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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 29, 2013

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Submitted: June 29, 2013



Narrator/opening text/flashback- In the ancient days of planet Keelatab its primitive inhabitants were visited by other worldly beings in search of a new home for colonization. At first these visitors were believed to be gods but then they taught the primitive ones and helped them towards advancing as a civilization…But the primitive ones grew greedy for technology, harnessing its energy to create weapons and using its power for war. Finally the primitive ones were banished back out into their land to evolve as a people on their own.

The planet is seen in space within the giant cosmos

Narrator- To this day the planet remains divided, its only two races at endless war.

The narrator becomes visible. He is wizard 1

Wizard1/narrator- Chaos awaits the galaxy inevitably if this conflict isn’t eventually solved. This issue is off setting the cosmic balance of the universe.

Wizard2- Never has the planet Keelatab needed a hero more than now.

Wizard3- A prophecy exists amongst the superstitious that a stranger will travel to planet Keelatab to unite it and lead as one, as the chosen one.

Wizard1- Let us look into the fires for our answers. Yes. I see a tyrant. And I see a king. They share rule over Keelatab but the tyrant controls a massive weapon capable of destroying the kings innocent spaceships when they enter the planets orbit. Hmmm. It is a good and peaceful king, but war for him means extermination of the opposing race. The tyrant is evil but he rules over a mislead and docile people. Hmmm. Let us look back onto the heavens. Somewhere out there within our starspace await our answers. Let us recite the ancient verse to invoke a happening in the cosmos

The mystic wizards all begin Chanting

Wizard2- Yes! There! A sign!

Wizard3- What is it?

Wizard1- The sign of the warrior.  Somewhere out there within our starspace, a savior awaits his journey.

Pan across the galaxy to who we think is the hero.

Durnend - Yawn!

officer- Your majesty we are within reach of the planet now, your father requests your presence on the command platform.

durnend- Thank you, about protocol commisioner. Alpha one, we should be landing on Planet Keelatab very shortly now, shorten all triangulation parameters by 17.3 degrees and act like youre doing something for once. Squadron commander, prepare the polymer beam for translation mode, no standing around, you are in charge of the deck until my return. I hope you can handle all of that.

On the command deck

Brothlius of Nongrul - Durnend, son! Youre here good. Our long voyage comes to an end at last, we will be in the palace of the king in no time. I wanted to wait for you until I contacted king ________ and began landing commensment.

durnend- Yawn! Lets get this over with then.

Brothlius of Nongrul - our distant journey seems to have interfered with your attitude a bit. We’ll have to work on that, this is war my boy.

Their transmission goes through and they talk to the other king on a video screen

Goodking- brothlius of Nongrul, old friend, it has been too long hahaha  Since the whole galactic counsel dilemma I believe.

Brothlius of Nongrul- hahaha since the battles on Terra-Firma you forgetful old ding-bat hahaha. You just don’t remember because you were drunk on milk-rock throughout practically the whole fight hahaha.

Goodking- Aha! Haha I stand corrected, I remember now, yes of course haha. I think I was seeing a few of the queens maidens on Laritan-Retpus around that same time. Wow how time just disappears. Well anyway this must be your son commander durnend.. hello my boy

durnend- yawn! oh hello king yawn!

Brothlius of Nongrul - hahaha all these years friend and its as if nothing has changed, I am glad. Just like the old times huh? The excitement of battle and war..

Goodking- Oh I don’t know old friend, I don’t look upon death as lightly as I once did as a younger man. And war isn’t the same anymore. But anyway, what are your coordinates? Are you near?

Brothlius of Nongrul- weve been in reach for a time now, our coordinates are 123 zeta over 99 degrees by dot 3.

Goodking- wait, if you were heading 123 zeta, youre 17.9 degrees off mark. You’ve been heading into the tyrants zone this whole time, you’ve come around the wrong side of the planet, youre in danger. You should be at dot five at beta ratio. Get out of there.

Brothlius of nongrul- oh no, durnend my son, you were in charge of the navigation bridge, what have you done?

durnend- oh no I don’t know I didn’t read the Nav report, sorry father.

We see the ship in space coming around the wrong half of the planet. cut to the badguy whos examining space with the telescope on his death ray

Badguy- so the good king is expecting visitors eh? Well here is one ship that wont be making it to port. Fire! Haha

The Badguy fires death ray into space towards the ship. cut back to durnend and brothlius in spaceship.

officer- sir! A class 9 laser beam is headed right for our ship sir, given our density and current velocity, impact is inevitable, we have 9 clicks sir.

Goodking- pull out of orbit, jump into warp.

durnend- ahhhhhhhhh

brothlius of nongrul- aaaahhrg

Goodking- Noooooo. Damn!

Cut back to badguy

Badguy- Mwaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

!!!STARSPACE!!!!!!title screen sequence!!!!!

Back to badguy

Badguy- ready my communicator slave, I wish to send a message to our friend the king.

Goblin- yes sir yes my lord.

Badguy- hello king

Goodking-what do you want?

