Getting to the Point

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Your asking yourself right now; what is this about? But you are thinking deeper than just that. Your emotions are like layers: peeling off and adding on as you continue through life. This writing will help you understand what your feeling and how the people around you feel.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



An Introduction...

First off, let's just say that your not doing so well in school. Part of you says "I don't care" while another part is saying "I'm hopless". Well, guess what; you aren't. You have to understand that people progress at different speeds; some are slower at understanding things. Like I always say; the stars are always shining, no matter where you are in the world. This is both metophorically correct and geologicly correct as well. You can spend your time chasing those stars around the world, hoping that they will never leave you, but the truth is that they never will.

It's Raining; What Do I Do?

Now it's raining; you've already played all the games on your Wii/X-Box/PS3/Nintendo Ds, but yet your still trying to deny the fact that you have nothing to do. The phone rings; you jump up, hoping that it's your best friend. Nope- just the telemarketer. You scream in frustration and hang up the phone. How did they get your number, anyways? Step by step you walk back toward the couch. You plop your butt on the cushion and reach for the remote. Even your TV cannot satisfy your crave for fun! Think to yourself; what do I do when I'm on break? Let me guess; the same thing your doing right now. You goota remember to change your routine every once in a while or it gets boring! Try reading a book or playing a game. Heck, maybe even try to watch one of those old cartoons that are sitting below your TV, rotting away with the dust.

My Dog Isn't Behaving!

Most people said "Not my problem". Some of them tried to help, but they said " I'm sorry, but this is just too frusturating!". It's not your dog's fault; those people just didn't try hard enough. Don't despair, because your dog isn't any smarter or dumber than any animal in the world. Sometimes you just loose it when your dog barks at something that isn't there- it's not anything paranormal, they are only concerned for your saftey. Don't scold them for trying to keep you safe. Just make sure to never resort to animal abuse: the pnly crime most dogs are guilty of is loving their campanions.

Well, There's ThisGuy...

Don't just stand there, watching him walk past you in the hallway. Don't just ask your friends to do some digging- be brave and take a risk. You're going to have to ask him out. Don't roll your eyes, because I know that you're not going to. But just hear me out before you close the page! Love doesn't just happen: It progresses over time, just like anything that is existent. And now you're only half way to coming to your conclusion: Is he worth it? Try to observe his behavior because once you think you have him pinned down, you never know who might snatch him away. See what kind of influence his friends have on him- this may not sound like a top priority, but if you know what his friends are like then you will know how they could change him in later years.

Oh My Goodness- Midterms!

No need to fret. You don't have to do a midnight craming sessions with your buds: just make sure that your not falling asleep in class. Sure, we don't all ace in EVERY class, but we all have our weaknesses. And if you can't accept that little flaw in yourself, then I honsetly say you will get NOWHERE in your life.The only reason your going to fail that test is because you are SO hung up about it. Now, I don't mean that you should go out and party all night, (Seriously, Studying is important.) But you just need to relax, tell yourself that you can do this, and go for the gold!

Coming To The Conclusion:

Although it was short, I hope my advice helped you in your quest to prosperity with your inner-self. Always remember not to worry about everything ALL the time, and don't forget that the stars are always shining, no matter where you are in the world.

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