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A short passage to make the reader think about life and why we should appreciate what we have

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



Every morning, a person wakes up for the last time. 

They will walk to the kettle and make themselves a cup of tea.

They will put on their clothes that they feel society will accept as 'normal' and they will leave their front door completely unaware that it will be the last time that their feet will touch the ground.

The birds will greet them with their blissful morning song yet they won't notice because they're in too much of a rush to get to work.

The sun will be shining but they will complain that it's too hot.

They will arrive at work and worry about how much money they owe the debt collector, or the argument that they had with their partner the night before.

A customer will walk in and feel superior as they complain about a pathetic fault in the product that they had purchased from their company. Venomous words will pour out of their mouth as this person will sit their and have to bite their tongue.

During this day, the clock will be ticking.

The moment will arrive. The moment will arrive and this person won't have the chance to make their life better, to understand the important things.

People take life for granted.

As a society, we are so wrapped up in the media and how we should act to be accepted. We are obsessed with our appearance, how much money we need to earn and how we can make our lives better. We are compulsively obsessed with having more and we forget to appreciate what we already have. We forget what really matters and become used to living our lives miserably. In the end, will you wish that you had done something that just made you happy?

This person will never be able to read this and make a change to their life. But you can.

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