Badguy- I was just wondering if you enjoyed the display? That was a sign of what I will do to your royal city if you do not surrender your defenses and hand over full power of the planet to me

Goodking- I could never surrender to you or any of your inferior kind. Evil always sees its end, and ill be right here to see to that.

Badguy= surrender or die king. I promise you king i… i… damn machine whats happened ?

The communicator had a power failure

Cut to king

Goodking- sigh oh well

Back to badguy

Goblin- the transmissions been lost boss

Badguy- no! what am I surrounded by little slimy idiots. Your incompetence disgusts me. Yaa!!

The Badguy kills the goblin with his electro-wand. The other goblins check on their friend

Goblins.Are you ok tooki? …Hes dead

Back to the king

Goodking- lord calabar, as leader of my royal guard I assign you the task of watching over my daughter the princess during these times of war. If anything were to happen to her I would be ruined. The evil tyrant and his weapon are clearly now a big enough threat, hes destroyed my damn war party.

Calabar- yes sir, I will guard her life as if it were my own.

Goodking- yes. Im sure you will. That’s why ive chosen you. I see the way you look at the princess. I figured I would make it your job to watch her seeing how you do it anyway and youre the best at it.

Calabar- im embarrassed, um permission to speak openly sir?

Goodking- of course

Calabar- what will we do now as far as the war efforts as concerned now that our allys were just destroyed?

Goodking- oh I don’t know. Im getting too old for war.i cant lead an army into battle all by myself anymore.

Calabar- if ever needed with all respects I volunteer myself and services into the war command.

Goodking-youre a good man calabar. One day you will make a good leader. For now just worry about protecting my daughter the princess, you are dismissed

Calabar- yes my lord

Good king- calabar, maybe sometime soon we can go over battle strategies together and get you briefed and up to speed with war command.

Calabar- yes sir I wont let you down my lord.

Cut to the princess bedroom where shes sleeping in the morning

Robot- (alarm) princess wake up, rise and shine.

Princess- Yawn! Oh (she wakes up)

Robot-Good morning princess, its time to begin your daily studies. Get yourself dressed and ready for the day and then we shall start with mathematical exersizes.

The princess gets dressed

Princess- but its such a lovely day out, I don’t feel like engaging in scholastics today

Robot- I was programmed and installed here for the sole purpose of instilling within you princess, the suitable knowledge for one day day leader of your people. Failing to meet protocol would deem me insufficient in my purpose and qualify my motherboard for decommissioning.

Princess-Oh  calm down, youre no fun. Holding off on studies for a moment never hurt anyone, who knows, we might actually learn something if we did something new for achange. Ive been so bored lately.i need some adventure. I think ill explore the palace a bit today.

The princess leaves

Robot- princess wait its against my programming to stray from the schedule, I cannot condone this, come back.

Princess- oh come on

The robot follows her

Robot- given the certain circumstances with the increasing tension of the war I recommend we get back to the royal tower immediately.

Princess- shut up or ill unplug your circuit drive.

Robot- oh this behavior is so unbecoming of a young lady of your stature.

They explore the massive palace

Robot- we must stay out of trouble princess we shouldn’t even be in here

Princess- we’ll be fine you worrisome robot. I haven’t seen these parts of the palace since I was a little girl.

They are spotted and stopped by lord calabar the royal gaurd

Calabar- princess. A long way off from your royal chambers wouldn’t you say.

Princess- lord calabar what a decent surprise (she hates calabar)

Calabar- the war tensions rise princess and the king has granted me the pleasure of being assigned as your personal guard. Never will you be out of my sight princess.

Princess- oh isn’t that lovely

Calabar- your beauty is unmatched in or universe princess. Now that ill be keeping a closer watch on you I hope my ways will grow on you and you will see me for the great man I could be, if I only had you at my side my love.

Princess- wow woah well ive really got to be going now. My droid and I were only taking a short break from our studies down here in the oscillator corridors. Ive been learning about calibration. So anyway back to my studies, come now, goodbye calabar.

She gets away from him as quick as she can

Calabar- farewell sweet princess, I shall keep you in my peripherals.(aside/talks to himself)damnit I ruined it. Ive got to make her mine. Ive got to stick to the plan.

Cut to the princess in a new area of the palace

Princess- oh I cant stand to be around him. Ooh look a space cruiser. I haven’t gon out for a ride in quite some time now.

Robot- this is enough mucking about for one day princess, time to get back to your chambers for mathematics, schooling seems to be the only thing that might keep you out of danger.

Princess- oh come on itll just be a fancy little joy ride.

Robot- my programming will not let me be a part of any activities resulting in negative odds coinciding with the safety of the royal family.

Princess- get in lets go

She starts to take off and the robot jumps in

Robot- oh no! im doomed to a scrap heap, I can just feel it in my mainframe. My circuits aren’t even tuned for space flight.

They flew through the royal city into an beautiful open landscape

Princess- what a lovely day for a cruise. To sail upon the sky.

Robot- well I guess it can be a rather pretty view.

Princess- there you go, live a little. That feeling youre getting is called fun.

