Princess Dorm 2

Princess Dorm 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Vanessa is now finishing up her first day in the Disney Dorm.
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Vanessa is now finishing up her first day in the Disney Dorm.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Princess Dorm 2

Author Chapter Note

Vanessa is now finishing up her first day in the Disney Dorm.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 04, 2012




Where was I? Oh, yes! Dinner. Merida and I sat at our table talking, laughing, and just generally enjoying one another’s company. We both loved the jambalaya, but Merida said that her favorite meal was haggis. Once she was finished describing it to me, and what was in it, I didn’t ever want to eat it. Ever. I told her about my favorite food, spaghetti, and she looked at me like I was insane.

“What on Earth are you tryin’ to describe to me? I dunna unerstand.”

“Long stringy noodles, covered in tomato sauce. It’s not hard to understand!”

“I ne’er heard of it afore. I’m a Scot, not a Brit.”

“Spaghetti is Italian, and I’m not British. My mother is, she talked like this when I was learning to talk and so now I talk like this too. I’m from Canada.”

“What the blazes is a Canada? I ne’er heard o’ that either.”

“It’s a new country. The Scottish empire was taking a fancy to a little island-like part of it, called… well actually, it hasn’t a name yet. We were visiting when my mom met the king, and then here I am now.” I looked over and saw two girls with brown hair and violet eyes, just like what’s-his-name. They had a princess air about them, so I turned away fast. They had to be Kirsty and Kayla. I looked at Merida. “Are those two girls behind me Kirsty and Kayla Kane?”

“Yeah. What’s it to you? Are they atryin’ to stick you up an’ take yer bangles?”

“No, but they might try to later. My stepfather is King Kane, and they are my stepsisters.”

“Ooh, that is a nasty piece of luck. Just dunot talk to them, and they will probably ignore you. They’ve never seen you, have they?”

“Never, and I never wanted to meet them. They seem perfectly horrid to me.”

“Oh, aye! Truer words were never aspoken. Jus avoid them plainly, an’ all should be well.”

“They don’t strike me as girls who’ll ignore the new girl.”

No sooner had the words left my mouth than they came forward, bombarding me with questions.

“Are you a Disney girl too? They are sooo lame!” said Kirsty with her overly squeaky voice.

“Yeah. You aren’t, right? Tell me you’re not!” Kayla seemed to be demanding.

I straightened my spine and glared at both of them. “If you think the Disney Princess dorm is lame, then yes, I will proudly admit to being one myself. Now shove off!”

“Losersaurus!” yelled Kirsty so loud that everyone in the room turned to look at her. Merida and I burst out laughing. She was the Losersaurus, merely for coming up with such a word in the first place.

“Um, Kirsty, honey, are you okay?” asked Tiana, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Get your servant hands off of me! I don’t take sympathy from the help!” exclaimed Kirsty.

“Kirsty, I have every right to be here. I paid, I’m from royalty, I…” Kirsty cut her off.

“You’re only here because your boyfriend pulled strings for you! You are not from any royal family at all!”

“Three quarters of the girls in this whole school are here on a count of string pulling. Except for a couple, the whole Disney dorm is there because of their boyfriends.”

“Exactly! Because you’re all just a bunch of street rats!”

Aladdin and Jasmine stood up in indignation, not because they were angry at being called street rats, but because street rat was a horrible term that brought up bad memories for Aladdin. I stood up as well.

“I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not originally from royalty.” Almost every girl in the room gasped. “And, no, I’m not a stowaway. My mother married a king. I don’t even want to be here. I will say this though. The Disney dorm is the best place in the whole school and I’ll tell you why. Because they all had the kindness to like me the minute I showed up and didn’t even know me yet.”

All the girls from the Disney dorm (and there was a lot of them) stood up and linked arms with me. There, I’d started a revolution, and that day I was destined to fit in with the Disney girls.

“Wait a minute! What’s your name?” asked Kayla.

“Vanessa Clemens. My mother is Trisha Clemens.” I replied with pride.

“Oh my God! That street rat is our stepsister!” squealed Kirsty.

