Murder/Suicide an old, but true story

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This is the story that the Plantation fire Department wants to hide.

I published a book online titled: DISCRIMINATION: A True Story About Randy Pettitt and the Plantation Fire Department. The fire department got it removed from publication. They don't want the truth about their department leaking. So they publish all kinds of sugar coated stories about how great they are when they rescue someone, or use a new training technique, but when it comes to mistakes, they hide 'em well.

After completing First Responder I was approached by a classmate named Elson Sotto. He asked me if I had an email address titled: Ghostwriter. I told him no----cause I don't. I was late to class the day they wanted personal contact information, so I asked Elson if he needed my email address. He said that's not what he wanted to know. Okay, I asked him what he wanted and he told me a very, very bizarre story. He talked to me for at least twenty minutes about a story that would shock everybody.

I don't appreciate these assholes who confront me like this and when I defend myself, they use excuses like: "You shouldn't make threats against officers"----like Don Todd told me, or, "You caused this upon yourself----" Etc., etc.

Elso Soto should have been kicked out of the fire department that night, but I never reported him. And because of that, he's still there to this day. I remember him telling me, "If you admitted to this I was going to tell you that you were wrong by what you did." No, kiss my ass, Elson. If it was me that published it, first of all I would have a right called: FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Elson told me about how he walked into a conversation, where three people were talking about a female police officer who shot her boyfriend (Robert) that were written on line in a murder-suiside story/blog. This is exactly what Elson told me: "They claim a guy in this class----you,----" refering to me, "wrote in a blog online, a bunch of things that were not true about Laura Grunas, who shot her boyfriend, and then herself. That----you----" refering to me, "wrote about how Laura's tubes were tied----which is not true----".

And he went on saying that I basically published a lie about what went on back on August 4th, 2006. Whatever Elson Soto assumes, first of all, would be my freedom of speech. Second, the blog about that subject, and the screen name GHOSTWRITER which gave me the idea to identify myself in this ebook as that, is only that. Confused? Apparently, the mysterious three, should all be arrested for STALKING! How about that Mr. Soto? Including yourself. I think I fuck more hispanic chicks than you do, Lieutenant Soto; but anyway...

Here's what really happened: (Man, this volunteer department has all kinds).

On August 4th, 2006 a female police officer (Laure Grunas) for Plantation Police Department had a dispute with her boyfriend (Robert Peat). Laura was locked out of Robert's house. She went around the back of his house and shot through the sliding glass doors and entered the house. Mike Roth (volunteer firefighter and police reserve for Plantation) was apparently in the kitchen when Laura decided to drop, oops, I mean----shoot on in. Mike ran off----hope he never does that on a fire scene. After she entered through the shattered glass, Laura went searching for Robert, found him, and shot him, and then shot herself. That about wraps it up.

I would never leave my buddy behind. I've been in a situation similar to this and I did all I could do to help. That's why this story plagues me so much. I wish Laura did not do what she did. Number one: So you had an abortion----No big deal. Is it fair to raise a child in a world like this? There were other ways to get even: Get dressed hot and go date a black guy for instance----That would be really good vengence. And if you did go as far as killing someone, you'd only serve about ten years in jail for a first time offender.

We all snap. The problem here is Laura talked, and NO ONE LISTENED. And if the other rumors are true about the boyfriend beating her, then, the guy got what he got. These alleged friends of Laura were too busy running away. Just like when I reported Randy Pettitt for all of his bullshit----no one cared except for the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). This is how situations like the 08-04-06 incident happened. I can see what drove Laura over the edge. My best friend was in her fire class. She was a very pretty woman, had a very nice career and was too deeply in love. If I knew her personally, I would prevent the whole thing from happening. I would listen to Laura. I would be there for Laura. And since this book is the latest written subject about Laura I will update Laura as NOT being forgotten. I think about her a lot----and I never knew her. Once again, she was very beautiful and I wish I did know her. I read somewhere that she was laid to rest in Michigan.

I was recently smoking weed by the memorial and paying some personal respect near Station Two. I read every name clearly, but Laura's----unless----I was that fucking stoned I never saw her name engraved. I don't care if she was only at the department for a month or two. She died while being a member here and she would have graduated the class----meaning her name belongs on the memorial.

I later found out that the three individuals talking shit, and spreading shit about me were Mike Roth, Mary Barth and Brian Sullivan. Thanks for never getting back with me on the "mysterious three," Mr. Elson Soto, and now I published the truth about all this. It's a shame it had to come to this.

Soto told me back in January of 2008 that he'd find out their names and get back with me. He never did. Oh yeah, the girl in our fire class still owes me $20 for that plaque that was never made. You were the class leader. Where the fuck's my money?

Brian Sullivan: Don't have much to say about him. I never said a word to this guy my entire time at the fire department. He just gave me dirty looks and talked some shit behind my back. I hear he's been doing this since 2006, along with the next person:

Mary Barth: Never spoke to her. She just gave me some dirty looks and talked shit about me. I glanced over to her at the Bar-B-Que in 2009 talking to one of her heavy-set female cop buddies and it was about me because the big girl turned around, lowered her glasses, and looked right at me. BUSTED! What did you tell Heidi Cole, Mary?

Mike Roth: I heard a lot of nice things from him too. You should hear what I heard Chris Terwilliger say about you.

It's good to know we're all one big family here!





Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Yo, I want to know all about this cover up business. My dad was a volunteer at Station 3 with Laura at the time and my Aunt was a Battalion (she's awful,so I'm hoping you don't have contact with her- I'll bet she's in on the corruption). I always knew that department was shady as fuck- also Randy was a total asshole.

email me-

Wed, December 20th, 2017 4:29pm


Fri, January 25th, 2019 1:41am


Her ex boyfriend Joe C. tried to stop her that night. He saw her on the way to another friends hosue. He broke it off with her because she was still into Rob apparently. The plantation bunch is a backstabbing crowd unfortunately. I was told it was Joe that got her pregnant...idk

Fri, January 25th, 2019 1:43am

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