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Bullying is a major problem.We need to stop it.

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




Imagine this:One day,you're walking down the hall minding your own business,when a group of kids walk up to you ant start messing with you and calling you names.They knock the books out of your hands and yell at you.You call out for  help and no one comes.You call out for help again and a teacher walks by smiling and tells you and the kids to hurry on to class.You just stand there thinking 'She didn't help me...'This,is bullying.Bullying is an everyday thing in our lives,so we don't think much about when we do or see bullying.Most adults have the whole "kids will be kids" attitude about it.Most of our peers think it's some sort of game that they can play and everything is OK.Wrong,nothing is OK.

If you were a victim of bullying you would want some one to help you,right?Of coarse,no one likes to be bullied.If you saw someone would you help them?No because its not your problem.You shouldn't have to help.Maybe a teacher will stop it,maybe the teacher will think the kids are just playing around.Then maybe,JUST maybe,some other kid will help.Then again the other kid could be just like you and not care.Do you want to know the odds of an intervention? 15% chance the kid will get help.85% for no intervention.Do you want to be the better person,and help out?Or be a bully and not help?

Being a Bully violates civil rights,and the right to be free from injury by assault or battery.These are your rights that have violated!You could do the same thing to the person who did this to you.Or you could report it to an adult and hope they do something.What about your rights?Is the U.S.A. not the land of the free?We split from England because they were bullying us,but here,in America we are filled to the brim with BULLIES.What happened?

In January of 2012 a boy of the age of 14 killed himself.He was bullied badly because of the fact that he was gay.Many of his peers knew he was being bullied and a few told the teachers,but the parents were never told.The teachers apparently did little to nothing to stop it.In September a girl at the age of 12  commented suicide because of bullying in 2009.Nothing known was done to stop it.In December-January,a girl hanged herself because she was bullied online and in person.No known attempts were made to stop it.She was bullied so badly,even in death.A boy at the age of 7 killed himself because he was being bullied.No one knew what he was going through because he never told anyone.

What if these people were your friends or a family member?You would what the person who bullyed them "taken care of" so that they would feel your pain.If you or see some one being bullyed,dont stan there and do nothing.Stand up for yourself and others.Together we canstop bullying,one person at a time.

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