The Strange true love story of Chell and Wheatley.

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This is a continuation of Portal 2. I f you don't know how that game ends or even what it is, look up a walkthrough on Youtube, then come back.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



Chell looked around. All she saw was golden grass and the rusty shed that hid Aperture Sciences. That and the companion cube. Which wasn't too useful to her at the moment. She was starving. So she left the cube where it was. She wandered around the field, then got to an electric fence. Ha! So that was why GLaDOS had let her go. She couldn't go anywhere.The fence was live, so she litteraly couldn't go anywhere, not under or over the fence. Chell knew Wheatley had siad she was brain-damaged, and she hadn't spoke at any time in Aperture, but she felt like she had to say something. She guessed GLaDOS was so preoccupied with rebuilding Aperture that she either hadn't turned off the fence, or she really didn't want to let her go. And she was just pretending to want her to go.

"GLaDOS! Either take me back in or let me go!" yelled Chell. Then she shocked herself by the fact that she could talk. Her brain damage was in her head.

The door to the shed flew open. Chell heard faintly '"Got you! You aren't really free. What, you thought my briefly being Caroline would make me want you to leave? There's a reason that to let you go? " Chell was glad to leave behind this overly hot feild. She (luniticaly) ran into the shed.

" Let me be the first to tell you that you certantly are not welcome back. But you're not leaving again." said GLaDOS" And I thought you couldn't talk."

"So did I, but it was just in my head." Said Chell

" That should be better for our tests. We can watch you scream in frustration." said GLaDOS.

" And you haven't changed at all in the last hour." said Chell.

Chell started walking into the elevator in front of her.

"Well, I have made significant scientific movements. You'll see when you get to your new room." said GLaDOS.

"What do you mean?" said Chell.

"I said you'll see. Hmmm, maybe you really are brain damaged. But it's not because you were in suspension, because you were born that way. No wonder your parents abandoned you." siad GLaDOS.

"Caroline, I know you're my mother." said Chell.

"You don't know that." said GLaDOS."And I'm NOT CAROLINE!"

But Chell knew it was true. Her parents were Cave Jhonson, founder and CEO of Aperture and his girlfriend Caroline/GLaDOS. It only took her the whole hour that she wandered for to figure it out . She'd heard Cave and Caroline's voices when down in the old testing chambers. The thing that really told her that GLaDOS was Caroline was that the proffesor had actually said that if he died before they could figure out how to turn people into robots, he wanted Caroline to run Aperture. And Caroline's voice sounded so much like GLaDOS's voice, only GLaDOS was more robotic. That was just her figuring out the connection between Caroline and GLaDOS. Then she figured that Caroline must be Cave's girlfriend, or wife, otherwise he wouldn't've left Aperture to her, then the whole take you're daughter to work day room, and the giant potato plant projact, it had HER signature on it. Meaning either GLaDOS was lying about her being adopted or she was given to another scientist at the labs.So, here's the non-complicated version. Cave=Caroline's BF/ Hubby. Caroline + Cave = Chell.. Caroline = GLaDOS. GLaDOS+ Chell = crazy, deadly random insanity!. There you go, the easy version.

Soon Chell got to her new room. And there was something different about her room. There definitely was. There was a man in her bed.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?!" said Chell.

The man jumped out of bed. He had on orange pants and a white Aperture t-shirt. He had spikey brown hair and bright blue eyes. He looked a little cross-eyed and confused.

"Who's that? What's going on?" he said in a british voice that Chell knew.

"Wheatley? GLaDOS! What did you do?" asked Chell.

"What? I thought you would like this. Anyways, I thought you were going to burrow under the fence, although it would take a long time to dig a tunnel to accomodate someone of your size. Either that or you would survive off your excess body fat for a week. So , sadly, I needed him. And it didn't take long to get him back. I just had to listen for that defective core, that and he was sobbing."

"But why's he a person?"

"I'm not a person. I'm a core."

"Shut up you moron. We're talking. We had this body in cryogenic storage, and it fit his personality well enough. And I just transfered his personality into this body."

"Could somebody tell me what's going on, please?"

Chell grabbed a pair of glasses off of the end table and gave them to Wheatley. He just looked at them.

"What are these?"

"They'll help you see. Here." Chell put the glasses over his eyes. He blinked and stared at her.

"Chell? Everything looks so different. I'm dead, aren't I? She brought me back, just to kill me." said Wheatley.

"You're not dead. She brought you back to test you." said Chell.

"You're talking. You've never talked. " said Wheatley.

Chell sat down on her bed. Wheatley did too.

"Wheatley, why'd you try to kill me?" asked Chell.

Wheatley closed his eyes."I'm sorry. I can't explain my motives, I'm just sorry."

"I don't blame you. I beleive that you're sorry."

So in the next few weeks ,almost nothing happened. GLaDOS didn't talk to them or even try to put them in test chambers. They just stayed in the room., eating whatever the room gave them, through the fridge.

"So, Luv. What do we do now?" asked Wheatley.

"I don't know. Maybe GLaDOS is planning something. I'll try to talk to talk to her." Then to GLaDOS" What are you planning GLaDOS?! You're silence only gives you away!"

"Chell, I'm testing right now. Stop being so needy. You're parents were onto something when they gave you away."

"Caroline, I told you that you're my mother, why can't you just understand that?"

"Call me Caroline one more time and I'll kill that moron you were so insistant on having."

Chell paused."You wouldn't."

"Oh, I would. Just try me."

"Fine, but are you going to do anything with us, are we just going to sit here till we drop dead.?"

"That's a tempting idea, but I suppose you have a purpose."

"Damn right we have a purpose. So are we ging to be leaving?" asked Wheatley.

"Fine. Just leave the room and turn left. I have one test chamber that you never finished and I wouldn't let my assistants touch. I saved it. For you."

"Oh, how thoughtful of you." said Chell sarcasticaly.

The door to the room flung open and they walked onto the scaffolding. After hanging the left, they got into aroom, test chamber 18, one that Chell had never done.

"On that podium, there are two duel portal devices. Grab them, and it's pretty simple after that. You'll figure it out." said GLaDOS

Chell grabbed a gun and handed the other to Wheatley.

"You know how it works, right?" asked Chell.

"I've seen you use it often enough, so I get the purpose." said Wheatley.

it was simple. all they had to do was have Chell shoot one blue portal, Wheatley shoot the orange one, they both fling into the room Chell placed the blue portal in, grab the cube, press the button in the room, de-activate the emancipation grid, and place the cube on the big red button, then run through the door.

"Well, you solved that easily. But you've done harder, maybe I should've put in some turrets, that would've made it harder. Oh well, it's too late for that, but now I can't put you back into that room. Hmmmm, what to do with you. Oh, I know. You'll love this, I know you will. Just keep walking, you'll get there soon."

To be continued......

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