Charlie Five

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

His name is Charlie Five. And he has a job to do.

You were smooth, I had to admit. You had a knack of finding things out that you weren't supposed to. I shook my head. But just being smooth isn't enough. You weren't being careful. Of course, you thought you were being careful but there's eyes eveywhere. Watching you. Following you. 


I watched as you tossed your long, red hair as you spoke to the man in front of you. I had to prevent myself from rolling your eyes. You always tossed your hair when you were flirting. It worked a dream too. I remembered when you did that to me. Your beautiful red hair catching the light, looking smooth and glossy. 


You seemed to be getting your way with the man because he leaned in close to you and began to talk very fast and very nervous. Your flirty, laughing face fell and was replaced with a serious, intrigued expression. You nodded as he spoke. I quickly averted my eyes and carried on drinking my coffee when he looked around worriedly. 


I didn't want to do this. Believe me, I didn't but if I didn't stop you then Spike was going to. And when he deals with something, it doesn't bother him again. You thanked the man and stood up and walked out the coffee shop. I tutted. You had walked right past me and hadn't even noticed. 


I stood up casually which was pretty easy but I looked like the casual kind of the guy. Not the one who stalks ex's. The man she spoke with hurried out, trying to look casual but his eyes darted around the room and he was licking his lips nervously. 


I went out of the shop and followed the shine of red hair. You were going to your apartment. You always went there when you found out more details, I had noticed that now. I couldn't help criticize your routine. It was so easy for someone to follow you. Or maybe I just knew you too well?


You lived on the third floor of a six floored flat and I followed you inside the flat. I went up the stairs as you waited for the lift. I walked up the stairs two at a time and I caught a glance of your red hair swish into your apartment when I reached the top. Your door shut with a soft click. 


I wondered why I had come all this way just to visit you. I knew around the time you were home and if I wasn't sure I could of just waited. There was no reason to follow you. With a little pang I remembered that I still cared about you. No matter what I said about Spike and his gang I wanted to protect you. I sighed. Here goes nothing. 


I walked over to your door and then knocked on it. I heard the sound of shuffling papers stop as you froze for a second. You were catious. That was good. But I knew you was going to open the door. I heard footsteps walking towards the door and you opened it slowly. Your face was rid of all caution and suspicion when you saw me. 

"Charlie? What are you doing here?"


Well, I don't know whether to carry on with this or just leave it as a short story but at the moment I'm having a really bad case of writers block so I might just do lots of little stories, just to try and get me writing again. Oooh, I'm kind of liking Charlie Five! :D My Dad made up the name and when I was writing this I was wondering what he should be called and then BING! Charlie Five! I hope you all like this, even if it is just a small piece of work :)






Submitted: November 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Starry Eyed. All rights reserved.

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