Curse of the 4th Table

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Am I the only one who can see them?The only one they trust?Or am I just going crazy?'I remeber when I first saw them.It was a cool fall day,the coulds were covering the sun as they always do,the wind smelled of the leaves,grass and that day;pumkins.The wether man told us to expect a light falling of snow,and for the outdoors to get colder.The date was November 13,2012.My birthday.Let me tell you:that was a year I will NEVER forget...

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



This story is dedicated to my dear friends,Harrison Lacy,Andrew Craddock,Allisyn Dicus, Richie Adcock ,Abigail Thenthirath,and Crystal Walker,with out them I would never have gotten this story!

'Am I the only one who can see them?The only one they trust?Or am I just going crazy?'I remember when I first saw them. It was a cool fall day,the clouds were covering the sun as they always do,the wind smelled of the leaves,grass and that day;pumpkins. The whether man told us to expect a light falling of snow,and for the outdoors to get colder. The date was November 13,2012.My birthday. Let me tell you:that was a year I will NEVER forget...

The day started out normal,well mostly. I got ready for school and went downstairs. My mother was at the stairs waiting for me."Happy birthday,sweet heart!My little girl is turning 17!Here are your gifts!"she almost cried as she said that. She handed me a small box with a little blood red ribbon around it a shirt that said"Love me or Hate me."I pulled off the ribbon and put it on as a necklace,in the box was a bracelet with a mettle circle. It looked like some thing was suppose to be there."Thanks Mom. I love them."I put on the bracelet and put the shirt on the table."I have to go before I'm late,again."I run out the door and go to my car and I went to school.

At school I went to my locker and as I opened it I saw a little box and a note. I opened the note and it said"Hey happy birthday. Meet us at table four.-M,H,R,A"I was confused,no one sat at table four. Not even if they were dared.'Maybe they mean they will be standing there so I can find them faster. Not that we are going to eat there."I said to myself. I put the note up and grabbed the box and opened it. In the box was a small,round, and a deep blood red colored marble .Under the marble was another note .This one said,"Put this in your bracelet and close your eyes,count to three and open them.-M,H,R,A"

I did as the note said and when I opened my eyes the bracelet had a glowing look to it. As my day went on,I started seeing people I never saw before. The teachers never called on them,didn't even call them during roll call.'Strange. Maybe the teachers knew they were here and didn't call them out.'The bell rang and it was time for lunch. Now I'm just one of them people who have no friends at all,so me standing around waiting for some one was unusual."Who you waiting for,Serena?Your FAKE boyfriend?"Someone said to me."Why are YOU at the 4th table?Are you wanting to DIE?"or"FREAK ALERT!"

"Hey Serena!"I turn around to see who called my name and a saw 2 boys and 2 girls walking towards me."Hi?"I said. A boy in a black shirt,jeans and shoes. His hair was jet black and red streaks in it. His eyes were the bluest of blue and the had a mischievous look in them.'He is really cute.'I told myself."Hi Serena. My name is Adriel .The girl with blond hair is Hanna,the other girl is Reana,and the guy next to Reana is Markis. Hey Hanna,Reana,Markis come here."Hanna,the blond,had curly hair .Her eyes were like almonds,green as a cat's with a loving look in them,and her body was like a hour glass."Hello Serena. Do you always dress like that?"She said in her girly-sweet way. I look at my outfit .I have on a blood red shirt,jeans and shoes .My hair is naturally a dark red and I put in the black streaks.

Then I look at her outfit. Its a short blue dress with tight black leggings,with matching blue shoes."Ya. I'm not a bright colour person."I replied."Really?Adriel is the same.""I could tell"As we are talking Reana walked up in a purple dress with knee high purple boots. Her hair was in a pony tail. Her hair was the perfect shade of brown and her eyes matched her hair colour.'This is strange .They are all perfect. From head to toe...'"Well hey Serena!I'm so glad to meet you!"Reana said happily. "I'm glad to meet you too."I replied .Markis walked up to me last and mumbled"Hi"I looked at him with confusion. He had blue eyes,with a look of sadness and hope,blond hair so light its almost white,and his outfit was all gray and his belt was black."Hi."I said.

They sit down at Table Four. I'm standing there with the look of shock on my face."Whats the matter,Serena?You look like you have seen a ghost."Adriel commented."No,I didn't. Why are you sitting at Table Four?No one sits here!This table is cursed!"I cried out. People at the lunch room was looking at me."NO ONE IS AT THE TABLE,FREAK!"some called out."WHATS THE MATTER!?!DID THE CURSED ONES PICK YOU!?!"another person hollered."FREAK,FREAK,FREAK!"every one in the room started to chant out out."You're probably never gonna talk to me again.''I said."No one ever talks to me twice."Adriel got up and gave me a hug."Its ok, Serena.We want to be your friends!Thats why we told you to meet us here."He stopped hugging me and sat back down."Please join us,Serena."Hanna said.

