If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem inspired by the words of a old man I met to day, words that I'll always remember.

Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



~~If Tomorrow Never Comes~~
A Poem by StarWarsGirl12345

We all have problems
We all have a past
Between you and me
There is no gap
I understand what it means
To be unwanted
To be so lonely

One day, walking alone
I saw a man sitting there
Head bowed low
He looked up at me
A smile on those old lips
He motioned me forward
Without a sound

Quietly he asked me my name
Said girl don’t have no shame
I told him I need to go
He said you always got time you know

Then he told me
If tomorrow never comes
What would you do with you last day
Would you spend it with your family
Or would you waste it by running late

Would you leave me sitting here alone
Would ignore me to answer your cell phone
Would you give an old man a chance
Or would I only earn a passing glance

Sometimes I have to wonder if
If I was gone would nobody miss me
If I didn’t sit here day after day
Would I just fade away
Maybe tomorrow will be my last day

I watched as he smiled up at me
Said think it’s time for you leave
Why do you want to waste your time on an old man like me
Your life is waiting for you, you know
So just get up and go

I watched that old man for a second
Thought maybe he was a little bit off
Or maybe he was right on the mark

I stood quietly
Bowed my head and gave a thank you before I leave
Never thought of that old man until today
Finally I realize what he said was true
You just got to go and do what you do
But if I ever saw him again, I swear
I wouldn’t dare just give him a passing glance
He is worth more than that

I never knew his name
Never saw him after that day
But I tell you it’s true
He reminded me of someone I never knew
I’m sure if you met him you’d think that too

Author Note: This is my very first poem so if it's awful I'm so sorry. :( I tried.

© Copyright 2019 StarWarsGirl12345 . All rights reserved.

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