my grandpa may you be blessed in heaven

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this is for my beloved grandpa who has died in 2006 we will never stop loving you.this is all true. i still miss him today

What happened.when i went to school that day nothing was wrong i went to school at 8:10 started as a normal day i had my subjects math science all the usuals. why did it happen i had to get out of school early on that day it was october 13, grandpa died that day in omaha at the was the worst day of my life my baby sister was only 3 days old he did not even get to see her. my grandpa was already in the hospital the past week. he was in there  for a heart attack. my mom did not make it to the hospital that day before he died because she had to get us kides out  of  school. my mom was crying so bad saying that she wanted her dad back that is when i learned my grandpa died that night. that day it was a friday so i did not have to go to school that weekend. that gave me some days to let my feelings out. that weekend i went to stay at my other grandpas it got my mind off of death of my beloved grandpa. nothing was the same after that. my moms stepmom got the big thing of ashes and when her stepmom died  she still did not get them i has been almost four years since he has been dead. i miss him so much the last thing we have said to each other is that i love you. those were his final words to me they will always be with me.GOD BLESS YOU.

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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