Robot- just be safe your highness, it doesn’t matter what happens to me, youre not made out of metalloid carbon

They fly for a long time, she loses track of tie and distance, she sees lots of pretty views

Princess. Oooooooh. Aaaaaaaah. Aren’t you glad we did this. Weeeeeeeee.

Robot- weve been gone long enough, someone must have noticed our absence by now, its time we made our way back to the royal city

Princess- just a little while longer

Robot- enough is enough. We could’ve headed out into the evil tyrants territory by now for all you know, then thered be real trouble.

Princess- im not afraid of some evil tyrant who has all of his minions to protect him.

They cross into the forbidden zone and are spotted by minions who decide to follow her

Robot (alarm) oh no princess, we have entered into the forbidden zone and its too late, my indications show two minion battle cruisers headed our direction now

Princess- oh no.

Robot- I warned you princess

She leads them on a wild goose chase

Princess- lets see if they can make this. Yeah.

Robot-look out, oh why couldn’t you just have studied.

She makes them chase her and crash into each other and the scenery and more and more begin to chase her.

Princess- Bring it on. Hahaha.

Robot- there battleships do look inadequate, try the jump out of the atmosphere and see if there defective ships will make it

She goes up into space and sees if they follow. They do

Princess- Try and catch me.

Robot- well at least there’s less of them now. But no where to run to or hide.

Princess- Damn.

She speeds off, still being chased.Cut to the smugglers fixing their ship, hanging out in space.

Rhino-do we have any more power couplings?

Hog- I dunno rhino, ace sold mostly everything we had last time we docked. But ill check. I dunno, I dunno, Ace do we have any more power couplings?

Ace- why?

Hog- rhinos tryin to fix the bridge panel or something

Ace- no I sold them all last time we docked, here take this, get down here and ratchet the gamma turbines to the 7th degree. And make sure the droid seals up all these lines real good, weve been leaking oil.

Robot2- beep boop boopp beep

Ace- yeah yeah, youre doing a fine job ya rusty bucket of bolts.(hits droid with a tool)

Robot2- makes noise and sparks and stops what its doing.

Hog- yeah you bucket of bolts (hits it with a tool also)

Robot2- sparks, makes noise, goes back to doing its job

Ace- hey rhino I can bypass the converter on that bridge panel, we don’t need power couplings if I rig it.

Rhino- you do it then. This ship is just gunna break down on the outter rim somewhere one day. We need repairs We do not make enough money doing these short runs.

Ace- well smuggling just aint what it used to be now a days. All the big payout are on the nine planets but its all back door deals and paranoid drop offs and I myself just don’t wanna deal with the risk involved with those bigger jobs. We cant pay a court off.

Hog- im done ace

Robot2- makes beeps and boops.

Hog- I did an excellent job thank you very much (hits robot on head)

Robot2- sparks, makes noise and goes away.

The princess speeds by

hog- whoah what was that?

Ace- looks like a cruiser, probably from the royal city by the looks of it.

The minions chasing her speed by

Rhino- and look shes being chased by 3 minion fighters.

Hog- minions oh I hate those guys.

Rhino- we all do. Are you thinking what im thinking?

Ace- oh yeah.  Ive needed this

They all get ready to fight a space battle.

Hog- ooooh hooo this is fun fun fun fun

They fight

Ace- yeah got ya

Hog- I got one haha

Rhino-were taking fire

Cut to princess sending out a distress call

Princess- help help this is a distress call, anyone

Cut back to smugglers receiving distress call

Ace- it’s a girl, she sounds cute.

Rhino- weve scared the last guy off back to whatever scum pit he crawled from

Ace- her ship is destroyed, where are the breathe masks, ive gotta go get her.

Rhino- youre gunna risk your life over a girl? They only ever mean trouble

Ace- you obviously still have a lot to learn about the men of my species.

Rhino-  Its all fun and games until someone gets turned inside out by the vacuum of space.

Ace puts on a breathe mask and leaves his hip to save the princess. Her ship is destroyed so he shoots her windshield, grabs her, leaves the robot, puts the breathe mask on her and brings her back to his ship while holding his breath.

Ace- here I go. Shes gorgeous. Uh oh. Hey ive gotta shoot the glass hold your breath.

Robot- get down princess hes going to rescue you

Princess- what about you

Robot- forget me princess hold your breath and get down.

Ace-Put on the mask. Ahhhh.

Robot- goodbye princess

Ace- Were safe. Youre safe. fheew that was a close one. What would such a pretty girl be doing in all this trouble.

The princess blacks out on the ship

Rhino- maybe shes a thief

Hog-yeah and maybe we’ll get a reward for bounty.

Ace- she looks important. definitely not dressed for space flight.

Princess- hello handsome..

Ace,hog,rhino- hahahaha

The princess wake up and sees ace

Princess- hello handsome. ohh I mean. you saved me.oh thank you. I just started flying and then they were chasing me so I went up into space thinking they wouldn’t follow me but then they did and then you. You saved me. Youre a hero. You are all heroes. Where am I, how long have I been gone?

Ace- you were unconscious for a while, are you from the royal city?

