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poem i wrote that's very personal, please comment(:

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



Most people say he wouldn’t harm a fly,

Some think he hung the sun and moon in the sky.

That’s also what I thought.

He was a role model to the young kids he inspired,

What he didn’t know is what those kids secretly desired.

They wanted nothing more than love and affection,

That’s also what he wanted after a life of rejection.

Although rejection is far from what he got,

Is was the battle inside him that he bravely fought.

All the fight long he was constantly in fear,

So he turned to the bad things like cigarettes, drugs, and beer.

That battle he fought slowly brought him down,

He slowly turned to a man that always wore a frown.

Everyone tried to help the best they could,

But what I really wondered is who would.

Eventually he got the help he needed,

After everyone begged and pleaded.

After all those tears I myself cried,

A part of me inside slowly died.

I came to a realization sad but true,

That looks can be deceiving especially to me or you.

He was never the man I thought he was,

Not while he was high or buzzed.

To this day I love that man,

Who, when around me, was as gentle as a lamb.

It was worth everything I invested,

To see him happy and truly rested.

He is worth much more than a little bit to me,

Worth enough to find the man I knew him to be.

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