schildhood scares

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if you are a parent or going to be one is this a story to learn from.
this story is about a child fears whats made up and reality.
all of what i wrote is of my own experiance.

Submitted: September 13, 2015

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Submitted: September 13, 2015



Childhood Scares


There she was a normal easy child who always listend to her parents and always stayed strong. As she seemed normal to some one from the outside her family knew she wasn't. She started to have nightmares when she became nine years old. Her nightmares could not be explaint by any docter so she learned to live with it. When her nightmares were stopped at the age of ten she became afraid of everything. As she got used to the nightmare something just felt wrong. every night she checked her bed and closed and slept with her door closed. Every morning her dad had to go to work early and got his sock's out of the closed but this night was diffrent. As she was falling asleep she realized something was wrong, her door was open. And even though she check her bed she still did not went to close the door. She had seen some one walking in the hallway and as she was scared and crying she hid herself in the closed. What she did not knew that it was her dad, he went to the bathroom but did not turn the lights on because he didn't want to wake her. And even though he later told her that it was him she wasn't really afraid any more of monsters, she was afraid of her dad and thats why she couldn't reconize him. She wasn't just afraid of her dad for nothing, her dad was in real life a monster to and that is also what people from the outside didn't saw. Her dad made fun of her every day, he yellef at her every day, he said horrible words to her every day. If one person wasn't enough to made her feel little and stupid about her self she had a brother who did the same to her every day. If two persons weren't enough she had school and on her school she got bullied too.


If children are afraid it's not because of something out of the blue, it's because almost everyone around them are monsters so you know now that sadness pain and anger can create something in your subconcious a monster in your dreams and only if you defeat all of them in real life you defeat the one in your nightmares too.



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