Princess- oh my father must be so worried about me, yes, please get me back.

Ace- your  father?

Hog- oh boy

They head towards the royal city. She points out where to go

princess- there

rhino- the palace?

Hog- ooh reward here we come

Princess- dock in back 13

They land and are greeted by royal gaurds. The smugglers are scared

Ace- woah why are there so many gaurds, are you in some kind of trouble? Oh look and were at gunpoint great. Who the hell are you?

Gaurds- come out of the vessel unarmed.

Hog- I think were in trouble

Rhino- robot, stay in the ship

Robot- makes noise

Ace- here we go

Rhino- women!

Ace- hi there, hands are up, I don’t know whats going on really, we found this girl, we don’t want any trouble.

Calabar- princess, youre safe. weve been worried sick. Where have you been and what are doing with this scum?

Ace,rhino,hog- princess? What?

Calabar- the king will need to see you immediately, and who are the low lifes

Pincess- calabar! these 3 saved my life. They are courageous and deserve rewards.

Ace- um yeah. Yeah were heroes. Its really no big deal.Her ship was being attacked by minions but we saved the day.

Princess- haha theyre heroes all right

Calabar- minions? Your ship was destroyed? You could’ve been killed, how did you get her into this mess? And where was your professor droid during all of this?

Ace- hey we didn’t get her into anything

Princess- oh yeah my droid was lost in space during the fight. But im ok.

Calabar- tell it to the king, off with us immediately, you are all in very big trouble.

Rhino- this is just wonderful

Ace- we should just go you know?

Princess-no stay please, my father is kind. Lord calabar is just tense due to the war.

Calabar- yes please stay, we’ll see what kindness and generosity lays in store for you 3

They head for the king

King- daughter wher have you been, weve searched the palace up and down for you and your droid.

Princess- I strayed from my studies but brought my droid along on a joyride in a cruiser, and it was just for fun at first but I lost track of distance and time and was spotted by minions and got surrounded in space, but these 3 saved me. My ship was destroyed and my droid went with it. I am sorry father.

King? What? I am king of the royal city. I thank you men for the savior of my daughter, please rest here in my palace tonight and we will talk more in the morning. Gaurds, escort my 3 new guests to their new royal quarters.

The smugglers are escorted away to luxury

Ace,rhino,hog- thank you, thanks your majesty

King- your behavior is unacceptable. Our planet is a dangerous place for a beautiful young lady like yourself. You must get this restlessness out of your system if you ever expect to lead this land with any kind of respect or power. Away with you to your chambers until I decide when to talk about all this again. Youre so much like your mother, id hate to lose you my daughter. Be safe princess.

Princess- yes father. Im sorry.

Princess leaves. Calabar is asked to stay

King- and lord calabar, how do expect to ever be able to lead my army if you cant even do the only simple little task I ask of you. Watching my daughter is your one and only chore. Your actions have embarrassed me and yourself and could have lead to the demise of my daughter the princess. You have a long way to go as a royal guard before you could even think of being war commander. The war will hold off until the men are ready, watch the princess calabar, don’t let me down again.

Calabar leaves

Calabar- yes my lord, sorry lord. (aside transmission) my tyrant leader, the war hold off for now, and some of your idiot minions almost killed the princess today in a dogfight in space. Her death would not be a part of the plan, thank goodness she was unharmed. Also I have the pieces you’ve requested and ill get them to you as soon as I can do so un noticed. Over and out my leader.

Cut to bad guy

Badguy- over and out calabar.  Ohhh really, so you could have killed the princess today. That actually would have coincided with my plan perfectly.. why did you flee?

Minion- a smuggler crew showed up right when we almost had her pinned, they killed of the rest of the guys and they would’ve killed me to if I didnt retreat back here.

Badguy- well you could’ve killed the princess today or at very least captured her and gave me a solid piece of hostage collateral towards winning this war, but you didn’t so now im gunna kill you.

Minion- ahhhhhhrrg

Goblins- eeew.

Cut to ace in new royal quarters with other smugglers

Ace- ahh isn’t this nice, royal penthouse suite and a possible cash money reward in the morning. Boy that guard had me scared for a moment there but then the king was real nice. And his daughter is beautiful. Haha look at us, this is just the kind of good luck ive always been saying would come our way. We just pay our dues and it pays off. This could be a real game changer for us.

Rhino- maybe we can finally afford to make all those upgrades to our ship, or maybe even buy a brand new one and start getting better jobs.

Hog- snoring sound asleep

Ace- in the morning we will be new men.

Rhino- rich men

There is a knock at the door, it’s the princess

Ace- princess. Hello

Princess- may I come in, I never got to thank you properly for saving my life.

Ace looks at rhino, rhino pretends to be a sleep so he isn’t a cock block

Rhino- fakes snores fake sleep

Ace- yes please come in

Princess- what is your name maverick?

Ace- its ace

Princess- I am _______, princess of the royal city, and in return for my life, I give you my heart. Kiss me ace.

