn’t expecting it, but soon she wrapped her arms around me too.

“I’d love that. But Hiccup has to come to.” I said. He was standing right behind me, drinking water. He spewed it out so far, I think it was a world record.

“What? Me? Go through something like this again? I almost died! That’s the second time in my life that’s happened to me!” exclaimed Hiccup. Merida laughed and leaned her elbow on his shoulder.

“Awww, wee lamb.” said Merida in baby-talk. Then she put her hands on Hiccup’s cheeks, pulled his face closer and kissed him. We all cheered. We’d been waiting for that. It was clearly their first kiss because when Merida let go his cheeks were beet red.

“Fine, I’ll go, but never again after this. Nearly dying twice is quite enough for me, thank you.”

We all slept in sleeping bags in a cave that Jack had found. He’d also gone back for his staff. It was in two parts.

“I’ve got some KrazyGlue!” said Hiccup. Jack touched the broken ends together. A blue light just like the one from before appeared and the staff was whole again. Hiccup’s jaw hung wide open. Then he shrugged. “Or you could use light. Light works too.” I laughed at that.

When everyone was asleep but me and Jack there was something I had to ask him about. I just had to.

“Jack, the day you came to the Academy I was in love with Derek. When you kissed my cheek, I wasn’t anymore. I liked you. What was that?”

“I don’t know. I can’t change emotions, I make winter weather.” He was telling the truth too. I knew when he was lying.

“Just wondering. We should get some sleep.”

“Right you are.” said Jack. We crawled down into our sleeping bags and fell asleep almost instantly.

This is where my story of the Princess Dorm ends, and where my next tale begins. All you have to do to find out about it is believe. Well, that, and have a computer with internet and a Booksie account, but you know what I meant!


End of Book 1.

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