I sat down at Table Four. When I did something happened. Everyone in the room disappeared,like I was imagining them."What just happened?"I ask."Do you know why Table Four is cursed?"Reana asked."No. No one would tell me. No matter how many times I ask. Do you know why?"I was dieing to know why. On the First day they say 'No one sits at Table Four. Its cursed.'Then they talk about some thing else."Serena!"Markis called."Ya?"I said."You spaced out on us. Do you want to know why this table is cursed?"Adriel asked me."Yes. I really do."I answered."Oh,she is so much like you Adriel,Its crazy!You are all black with red and she is all red with black. I guess I need to watch out now!"Reana said playfully then kissed Adriel on the cheek.

"Adriel,are you sure?I don't think she is ready to know all of this."Hanna said."No she is,and I will tell her about it."Markis said."Are you sure?After all you are the newest one to our...Group."Reana reminded him."Yes I know thats why I want to tell her. I have a better memory of what happened. So I'm going to tell her."Markis stood up and walked over to me."Grab my hand,and I'll tell you the Curse of Table Four. From the start."I grab his hand and I can see the past. I see Adriel.'Oh my god!He,he hasn't changed at all!He was perfect then too!'I tell myself.

All he is doing is walking down the hall,with someone following him. A man who's cape was so lone it looked like he was floating. He was all in black,with a scythe. It was long,slender,and black."That man you see,he will see you soon. This outfit you have on,is it your favorite?"He asked me."Yes it is."I replied."OK. We need to go to the table."We rush off to the table and watched as Adriel sits down at the table and disappears. The man in black shows up and he has Adriel. Then he Goes up to the top of the room and yell out for every one to hear him,"I PLACE A CURSE UP ON TABLE FOUR!ANY WHO SHALL SIT HERE SHALL JOIN THIS MAN!JOIN HIM IN THE FOURTH PLAIN OF LIFE!HE CAN SEE YOU!BUT YOU CANT SEE HIM!THOSE WHO CAN SEE HIM SHALL JOIN HIM!"He then dropped Adriel. As he fell he vanished in to thin air. Then the man started yelling again,"ONLY THE MOST PERFECT AND ABUSED CAN SEE HIM!ONLY ONE EVERY FOURDY YEARS WILL SEE HIM!"As he said the last of his words he disappeared.

Next thing I knew I was watching the same thing happen to Hanna,only she had some one to help her out. Then Reana,who had kissed Adriel on the lips,and told him thank you. Since that day the have been going out. Then came Markis. His was the most painful. That man I saw withs the others had thrown him into a bag,hit it ageist the wall and then tossed him into the 4th plane. Hanna had caught him in her arms before he hit the floor. Before he closed the portal Hanna yelled out"WE WILL END THIS!"Everyone heard her. They were staring at the man. The portal closed,the man disappeared,and everyone was shocked. Then they went back to what ever it was they were doing.

After that I realized I was back at the table,with the others. When I could see the people at the table clearly,I realized that lunch was over."I need to go or I'm going to be late!" I said. I started to get up when Adriel stopped me."Grab my hand. You need to get up with one of us."He said. When I grabbed his hand we saw that we were not at the school,but at my house,in my room sitting on the floor and the date was February 14,2013.Then suddenly Adriel grabbed my other hand and looked me in the eyes."What are you doing?"I asked him."I don't know!I'm trying to stop but I can't seem to."I looked at him and said,"At least we can control our words."He was about to reply when we started to get closer to each others faces and kissed. Then we were back at the table,him only holding one of my hands."Let's go before you're late."he said confused.

He stood up first and pulled me up. Now I was back in the lunch room,people staring at me."Did you say Adriel?"some one asked me."Because thats my missing uncle."I looked around ans saw Adriel shaking his head."Tell her no."I looked at her and said"No I didn't,sorry."Then I ran off to my class with the others following me. The rest of the day went by fast. As I was about to leave to go to my bus they stopped me."Can we...Come with you?It has been years since we last left the school."Hanna said sadly."Ya. My mom don't get home until seven anyway."I said. Hanna grabbed my hand and we where at my house. I unlocked the door and they went inside and went to my room. I walked in and Adriel whispered in my ear,"It looks the same. From our...Moment earlier today."I just nodded. Then we sat with the group and started talking.


