Thinking Aloud

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So this short 'play' catalogues that feeling we all have to suffer once and a while, the first date. This particular piece follows Andy and Natascha and the downs and lows of the cinema trip. If people enjoy I may add other parts to it :)

P.S Everything with (*) next to it is a thought which is practically all of the dialogue and lines with (-) are stage directions, enjoy! :D

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



Thinking Aloud

- Andy and Natascha sit down in the cinema

Andy: *God this is great, dinner and a movie, very smooth Andy, very smooth.

Natascha: *Who takes for a kebab on a date? At least he let me choose the film.

Andy: *God I'm regretting that kebab, my arse feels more tetchy than a horse at Tescos. What film is this anyway? Breaking noon or something?

-Silence for a moment

Andy: *Right, time to make a move, time for the Ooooold yawning trick. Girls love the yawning trick.

-Andy tried yawning trick and fails covering by pretending to scratch his armpit.

Natascha: *Really? The yawning trick? EVERYONE knows the yawning trick doesn't work.

Andy: *Play it cool Andy play it cool, still time yet.

-Further silence

Andy: *Awww jesus there's a bloody sex scene in this! She must think I'm a wee creep or something.

Natascha: *Oh thank christ a sex scene! At least SOMEONE is getting laid tonight.

-Andy looks down briefly at crotch

Andy: *Awww for flip sake sit down will you! I swear if that fat bastard beside me needs a shit....

Fat Bastard: Excuse me mate, I need you to move....

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