There is another knock on the door, the princess hides.rhino wakes up

Ace- hide

Rhino- king, your majesty come in

Ace- what do we owe this honor sir

King- at ease gentlemen ive come to thank you once again for saving my daughters life. Shes an adventurous soul and cant be tamed. I could never repay you for her life but I will grant you anything you ask. We shall handle these matters in the morning however, for now rest and enjoy the accommodations and please accept these amulets as a small token of my appreciation. Make sure your sleeping friend here receives his when he wakes up.thank you al again so very much, goodnight.

King leaves, princess comes out of hiding, rhino pretends to go back to sleep right away

Princess- that was a close one

Ace- youre trouble

Rhino- fake sleeps and snores

Princess- kiss me

Another knock at the door, the princess hides again, rhino wakes up. Calabar tears in with a few men

Calabar- enjoying your stay? Sorry ill have to be cutting it short.

They all kidnap the smugglers

Ace- wait, what no.

Calabar- we cant have your kind laying around during times like these, youll just get in the way of my master plan, and that’s when accidents happen and people get hurt. The princess is mine you smuggler scum. Now youre gunna get tied up like the loose ends you are and im gunna make you disappear. Lets go.

Rhino,hog,ace- No!

Calabar- shut them up.

The princess comes out of hiding, she saw the whole thing.

Princess- oh no

Cut to the kidnappers dragging the smugglers through secret hallways and throwing them into a spaceship and taking off

Ace-where are you taking us

Calabar- youll find out soon enough

Rhino-you better find a way to get us out of this one ace

Cut to bad guys lair

Badguy- lord calabar, ive been expecting you, what have you brought me?

Calabar- here are the processor chips you requested my leader, and also these are the three smugglers who rescued the princess earlier. The king wanted to reward them but I felt that they got in the way of our plan.

Badguy- my plan lord calabar, my plan.

Calabar- your plan my leader.

Badguy- thank you calabar, these chips will increase the power of my death ray by 5 fold…So youre the heroes are you? I could’ve taken complete control over the planet today if it weren’t for your crew rescuing the princess and killing my men and destroying my ships. If only the princess could have died.

Calabar- kill them my leader, or let me do it please.

Badguy- no these men deserve worse than death. Enslavement on a prison colony planet. Get this scum out of my sight.

The smugglers are taken away

Calabar- you said the princess would be mine, she mustn’t be harmed my leader please.

Badguy-yes calabar she will be yours and so will the royal city if they survive the attack, but first i must win the war.

Cut back to royal palace

Princess- father ace,rhino and hog have been kidnapped by lord calabar and his men.

King- calm down daughter, they were really smugglers and if theyre gone they probably just had some sort of illegal cargo that they didn’t want to be discovered. It would be just like their kind to just disspar in the middle of the night.

Princess- but father I saw calabar kindnap them from their quarters, and if they would have left then why is there ship still here. im telling you father, they were kidnapped, and by idiots.

King-how could you have seen anything if you were supposed to be in your royal chambers last night like I asked of you.

Princess- ummmm

Calabar bursts in and interrupts

Calabar- ah hello my lord, princess, and what a good morning it is. Id hope you like to know that the three scum who apparently saved the princess have left our company, and I don’t know if you knew this but I think they were really smugglers. I didn’t like them very much. Not from the very start. In fact I almost believe that they could’ve been spies for the evil tyrant….

Cut to royal patrolmen, the tyrants army is headed for the city

Patrol- the tyrants army is coming sound the alarm

Back to princess, king and calabar.  Alarm goes off

Princess- whats that?

King- the alarm, the royal city is being invaded.

Calabar- ah! Take cover theyre really shooting at us

Princess- oh no

Calabar- ill protect you princess

Princess- get off of me calabar

King- calabar take the princess into protective hiding and inform the royal guard to commense battle plans. The war begins today.

Calabar- yes my leader, I mean lord..

Cut to prison planet

Slave drivers- get back to work, no talking, work is your life now, no standing still,

Rhino-really? This is our life now? This is that great piece of luck weve been waiting to come around the corner for us?

Hog- thanks a lot ace

Ace- Hey that’s all you do you know is blame me, yeah sure thanks, while im always the one having to come up with a plan to get us out of these messes.

Ace bumps into a random prisoner

Random prisoner- watch out

Ace- hey lighten up

Rhino- these messes? Were slaves

Ace- its not so bad

Th Hog smuggler faints

Hog- ohh

Ace- hog are you ok, get back up pal or they’ll whip you

Rhino- hog get up, act tough but don’t really work too hard, like you always do.

Ace- real nice rhino

Slave driver spots hog

Slave driver- hey back to work

Ace- oh no

Slave driver- if you cant keep up you die

Slave driver grabs hog and whips him

Hog- ahh no im just so tired ahhh

Rhino- don’t whip him

Slave driver- what was that prisoner?

Rhino- leave him alone, ill take his lashes for him.(slave driver lashes rhino) Ahhhh

Slave driver- back to work

Hog- im sorry rhino

Rhino- its ok hog, it didn’t hurt too much

Ace- shoot I bet it didn’t. youre rhino hide could handle anything rhino, hes invincible hog.

