Character Plan for my story Bree Frost

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A character plan for a few of my characters :)

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



My main characters are Bree and Carlos :)


Bree Frost: Bree is friendly, laid back and loyal when you first meet her but later on she gets fierce, quite sarcy and can kick butt. A nice person be around with if you aren't her enemy. Even though she may be fierce, she is merciful and kind.


Carlos Romero: Carlos used to be witty, quite childish and curious when he was younger but when you first meet him he is older, quite sarcastic, protective, able to kick butt and catious. 


Why they are a good team: Carlos is more patient then Bree and helps her sometimes to look before she leaps. Their sarcasm can sometimes lead to arguments but are mostly jokes which makes them closer friends. They seem hard on the outside but are soft on the inside and sometimes Bree can let out his softness. They're focused when they fight and are able to work as a team while fighting. They both have been through the same experiences and understand each other even when they're being tough. They both need a partner who is tough and able to rely on them but also who is gentle and understanding.


Bree Frost and Carlos Romero <3

Also- I didn't know what to call this so I just called it a book review because I'm kind of reviewing my story in a way...

Ah well! :)

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