The Flight of the Princess

The Flight of the Princess

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



The next story in a long series of stories. Vanessa and a few of her friends make their way to Mickey's castle in search of a place to stay.
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The next story in a long series of stories. Vanessa and a few of her friends make their way to Mickey's castle in search of a place to stay.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Flight of the Princess

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The next story in a long series of stories. Vanessa and a few of her friends make their way to Mickey's castle in search of a place to stay.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 07, 2012




As you might remember from the last part, this is not the Princess Dorm anymore. This is now the Flight of the Princess. It’s not just me that’s having a flight, so is Kida and Merida and Hiccup and Jack. That’s everyone though. Nobody else needed to come. We wanted Rapunzel to come with us, but she wanted to stay with Eugene. She also thought that she didn’t need to go too. As a matter of fact, Kida and Merida and Hiccup didn’t even need to go. Where were we going? To freaking Mickey Mouse’s castle. I didn’t even believe in that guy until yesterday morning. Yesterday was Christmas too. We didn’t even get to stay inside for the day; Kida made us realize that we had a war to finish, and if we had all stayed inside, we’d still be fighting.

We decided to just have a little fun with it. Kida could teleport, but only to a certain distance, and Mickey’s castle was too far for her to just teleport to. Jack and I could both fly, Hiccup had a dragon, and Merida had a really fast horse, so we decided to race there. Hiccup got there first, and then it was me, followed shortly by Jack. Kida arrived not much later and Merida was last.

“No fair! You all had help!” said Merida.

“So did you!” I insisted.

“Yes. A horse. Three of you flew here, one of you teleported. One of the flyers had a dragon. I just had a horse.”

“True, but the competition still stands.” said Kida. She pushed Hiccup in front of the door. “He will have the honor of telling Mickey why we’re at his castle. That and he will also have to beg for Mickey’s help.”

“What? I don’t want to go in there! Not alone!” said Hiccup, nervous to the point of shaking.

“You won’t be going in alone. You just have to do the talking.” said Jack, pushing him forward even more.

Hiccup just stood standing in front of the door, shaking and moaning. “Guys, don’t make me do this.”

“Move out of the way, you daft old gammy!” said Merida. She marched over and swept him behind her. She knocked firmly, one of those knocks that you can’t ignore, no matter what.

Moments later, the door opened. When we got a look at who opened it, I gasped. It was a humanoid thing, only coming to about my thigh. I could tell that it was mostly mouse, because of the giant ears on top of its head. 

“Is that Mickey?” I asked.

“No,” said Kida. “This is Minnie.”

I realized that it had a bow on its head and was wearing a matching pink dress and high heels. I pursed my lips together and looked up, like, “My bad!” Minnie laughed.

“So, what brings you here?” asked Minnie in a voice that I could not believe was hers.

“Our school was burned down by the hobogoblins. Kida knows why we’re here, but I don’t.” said Merida.

“Oh, those nasty things! Are you all right?” asked Minnie.

“We are, but all of the students who didn’t go to camp aren’t. Nobody left the school alive but Kida. Also, some of the campers died, not too many though. We’re good for the moment. But now we have nowhere to live.” I replied.

“Oh, my! How many of you are there? Just the five of you?”

“Not even close. Thirty eight. Well, there was before all of those others died. Now there are nineteen. Not counting us.” said Kida.

“I take it you five aren’t going to stay here.”

“What? Why wouldn’t we?” I asked, stepping forward.

“There’s another small matter I forgot to bring up before. I really should let Mickey tell you though. Come on in. He’s having dinner with his friends. I’ll summon your friends. I just need their names.”

“Okay. Have a seat and write this down.” I said. I made an ice chair and she sat down. She whipped out a notepad and pen and held it at the ready. “Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Giselle, Jane, Alice, Ariel, Meg, Melody, Eric, Tarzan, Charlie, Phillip, Shang, Hercules, Rapunzel, Eugene, Tiana, and Esmeralda.”

“And could I get your names? I already have Merida and Kida, I don’t have the other three.”

“I’m Vanessa, this is Jack, and over there, that’s Hiccup. Oh, and his dragon, Toothless and Merida’s horse Angus.” I answered.

“Okay, well head right on in and your friends should arrive shortly.”

She went inside and pointed us down a big hallway, then scurried away. We kept on going down the hall. When we opened the door, we saw an enormous table, like, ridiculously long. What was sad was that only a couple of the chairs were being used and they were being used by animals. Not like regular animals, but humanoid. The mouse was clearly Mickey, and then there were two ducks and a dog. On the floor there was a dog , but a real dog. When they saw us, they welcomed us.

“I’m Mickey. What was it that you needed?” asked Mickey.

“Um, probably a few rooms for a little while. I couldna say how long.” said Merida.

Mickey stood up. He seemed to be taking us in. “Ah, Princess Kida of Atlantis. Princess Merida of Dun Broch. Mister Hiccup of Berk, and I can tell you brought with you your dragon Toothless. But I don’t know either of you two.” said Mickey, gesturing at Jack and I.

“I’m Jack Frost and this is Vanessa Frost.” said Jack.

“Oh, I’ve heard about you Jack. But I’ve never heard of Miss Vanessa here. I she your sister?”

“No, I’m not his sister. I’m his girlfriend. And I wasn’t always Vanessa Frost. I’ve only been a Frost for about four days.”

“Was your name still Vanessa before that?”

“Yes. My mother’s name is Trisha, and I have stepsisters named Kirsty and Kayla.”

“Oh, I remember you now! What happened to your pretty hair and eyes?”

“I fell through ice, but that’s not even vaguely important right now. Help us.”