They ran out of the room yelling that they were going to go down socially until nobody knew their names. When they were way out of earshot, everyone in the room cheered.

“Oh, thank God! They are so annoying, I just want to choke them every time that I see them!” exclaimed Jasmine, putting a hand on my shoulder.

There was a chorus of yeah’s and some more cheering. Then a bell tinkled in the kitchen and a girl with long orange hair in a flowing pink dress poked her head out.

“Are they gone?” asked the girl tentatively.

“It’s okay for you guys to come out and eat now. Who wants some beignets?” asked Tiana.

“I’ll help you make them!” said Cinderella.

Out from the kitchen came a couple of girls. They took a seat on the chairs that were empty and had bowls of jambalaya in front of them. Tiana and Cinderella disappeared into the kitchen. I went up to a girl with white hair in blue tribal wear and asked her what was going on.

“Oh, the only people who are judgmental about the royalty thing are the K Terrors, so these girls make dinner and only get to eat when they leave. Their names are Giselle, Mulan, Charlotte, and Melody. Melody is Ariel’s sister, and I’m Kida.”

We all ate and had a general good time until Tiana and Cinderella came out with two trays weighed down with beignets each. They set each tray down on a table, and then went back into the kitchen for more.

“We have these for dessert every day, but they never get old!” said Merida, doing a highland dance while eating a beignet.

By the time that the bell tolled seven, time for everyone to go to their dorms, we were all dancing and laughing and mingling. When the bell had rung though, the other students ran like crazy to get to the various staircases and doorways. I didn’t get why they were in such a hurry, it was just a bell. It wasn’t like we were going to die if we were five minutes late. Soon I was the only one left standing in the lobby. I looked down one hallway in awe as I saw swirling blue mist heading in my direction. What was it? As it was just about to touch me, a yellow rope fell over my head and caught at my waist, tightening, and then I was pulled up above a balcony and into my dorm room.

“What were you thinking?! You can’t stay downstairs past seven! You might have got caught in the Mist!” exclaimed Rapunzel. It was then that I noticed that the rope was really her hair.

“What does it do? Is it just for a haunting effect?” I wondered.

“We’re not really sure exactly what it does. We only had that spare bed for you acause a girl named Collette got caught in it. We ne’er saw ‘er again.” Merida said ominously.

“Was she a princess?” I asked.

“No, she was just a rich one. She was dating an heir, so he tapped into his pocket money for her. But we’ve never seen her since. Good came from it though. YOU’RE HERE NOW!” Rapunzel yelled so loud I jumped back seventy feet.

I heard several girls scream, because, you know, they’re princesses. Their nerves are never right. The door opened and a girl with black hair in a ponytail with the same bangs as Ariel came in. She was wearing a white cotton nightgown.

“Hey Melody. Your bed’s all ready!” said Rapunzel. She went over to the couch and grabbed the bottom. As she pulled on it, it became evident that it was a futon.

“Why does she sleep here? Doesn’t she have a room too?” I asked.

“Because the Disney dorm was completely full when she came. We wanted to do some good in the world so we let her sleep here. We’ve been doing it ever since,” explained Rapunzel.

Melody settled down under the blankets and Merida climbed up onto the very top bunk. Rapunzel left the room and came back wearing a huge bonnet that all of her hair was tied up into. She climbed into the middle bunk. I went under the bottom bunk and grabbed my suitcase. I pulled out my blue silk nightgown and changed into it in the bathroom. I came back out and saw that Merida had the bow I saw earlier in the day in her hands and an arrow notched and ready.  She released the string and an arrow zipped straight to the bull’s-eye on the target.

“There, I can sleep in peace now.” I looked up at her funny. “What? It looked so tempting; I had to do it afore Rapunzel told me to put my bow awee.”

“All right, you can put your bow ‘awee’ now.” Rapunzel said with a laugh.

Merida turned and hung it up on a hook next to her. I climbed in the bottom bunk and reflected on the day, as Mom had made me do at home. I felt like family here. I liked it. I rolled over and closed my eyes. And thus ended my first day in the Disney dorm.


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