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The book is a self-help for all ages with stories of a young boy who was and still is a master teacher. From the age of 1 he would walk and not crawl.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Mastering Your Communication


Transcend words and know they are not the only communication between humans, spirit, and animals. All words and thoughts are journeys of fate. The fire within the human being is to learn the passion of life and evolve to the next level of awareness.  The journey never ends it is infinite. The human being is becoming aware that there is more to life than just living. The experience to love ourselves is the destiny to a higher vibration. To have a better understanding of self we must recognized our altered ego. That’s when we meet adversity we meet ourselves. Truly, a lesson learned on Earth School. In a dream state, a voice asked me a question. “Robert don’t you know about the fire of heaven within”. I knew it was love but I did not know it was the passionate love of self. This compassionate being I call Laaha the Goddess of Love. I have been lucky to meet this being of light through many women and men in my life.



Existing beyond humanisms


The life force and advancement of the human race is embedded in our DNA. Your DNA is the library of past and future.  At this present moment you are recording your beliefs and lesions. As the soul passes this plane of existence the infinite self-will take your path has been taught to believe that spirituality and love is the way to eternal bliss. In addition, even though there is some truth to this it is only the first step.


We are intelligent species and love is very strong in our design. The sad truth about love is your own attraction to something that makes us feel good. That is not love and many marry just for that reason only to divorce in a short time. Some one asked me what your interpretation of love is. I said it is just a word an external and internal word for experience of the true self. You must learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.


All words, thoughts, actions, and reactions are lesions. Each word has a pro and con experience. When you can a look deep into the heart of an individual and feel compassion without words then you will know you have completed a lesion and instilled Love. Love is an emotional response to every thing that transcends the experience. We are still territorial, this is mine, skeptic, divorced from our natural abilities, mutants because of legal and non-legal drugs, individual thinkers, and religious believers outside of our inside truth of God. I wait to a time when we will simply look at each other and see the burning desire of love of ourselves in each other that will be the recognition of oneness. This becomes the neutral zone or higher vibration beyond the 4th to 5th state of awareness. Earth School finished.


For those of you who may ask, “How does he know this” I would reply why you not know this. The material in this book is for the advancing Human Being where they are starting to take responsibility for their experiences.


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