Freesoul High: Last Moments

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Last Moments follows the final breaths of the chosen characters of The War the last of the Freesoul High series.

Merin and Harvey

Those reading this have never experianced death, I'm a vampire so I should've when I was 'turned' but fortunately and not so fortunately I was born one. As I hear the screams and witness the deaths of those I love, my fate approaches. I've never been important, just the joint leader of the vamps of school, nothing special. The special one is George of course and we all knew he wouldn't die. My brother, Ryell, has disappeared in the chaos that has evoked from pure hatred, so I am left to fight alone. I can defend myself, I was trained well and sessions of Freesoul Warriors have made me stronger. Suddenly a figure appears at my side, I prepare to spring when I notice it is Harvey Honeymoon, cousing of my archenemy Jeanie. Apparently he's mute.

'Hey.' I rasp, breathless from the fight that has never ended, sand scratching my skin from the beach of Camber Sans.

The werewolf gives me a nod, which is all he can do really. Fast on his feet, the bronze blonde swipes at a enemy vampire and sends him flying.

'Nice shot!' I praise, he smiles at me.

We fight side by side, defending our souls from surgers and the traitors that were once my comrade's family. I do not understand how Jeanie could've killed her own uncle, even if he'd betrayed her beliefs and the warriors. Her words echo in my mind still, as the man lay limp on the ground with pleading eyes, the stony expression of her face scarred my soul as she raised the dagger George had faithfully gave her and spoke the death words, 'Tell the devil I'll meet him soon.' bringing the weapon down and leaving it there as they watched his spirit depart.

I scream in shock when I am suddenly taken down to the ground by the familiar face of Ricky Branson, best friend of Wolf Jawbreak. He pins me easily with his stupid hybrid strength (No offense Surrey), and prepare to serve my a death bite as a fully transformed. 'Say goodbye, little one.' The hybrid hissed, grinning with yellow werewolf jaws. Little one, I hate that name, he'd always say it to me if I met him alone in a corridor. He shouts is surprise as he is pried from me, and launched into the air by the familiar of Harvey Honeymoon. I'm beginning to like this mutt.

'Thanks.' I murmur, embarassed. Giving me a nod of respect he turns fully and launches himself at my attacker. Using my speed I join him and take my first and unknowingly last life. Eight werewolves appear to surround us, apparently singling us out as a threat to their soldiers. I recognise the leader as Redwood, a rogue mongrel with a taste for blood. They circle us as if we are prey.

'What have we here?' He snarled, grinning sardonicly. One swipes at me, soon reflected by Harvey, baring his teeth. 'Honeymoon and Impaler, meet your end.'

Fear sweeps over me like a gust of wind, this is my end, our end and we weren't even sixteen. I only realised I'd been holding his hand when it was too late. They jumped us and my life flashed before my eyes as it ended just like that.


After my father's death my life had suddenly revolved around revenge as I turned from the dotty third year to a stonehearted sixth year. Every
year at this school has been eventful, but I never fought I'd end here fighting for my life and taking those of others. Something catches my eye and I shift to see a enemy gargoyle sneak up on my long time friend Trusty. Opening my mouth to call, a warning and taking a hestitant step forth to attack it jumps and kills her in seconds. Everything seems to go quiet and I vaguely notice Rio, her brother scream at me for not saving her. But his cries are ignored as the final deathmatch between our leader and Wherein take place.

Surprisingly George is losing, which is odd as he seemed so skilled during our survival in Flight of the Evods. I remember not being able to save Trusty and begin to mutter a death spell as I move closer. Everyone stares at me in shock, realising the words of the double death spell, the spell that takes a life and your own, used only once by it's creator Frederick Freesoul, founder of Freesoul High. My heart begins to freeze as my soul departs, and I feel numb as I have done this willingly. Wherein's screams deafen and I lock gazes with my partner Austin, giving him a nod of farewell. I wink at George, and give him one of my lopsided smirks as my soul flies forth.


George looked at the song bird with a look of knowing as it perced on his shoulder. It cocked it's head, eyes gleaming with the sparks of seeing a old friend. It gave him a lopsided smile he knew so well.

'Hey, Song. Long time no see.'

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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