Another random prisoner comes over to talk

RandomPrisoner2- hey ill work any of your shifts for your food rations any time

Ace- get out of here

Rhino- this is all your fault ace, chasing girls around the galaxy all the time. Actually I blame myself for following you so don’t worry about it, its not your problem anymore.

Ace- calm down ill get us out of this

Rhino- well what if you don’t, what if this is that one final time that your stupid plans wont work. You really know how to get into a bad situation and drag your friends down with you, and this time its starting to look real bad.

Ace-well im gunna figure it out real soon

Slavedriver- back to work

Rhino- oh yeah youll figure it out? and hows that?

Slavedriver- no talking(slave driver whips rhino)

Rhino- ahh! Enough with the whip

Ace- just like that, youre doing it

Rhino- ahh die (kills slave driver)

Hog- victory of the people, resist, resist, strength in numbers.

They start an uprising and revolt against the slave drivers. All of the prisoners fight back

PrisonSlaves- yarg! Jail break, Revolution, Uprising, Kill all slave drivers!

Ace- were getting out of here, hog get that gun

Hog- ok ace okeey dokeey

Rhino- its that easy is it?

Ace- yep weve done it again

Rhino- haha!

They get out of there

Ace- over throw the slave lords, this is a mutiny!

prisonSlaves- yaaaaah!!

Rhino- look out

Ace- got him

Hog- woah, ya I got one

They fight their way out and only have a barren planet to escape to

Ace- theres no where to run

Rhino- lets go theres no other choice (rhino gets shot) aaahhhh!!

Ace- no!

Hog- no rhino!

Ace- no no no

Rhino- go on without me, save yourselves, go!

Rhino dies

Ace- goodbye. Nooo! Im sorry

Hog- nooo! Come on ace, bye rhino

They walk out into the unknown

Ace- its all my fault. All my fault. Why me

They walk for a long time. Hog shivers

Hog- im so cold

Ace- come on hog. Oh im sorry rhino

They walk a lot longer

Hog- i…i…i…(collapses in snow)

Ace yells to the sky in anger

Ace- not you too. No. come on hog. Come on buddy. Youre ok youre not dead. Don’t die no. hog. Hog come on. Why me. What have I done to deserve all of this. Why does my life have to be so tragic and exciting. Why me. Please if there is anything out there I would really like to know. Why me.. if there truly is anything out there, somewhere, anywhere, beyond the stars please help. Help me.if anything out there really exists please help.(snow beasts howl in the distance)

across the galaxy cut to the wizards

MysticWizards-  whats this, the stars speak to me. Our hero has presented himself somewhere out there. The issues begin to unfold, but there is something else. He is stranded, our hero calls to us. He needs our help, the savior must be saved. Let us pray the old words and send good fortunes his way. May the ancient mystic gears of change turn in your favor and bring forth into your world whatever you should ask for. We hear you. We aid our heros call.

Cut back to smugglers dying in the snow, and the king and princess finding them

Princess- there they are

Calabar- howd they end up here

King- help me get them aboard

They get them aboard

Calabar- where is the third one

The king leaves calabar on the planet

King- now you stay here calabar

Princess- theyre alive but dying

Calabar- my lord what is the meaning of this?

King- I now know about you calabar, my daughter informed me that you had these men kidnapped, a bad attempt if I might add, but when I looked further into it I also found out that you’ve been a spy for the evil tyrant all along. And in plain sight this whole time. How could I be so stupid. You are stripped of your guard title and are banished from my royal city.

Princess- goodbye calabar

The King and princess leave, calabar calls upon the tyrant for help on his communicator

Calabar- king wait I only ever did what I believed was best for our people, wait. Princess I love you. Wait no…. lord tyrant. Help. The good king found out I was a spy and now has left me on a desolate snow planet.

Cut to bad guy

Badguy- lord calabar, pathetic fool. You embarrass me. Your clumsy excuse of necessary service to me is no longer required. Good luck to you calabar.

Back to clabar being surrounded by hungry snarling snow beasts

Calabar (snow beasts close in) Ahhhh!!! (eaten alive by snow beasts)

Cut to ace and hog on the kings ship

Ace- where am i

King- on one of my star ships. We rescued you.

Ace- hog, rhino.  Sigh

Hog is hooked up to machine helping him recover

King- hog will be ok in time, his body couldn’t take the extreme cold like yours could. I apologize for all you’ve been through and I vow all of this will be made up to you.

Ace- how did you find us

King- the amulets I gave you, they have tracking beacons in them. I had to keep a close watch on you around my daughter. I could tell right away that you would be just the type to sweep her off her feet. Shes in love with you you know.

Ace- what she doesn’t even know me

The princess comes into the room

Princess- oh ace youre alright

Ace- yeah im fine, but rhino , he was killed, in a prison break.

King- I offer you passage to anywhere you wish in the galaxy and a cash compensation for your time and loss once weve docked

Hog- ace, rhino

Princess- youre on our ship hog, we saved you at the perfect time, just a few moments more and you would’ve frozen to death. But we found you

Ace- were ok pal

Hog- we need to go back. We need to take rhinos body back to his homeworld so the shahmans can release his sould from his body for eternal peace.

