The Amulet Quest

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George has to find the amulet or else...

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Her long, pale fingers wrapped around the silver knife as she pointed it to the throat of a young man. Her eyes were cold and staring but he didn't seem bothered. On the contrary, he seemed quite amused. 

"Are you going to kill me?" He smirked.

"Your not welcome here." She spat. 

"I came looking for something." He carried on casually. The girl pushed the knife closer to his throat and he stepped back a little. 

"Get out." She snarled. 

"Not until I find what I'm looking for."

"There is nothing of your interest here."

"Ah." He smiled. "That's where you're wrong. You see, you've got something I need."

"There is nothing of your interest here." She repeated.

"But there is, isn't there?" He would of stepped closer but the point of knife was just millimeteres away from his throat. "What do you need it for?"

"Shut up!" She snapped and went to go slash the knife across his throat went he quickly ducked, rolled and picked up the vase that was sat upon a glass table and smashed it over the womans head. Her body fell limp to the floor. Grey, knotted hair spilled across her old withered face. 


The young man, George, carried on through the house. He was looking for something very important. Something that he needed to save Emily, or else... He felt sick thinking about it and proceeded through the castle. George was looking for an amulet that would save Emily. Well, that's was the psychic said anyway. You must find the amulet to save your loved one, if not, the curse will never be undone. He swallowed. The psychic said that the amulet was black with a ruby encrusted in the middle of it on a silver chain. She also said that it was somewhere in this old castle. 


He was starting to get a little frustrated. She couldn't have said where in this big castle the amulet was could she? He thought bitterly. It was defiantly not in the room with the knocked out hag in and so he left and went to search another, eager to get away from it. George wondered if the hag had the amulet. But what would she want with it? The next room was empty and abandoned, like most of the rooms in the castle. It was also very old and dusty. Walking into the next room, he blinked at the sudden brightness. 


It was like he stepped into a comepletley different place let alone a different room. What did the hag keep in this castle? He thought. He then realized the room was full of jewellery and coins all different colours but all very shiny. There were in huge piles and glowed brightly. His eyes adjusted to the brightness but then, in between the piles of jewels and gold, he saw a little girl that was smiling and holding something in her small, delicate hands. 


It was the amulet.

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