My Grandma's Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

present and past events after my grandmothers death

My Grandma’s Death

I was driving past my grandma’s house that she once lived in, the house once so lively and beautiful, but now there is nothing left inside, except the feeling of emptiness. Just a little yellow house, with butterflies hanging by the front door. There was a for sale sign out front. I decided to stop for a few minutes. I got out of my car, and started to walk up the driveway very slowly as if I didn’t want to remember all the happiness that had once dwelled here.

I run up the driveway to grandma’s front door. She stands in the doorway with arms wide open just waiting for that warm hug she says you have. Grandma starts tickling me as I run into the house, both of us smiling and laughing. I stop and stick my nose in the air, noticing a familiar fragrance that is alway at grandma’s house. Chocolate chip cookies!

The door front door of the house was locked. I found the extra key where it always is, in the fake rock that looks real, but it’s an amazing hiding spot. The key was hidden in that spot so that we could get into the house whenever we wanted to if the doors were locked. I put the key in the front door. As I unlocked the door, I was debating whether I should go inside or not. I took a deep breath, and opened the door.

“I know how much you love chocolate chip cookies, and I also know how much you love surprises,” Grandma says. Grandma goes into her bedroom and comes back with a little girl puppy. Grandma said I could name the puppy, and grandma’s favorite color is purple,

“You love purple Grandma, so the puppy's name will be Violet,” I said.

I play with Violet every time I go to grandmas house. Violet and I love playing outside. We love playing outside when is rains. Today it is raining so we go outside to play in the mud and splash in all the puddles. Grandma always yells at us to stop or we will get dirty. Violet and I came inside. I was sitting on the rosey pink living room carpet one day with Violet at grandma’s and thought, “Oh, how I love grandma's house. Grandma will always be here with me, to give me hugs, make yummy chocolate chip cookies, have those random surprises, make me feel better when I am sad, and always love me.”

After finally deciding to go inside,I started crying as I walked into the house. The smell of chocolate chip cookies no longer was present. I walked to the bedrooms to find that they were still the same, purple walls with pretty pink butterflies. The beds in each room were neatly made and had stuffed animals on them. I went to the living room and sat in the old brown chair that was still in the house, where my once lively, joy-filled, sweet old grandma once sat. I cried until I fell asleep in the chair. I heard a car door close and woke up immediately, to find my sister Amanda standing at the front door in tears. She saw my car parked out front and knew I was here. Amanda stopped crying for a few brief seconds and started speaking.

“I miss her so much and everytime I think about her, I can’t breath, and I just don’t know what to do,” Amanda said.

“I miss her so much as well. I just want to hug her, just one last time, and tell her how much I love her.”

My sister and I stood in the middle of the living room crying for about ten minutes, just think about how much we missed our Grandma. When we stopped we both looked up at each other, smiled, and slowly started to walk to the front door to leave. We both took a deep breath as we took one last look inside. Then we closed the front door and locked it. I thought to myself, “This is it. I will ever get to go into this house.”

My grandma's house had already gotten sold, and the people who had bought her

house would be moving in soon. I will miss everything about this house. I’m devastated

that I will never get to go into this beautiful house again, but at least the memories will be


Submitted: April 28, 2016

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Teddy Kimathi

A deep, emotional story....

Fri, April 29th, 2016 12:19pm

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