the Anderson's house

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Its that house that gives you the go to it to see the past and the door is you go in?Or stay out?well we whent in and this is our story

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



About three months ago is when it
all began. I'm Serena and this is my story.

I was walking with my friends to the
skateboard ramp at the park. It was a cool,windy
day. On the way there we passed the Anderson's
house."Anybody else..Nervous?"I asked them."Ya,
I am."claimed and Xavia at the same time.
Skyler didn't say anything. So we kept on walking
to leave that place. I looked back and I SWEAR I
and ran. The other guys looked at me confused.
"L,l,look b,b,behind y,y,you."I whispered .They did.
What did they see?Nothing,they saw nothing. I
had lost it. After that we decided to go home.

So we had to walk back past that
house. I was scared. As we walked past it I
stopped and screamed. As they where about to
turn and look at me,I said not to."Let me walk
in front,please"I calmly said. The reason was
because I was covered in blood. No one argued
with me. Kirsten and Xavia went home already,
so it was me and Skyler."Serena,what happened?
Did you scream so you can be in the front?"
he asked. I replied as calmly as I could,"I don't
know what happened. T was just covered in blood.
So I screamed."As I said the last part I spun
around to face him. I was still dripping blood.

He calmly turned around and ran.
So I walked home. Luckily mom wasn't home. I
cleaned up and went to bed. The next day I
went to Skyler's house. I told him what I
was gonna do today."Are you insane?!?You
can't go back!!"he cried."Why not?""Are you
forgetting yesterday?""No. That's why I have to
go back. So I can find out what happened.""I'm
coming with you."So we went back to the
Anderson's house. No one lived in it for years.
When we got their,the door was open like it was
expecting us.

We where afraid to enter,but we did.
That was when we saw it. The bones of the
Andersons' or should I say the bodies of them.
Mrs.Anderson wrote1898 in blood on the wall.
Mr.Anderson still had the gun in his hand.
Minerva Anderson was leaning over the cat.
Stacey Anderson over the dog. Blood was
everywhere. Blood even got on us. Skyler
suddenly yelled"They've been dead for 113
years!Just look at how well preserved they are!
It is much better than a mummy. Have they aged
at all?No!"

"How is this possible?"I asked.
"I don't know."With that the Andersons said
"Hello,we where expecting you. Join us for
dinner. Please make your selves comfortable.
Dinner will not be for another five hours."Then
Mr.Anderson stood up and shot us. Skyler got hit
in the heart and I in the head.

I am not a ghost or a zombie,but a
lifeless body."Serena""Yes,Mrs.
Anderson?""Time to eat.""OK. I'll be there. Bye

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