“I’d be happy to help. I just don’t know what kind of help you’d need. Magical? Medical? Emotional? Mental? Just some place to stay?”

“Yes! That’s what we need! But it’s not for us. It’s for a bunch of our friends. You see, the hobogoblins burned down our school and attacked us at our camp. Only Kida left the school alive.” said Hiccup. Merida looked over at him in shock. Normally he barely even talked to her, let alone a weird mouse guy.

“Well, I have room. But why not for you five?”

“Minnie said we had to do something, and that we had to talk to you about it.” said Kida.

Mickey seemed to be a little bit confused. Then he seemed to realize what we were talking about. Good thing too, because we didn’t even know what we were talking about. He opened his mouth to tell us something when the doors flew open and Minnie led our friends into the room.

“Here you are. Everyone’s all here, safe and sound. But there was a boy with them that you didn’t tell me to write down. His name is Milo.”

“Milo who?” I asked.

“Milo Thatch. They refused to leave him, so I just brought him with me. He was insistent on seeing Kida.”

Kida saw the guy and smiled a smile I hadn’t seen since the king proposed to my mother. She ran over to him faster than I thought humanly possible and tackle hugged him. I’d never seen this kid or heard of him before, but Kida clearly knew him very well already.

“This is Milo. He came the day you guys left. I thought you died!” said Kida. (That last part was directed and Milo, not at us.)

“I thought you died! Well, as long as we’re both okay. But I thought there would be more people from the Disney dorm.” said Milo.

“There were. A lot of us died when we were fighting the hobogoblins.”

“You fought the hobgoblins?”

“No! We fought the hobogoblins. There’s another o in there.” said Jack. I smacked him playfully. “What? I was just correcting him!”

“Yes, but unnecessarily. You knew what he meant!” I teased. He smiled and laughed a little. I turned to Mickey. “So, about the rooms…”

“You can have them. But I need to speak with Rapunzel and the rest of you that came here first.” Rapunzel stared around, and then pointed to herself. “Yes, you Rapunzel. Nobody else here has the name Rapunzel. It’s just you.”

Minnie led all of the others upstairs, while I stared around at some tapestries on the wall. One was of a boy and a girl on an anchor. The boy had the girl in his arms, and he was wearing all green; green shoes, green tights, green tunic, green hat. The only thing about him that wasn’t green was the red feather in his hat. His hair was brown and his eyes were blue. The girls hair was also brown, but curly. She was wearing a blue dress and blue flats to match. They were smiling at each other as if they were laughing at an inside joke. I was so engrossed in the tapestry that I didn’t notice Mickey and the others come up beside me. When Mickey finally said something, I jumped.

“Ah, Peter Pan and Wendy. Those were two true dreamers if I ever saw one.” said Mickey. I jumped. He laughed, and so did everyone else, for that matter. “Oops, didn’t mean to startle you!”

“When… how long have you been standing there?” I demanded.

“About four minutes, but who’s counting?” said Kida, laughing.

“They are fascinating, aren’t they? Vanessa, I think you’re going to like this news most of all. If you thought a tapestry of them was interesting, just wait until you meet them!” said Mickey.

“Wait, what? I was just looking at the thing, waiting for you guys to hurry up. And why are we meeting them? And where are they?” I asked.

“Take it easy, there’s no reason to be nervous, and you don’t have to lie to me to protect yourself. No one’s going to judge you for liking a tapestry.” said Mickey. This mouse guy knew everything, because that really was true, both of it. I was kind of nervous. “They’re both on Neverland, and you’re meeting them because that’s where you have to go there. The hobogoblins and falling through ice and dying were just the beginning.”

This guy was starting to creep me out. We hadn’t even brought up how I’d become like this, but he just seemed to know everything. How old was this guy? How many other kids had he helped? How did he know all of this stuff? I would have asked him, but I needed to wait until we were in private.

“What is it that we have to do while we’re in Neverland?” asked Rapunzel.

“Before we talk, you should all sit down and eat. You’ve had a hard time. I’ll go whip something up…” Before he could finish, the door marked ‘Staff only’ flew open and Tiana came out with pizza galore.

“Sorry, Honey. I got there first. Y’all just grab a seat and I’ll keep ‘em comin’ until you pass out.” I knew she was kidding, but Mickey looked a little worried about the ‘pass out’ part.

We all sat, ate pizza, and told Mickey about our adventure; from the day I arrived at the school until when we opened the doors to this room. Mickey said nothing; he just sat there, nodding a few times. When we were finished, he faced away from us and stared having a conversation with nobody at all. We all stared at each other with ‘what?’ expressions on our faces. He finished up and looked back at us.

“So, you must all be wondering why it is you have to go to Neverland.” We all nodded, slightly in shock. I dare you to sit in a room with a tiny little mouse person who was just talking to nobody and was then talking to you calmly, as if nothing happened. You wouldn’t say anything either. “Well, it’s for two reasons. They need your help, and you need theirs.” Still nothing from us. “I bet you’re wondering why.” Silence. “What happened to you guys? You were all chatty and happy five minutes ago!”

“That was before you had a conversation with nothing.” said Jack. I shot him a dirty look. He mouthed “What?”

“Oh, you mean Gerald. He’s someone. Nobody else but me can see him.”

“Uh…um…are…are you…uh…schizophrenic?” asked Hiccup.

“Probably. No, wait, forget that. Most definitely. I am most definitely schizophrenic.” He didn’t even seem ashamed or embarrassed to admit that. He said it as though we were talking about pizza toppings and not mental illnesses.

“So, why do we need their help? And why do they need all of our help?” asked Rapunzel.

“The answer to that is really quite simple. You are supposed to save the world.”

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