Caring For Christopher

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Essay in class. Topic: Caring for someone or something. I picked my little brother Christopher and one of the many memories i have of just the two of us......

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013



Well, let's see.... When have I not cared for him? Psh, there isn't a single thing I wouldn't do for the little squirt. He's my brother..

For example, our mom was almost always gone who knows where doing who knows what...So that pretty much left me to ditch school or cancel plans to make sure he was okay.. I mean, there is no possible way I would leave my 5 year old brother home alone! I'm not that cruel!! Anyways, the two of us always had fun when it was just, well, the two of us. I'd get up early, cook breakfast, and then wake him up to watch cartoons while we ate.Once he was done, Christopher would always run to our room, get dressed, and get the soccer ball for when we would head outside to play.

After a couple of hours, some boys would come outside and Christopher would go and play with them until he would come up to me and say,"Sisser, those boys are being mean to me... Can you tell them to stop?" So, I'd go over and have a little...Discussion...with them telling them to back off and quit being rude to my little brother or they'd have me to deal with. They left and Christopher and I would play for a little longer.

Tired, hungry, and hot, Christopher and I went inside to cool off, eat lunch, and then take a power nap. Once we woke up, I'd let Chris choose whether to stay in for a few more hours or go right back outside.. We stayed in until 3 and went back outside to play some more until 7.

When we got back inside after a long day, I'd go to our room and get his Iron Man pj's. He yelled at me, Stating," NO Sisser!!! I want my Batman pj's!" So while he went and got his precious batman pjs, I started his bath water. While he bathed, I cooked supper. Once he was clean and dressed, we sat down to dinner and a movie.

He finished eating about 20 minutes into the movie, so he crawled onto the bed with me and cuddled throughout the rest of the movie. After the movie had finished, I turned the TV off. Christopher wasn't sleepy enough, so I told him a story. Sometimes, just a story wouldn't work, so Christopher would ask me in his cutest, most sleepiest voice, "Will you sing to me Sisser?" So I did. i sang the song I dedicated to him: 'In My Arms' by Plumb. Just, you know,softer and stuff..And Christopher fell asleep in my arms.

Looking at his sweet, smiling, and sleep-filled face; him burrowed against me as he sleeps... It made me realize just how much I love him. After i whispered 'I love you' to his sleeping form, I fell asleep..

** Writing this story makes me realize that I really miss my little brother. He lives with our mom now, and I live with my dad. Even though I can't see him as much as I'd like, I can still call and skype him.. He knows I still love him. Always have and always will.. Family is forever; if not in person, then in heart and mind and spirit. I will always be his big 'sisser'. And he will always be my little Bam-Bam..

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