"Dang!Look it is February 14!"Reana said sadly. Just two months ago she and Adriel broke up. They both knew it was going to happen. I felt bad about it because they were really cute together and I told them not to,but they did anyway."Really?Already?Wow how time dose fly!Hanna dear,we must go back."Markis said."Yes,let's. Reana,will you come with us?"Hanna asked."Yes I shall .Good-bye Serena,Adriel."Reana said."Bye!"Adriel and I said at the same time. Markis,Hanna ,and Reana all went back to the school.

I got off my bed and sat down on the floor .Adriel sat down across from me."I still remember."He says."So do I."I say.'I really like him. I wish he liked me. I wonder why he and Reana broke up."I wondered. He grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes. He pulled me in closer to him and he kissed me .When he stopped he whispered in my ear,"I love you."I whispered back,"I love you too."He looked at me and smiled.'I can't believe he loves me!I'm just SO happy I could cry.'I said to myself."Happy Valentine's day,Serena."He said."Happy Valentine's day to you too,Adriel."I said with a smile. He leaned forward and kissed me again."You do know that we can't date until you are on the 4th plain,right?"He asked."Yea I know. It sucks,but I know."I replied."Good."

"I must go. He is calling a meeting now. I love you."Adriel said .He kissed me and left.'I love you too.'I said in my mind. The next day was Monday. At school people were not talking to me. Which was not normal because they usually say things like 'Freak' or 'Go die. No one cares about you.'I didn't even see the guys today. So the day went by VERY slowly. When I got home,I went to my room and I had a surprise visit from the guys.

"Hey guys."I said. Hanna burst into tears and Reana walked over to her to calm her down. Markis walked over to Adriel and whispered"This is not fair,He shouldn't do this so soon. He never did this before."Adriel shook his head and a single tear slid down his cheek."What is going on?"I asked. Adriel grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye,"Tomorrow,put on the outfit you were wearing when we first met you. OK?"HE said."OK,why?"I asked."He wants you to join us now. Luckly we convened him to do it tomorrow."Markis said.

"What am I going to tell my mom?"I said. I was terrified. I had no idea what He saw going to do to me. Mostly. I have no idea who He is!"And one more thing:who is 'He'?""We don't know. He told us one day to start calling Him 'He' or 'Him'.I'm sorry that we don't know more. And for your mother,just tell her the school is going on a trip and you will be gone for a few days."Reana said. Hanna had stopped crying now and had walked over to Markis."Well we need to go now. We have to 'get ready' for tomorrow"Hanna said."OK. I'll see you all tomorrow."I said."Remember:the read outfit. And see if you can fix the black streaks."Reana reminded me."OK. I will .Bye.""Bye"They said at once.

Right after they left my mom walked in the door."Hey mom,can we fix the streaks in my hair?"I hollered down the steps."Ya. Why?The look fine."She hollered back."It's my roots. They are showing.""Oh OK. Ya come on down and we can fix them in a few."I went down stairs and helped my mom put up the food. After a few we were fixing my roots."Thank you mom. Oh ya!My school is going on a trip to the city capitol for a few days.""Well you can't go.""Why not?""Because I didn't get a permission slip.":You don't need one .It is only for two days.""Fine you can go but call me when you get there,ok?""OK"

I went upstairs to my room to get my outfit for tomorrow ready. Then I took a shower to get the extra die out of my hair and went to bed. The next day I got up and got ready for school. After a few minutes the bus came and took me to school.'My last day for people to see me.' I mumbled. The day so far went by fairly slow. Then came lunch.

At lunch He showed up. He was following me all day. In the lunch room He made his big announcement that he was in the room."FELLOW PEOPLE OF THIS SCHOOL!I HAVE COME TO TAKE THE CHOSEN ONE OF THIS FOURTH DEACKADE!"He boomed. The room was full of whispers,"Who is it?"or ''I know its not me" and "Who do you think it is?"The man clapped his hands three times and the room fell silent.

"COMEFORTH SERENA IBBOTSON!"The room fell deathly silent. I got up and walked over to Him."YOU GOT ME!"I yelled up to him."I SHALL SEAND YOU TO THE FORTH PLAIN!SO YOU CAN SUFFER ENTERNITY OF NOT BEING SEEN!"He opened the portal to the forth plain and he picked me up and tossed me in. Before He could close it I yelled out"I'M GLAD FOR YOU TO ALL HAVE SEEN ME!"He closed the portal and disappeared.

Adriel,Hanna,Reana,and Markis all gave me a hug."Welcome to the group,Serena!"They said at once. Adriel walked up to me,wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. That was when I knew I was going to love my new life.

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