The Strange True Love Story of Chell and Wheatley Part 2

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A continuation of the continuation of Portal 2

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



Chell held onto Wheatley's hand, dragging him down the hall. Chell needed to know what the surprise GLaDOS was talking about was, and Wheatley didn't run nearly fast enough for Chell's likings. Wheatley however was mostly being dragged accross the floor, so he didnt like it at all.  Soon they arrived at a room covered in graffitti. Chell felt nauseous. It was the same graffitti that she'd seen the first time she'd had to run tests. She was almost about to pass out  when she heard the mumbling.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" asked Chell.

"Help me Chell!" yelled the voice. That's when Chell saw the companion cube. The voice was coming from behind it.

"I am Chell." said Chell, trying for a comforting voice.

A man shot up from behind the cube. His brown eyes were bloodshot, and his matching hair was a mess. His face was unshaved. He wore stained white pants and a matching t-shirt. Over top, he wore a white lab coatt. What freaked Chell out the most was the Aperture logo and ID on the lab coat. He raised his eyebrows.

"Cube, is it really her?" the man asked to noone in particular. Then he got a releived look on his face. He took a step forward and winced. Chell saw a bloody bandage on his right thigh.

"You should come with us." said Wheatley.

"Who are you?" asked the man.

"Wheatley, recently human." said Wheatley, wrapping one of the man's arms around his shoulder. Chell did the same.

It took then a full twenty minutes to make it back to the room, but that was only because they were lugging an injured man with them, and they weren't running. Chell also had a very heavy companion cube strapped to her back. She wanted to leave it there, but the man had insisted they bring it. When they finally got back to the room, they laid the man on the bed. Chell plunked the companion cube on the floor.

"Chell, I have to tell you something." said the man.

"No, get some rest." said Chell, running to the faucet and running a facecloth under the stream.

"No, this is really important. It can't wait." the man replied as chell laid the facecloth on his forehead.

"Go ahead." Chell finally complied.

"My name is Doug. Doug Rattman. I made all that graffitti for you, the first time. And the second time." said the man.

He seemed a little farmilliar to Chell, for some reason that she couldn't identifiy. But that face, that name. They ate at the back of her mind.

"And I was once a father. An adoptive father. To a week old baby that my boss gave to me, named Michelle. I didn't want to bring her to the take-your-daughter-to-work day, but Mr. Johnson insisted Oh, you did not  want to do another potato battery project."said Doug.

Chell got a confused look on her face, and then she realized why he was so farmilliar.

To be continued.

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