Ace- hog I dunno

King- okay

They retrieve rhinos body and take it to its home world

Ace- (too rhinos body) rhino if your soul really is stuck in there, know how sorry I am. You were my brother. Ill miss you. Im so sorry rhino. Its all my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten you into this but im an idiot. I fly blindly through life not knowing what im doing half the time and never knowing whats gunna happen next. I don’t know. Im sorry. You meant a lot to be.

Princess- his people would say that he can hear you

Ace- I hope so. Come on

They take rhinos body to his homeworld and his shahman grandfather take them all into a tent for the death ritual. Rhinos spirit leaves his body

Rhino- this was not your fault ace, this is what was necessary.

Ace- I don’t believe it, rhino youre a ghost

Rhino- hog listen to ace, stand by his side in battle and he will make you rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams

Hog- wow ok rhino

Rhino- ace you were meant for so much more than you could possibly know. You were chosen to be a leader. Do ot mourn me for I am in a better place. Princess, take care of my friends

Princess- I will I promise

Rhino- hog take care of ace, ace you are a warrior goodbye friend

Hog- bye bye rhino

Ace- wait rhino wait, what was I chosen to lead, wait.

Princess- answers to all things come to us in due time in the strangest of ways.

They leave, on the royal ship on their way home they are spotted by the tyrant

Guard pilot. (alarm) sir we accidentally crossed into the evil tyrants zone. He has already shot at us. His laser will impact us in 30 clicks

Princess- well what are you going to do

GuardPilot- I don’t know

Ace pushes the pilot out of the way and navigates the ship. He points the ship up

Ace- move.. call down to the engine hull, tell them to disengage the neutron drive supply. Do i have to do everything myself?

He runs to the circuit board, rips out a panel, the ship goes weightless and falls through space.

King- how has this happened. This cant be the end.

The laser misses them

Princess- save us ace… oh the laser just missed us

King- minion warships approach. Ready for battle.

GuardPilot- but this is just a trade vessel.

Ace struggles to get the panel plugged backed into the circuit board due to the weightlessness, but then everythings cool and he fights off the minions.

Ace- here we go. Got em. One down two to go. Yeah! Goodbye. That’s how its done.

Ace kills all the minions and saved everyone

Princess- you never stop amazing me sir

King- once again the day is saved and weve avoided all danger thanks to you

Ace- I will win this war for you, let me fight for your army

King- ace, I would like for you to lead my army.

Cut to a ritual ceremony. The knighting of ace

Nobleman- do you good king give up your rightful place and step down as war commander?

King- I do

Nobleman- and do you accept all responsibilities of war commander, to lead the royal army through darkness and into light?

Ace- yes I do

Nobleman- by the cosmic power instilled within me and by the laws of planet keelatab i knight you. Arise sir war commander.

Crowd- yeahhhhhhhhh!

King- lead my men well.

Ace- I will

King- I know

Random people- the prophecy reads true. He is the chosen one

(war montages) then war on the battlefield in front of the tyrants fortress. Battle speech

Ace- we stand here today ready to die in battle for a cause. To unite keelatab once and for all. Never again shall we live in fear of an oppressor with a giant weapon. Fight with me brothers in arms, for I stand here today as living proof that if a peasant can become a nobel, then we together, the royal army, can bring down the tyrant and change the future of this world and our names will be written through history forever.

Soldiers- yeahhh!!

Ace- hog stay on the battlefield for this one, I don’t wanna risk bringing you along on this mission.

Hog- aw man! Whats the mission

Ace- to infiltrate, we gunna storm the fortress walls.

Hog- aw! But!

Ace- that’s an order hog, I don’t want anything to happen to you under my watch. Stay safe pal

Hog- yes sir ace.

Cut to inside the tyrants fortress. The goblin sees the army grow outside.

Goblin-sire sire, the royal army builds outside our walls.

Badguy- mwahahahahamwahaha ready my death ray machine. Fools. All of you fools. Death who all defy me.

Goblin- uh oh I better hide.

Badguy shoots giant laser into battlefield.some flee, some press on.

Cut to soldiers on battlefield, not ace

RoyalArmy-ahh! The death laser. The tyrant is too powerful. Retriete retriete. Ahhhh!. NO No PRESS ON COWARDS, PRESS ON.

Back inside tyrants fortress

Badguy- the cowards retriete, they are no match for my death ray. No match for me aaahahaha

Cut back to ace on the battlefield outside fortress walls

Ace- lieutenant what is our latest plan of attack

Lt- weve discovered a weakspot in one of the far walls, if our calculations are correct it should put us in on the other side somewhere near the internal corridor.

Ace- how does it look?

Lt- we’ll have to fight our way in and out. It’s a suicide mission but it could be our only chance.

Ace- find the right men to do it, ill lead the squadron in

Lt- we all serve you my lord, whenever youre ready to advance.

Ace- lets go engage attack plan.

Lt- yes my lord, come men.

Cut back to bad guy and his evil ego monologue

Badguy- soon I shall be the rightful ruler of keelatab,and I shall annihilate any other race besides my own off the face of this planet.they think they have a chance against me. My ancestors should’ve stoned their people to death ehn they came down from the scy all those eons ago. They are corruptors who gave to my ancestors and then took away when they pleased. Theses people must be punished. The royal city will fall to ruins at my hands.

Cut back to ace outside castle walls ace leads a small group of soldiers in

Lt- we blow the wall on your command sir.

Ace- bring it down

Lt- first I just wanted to say sir that it is an honor to fight with you my lord. You have shown us all that every man controls his own destiny.

Ace- hey ive said it once and ill say it again, I fly through life blindly not ever knowing what im doing half of the time and waiting around for whatever gunna happen next. But its an honor for me as well lieutenant.

Lt- blow the wall

They blow up the wall and rush in fighting their way in

Ace- go go go. Look out. Ahhh

Cut back inside to tyrant who gets way too caught up in his monologue

Bad guy- how could anyone have ever believed that they could defeat me, aren’t I the ultimate being.

Goblins- oh yes my leader, the supreme overlord

Badguy- are you obedient and content and do you serve your supreme overlorad to the greatest extent of your capabilities.

Goblins- uh.. yes Sire?

Good guys show up

Lt- your time is up tyrant

Badguy-how did they get in here?

Goblin- I dunno sire

Badguy- die incompetent pet!

Goblins- woah run, hide!

Badguy- you dare enter my domain and defy me? yaaa!

Lt- ahhhh

Badguy kills everyone but ace

Badguy- haha you are all too easy. You just give up and die

Ace- nooo!

Badguy hs epic duel with ace. Good vs. evil. Bad guy almost wins

Badguy-you! So you’ve managed to escape my prison colony, taken command of the royal army and are now here to defeat me? Well what a specimen. You truelly are a rare example of your filthy race. You might just be the greatest of your kind, too bad ill have to kill you.

Ace- ahhh

Badguy- and now as your last breath leaves your lips look into my eyes so you take my image with you into death and remember who killed you. The last thing you see in this life will be my face, and I have done this to you. Look at my face dog!

Princess shows up out of no where

Princess- hows he supposed to look at your face when you don’t have one?

Badguy- what? No, noo, nooooo

Princess- get away from my man! (blows badguys head off)  my love are you alright?

Ace- princess what are you doing here.

Princess- the galaxy brought us together but I cant let it break us apart.

Ace- im in shock, I don’t know what to say. You saved my life.

Princess- I think by now weve each saved eachothers lives an equal amount of times. We should be about even .

Ace- I love you princess

Princess- ive loved you since the second I laid eyes on you.

Ace- did you fly here

Ace steals the dead tyrants electric wand

Princess- yes your men had already taken control of the fortress by the time I showed up, I landed just out on the loading pad.

Ace- get out of here, im gunna fry the main control panel to the death ray machine and destroy this place once and for all.

The princess goes to flee but is stopped by the tyrants goblins

Princess- yes my love. Ahhh! What are you monsters?

Goblins- wait we are peaceful creatures who were mistreated and tortured by the evil master. We never liked him, we only had to pretend or he would’ve killed us. So please take us with you. We will be good to you and serve you well.we were never evil.

Princess- how can I trust you when you have served the tyrant for so long, I don’t know im sorry.

Ace- they seem harmless

Goblins- please, we were slaves.

Princess- oh. Okay but the second you let me down or disobey me at all or do anything against the laws of my people, you will be punished, anad wont be allowed to stay with us anymore. Also im gunna hafta lay down some ground rules but yes you may come with us.

Goblins-oh hooray! Thank you lady, were free of the evil tyrant. We promise to obey your every command. You have saved us.

Princess- awww!

Ace- the walls are coming down, the fortress is caving in, lets go, hurry, come on you all

They grab the goblins and just barely fly away in time before the castle blows up

Princess- come on……..…uh oh……just in time. Fheew! ..And now a new start

Soldiers celebrate on the battlefield as the fortress crumbles. The badguys surrender

Soldiers- yeah!! We did it we won

Hog- we are victorious!

Cut to a big royal festival in the royal city streets

Nobleman- and so in celebration of the wining of the war and the uniting of our planet shall the princess through true love choose a husband in life. Does the princess accept the war commander as her cosmic husband for all time?

Princess- I do

Nobleman- and will you my lord and war commander have the princess for all time as your cosmic bride?

Ace- I shall

Nobleman- and who sanctions this bond?

King- I do

Nobleman- by the cosmos you are now and forever shall be husband and wife. You may kiss and may peace be with you both through time

Crowd- hooray!

Cut across the galaxy to the mystic wizards

MysticWizards- fear no more brothers for our hero is okay and for a time, the natural balances of the universe will be fine. But we are the ones who have conjured this savior and we have evoked this sequence of events for there will be a time when our hero is needed again. We’ll let him rest for now but the story of the hero is not nearly over yet, this tale has only just begun.



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