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life 'n all.

Submitted: May 10, 2008

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Submitted: May 10, 2008




By Suwilanji Simukanga.

So, you still think you're the best chris? huh? thwoo! The general's spit was yellower than a sunflower in full bloom, he sniggered as he walked away. Let's teach this here boy a lesson he'll never forget! He signalled to a soldier that was holding a twinged strap of fresh leather. The soldier walked gently to where Chris was tied, hands behind a wooden pole, raised high above ground. Lash after lash, the soldier didnt care whether he hit chris' face, chest or torso; all he cared for was to show this kid one heart-wrenchingtime. Are you the best Chris, Huh? said the general with a wry smile. Chris, bleeding all over his body, opened his eyes and looked down at the general disrespectfully and said, I am what the other soldiers say I am. The general's face grew cold, as if someone had suddenly poured water on him. He looked up to a soldier standing beside him, he paused and nodded his head. This soldier walked up to Chris with a hammer-like object in his hands, he carried it with a smooth, athletic motion that forced a wince out of Chris. uuhm! uuh! uuhm! chris' legs were under attack. After the soldier had exhausted himself, the general walked up to Chris and asked, just say you made a mistake and that you apologize that's all! We'll let you go scott free. You won't even get a court marshall, the general's immediate subordinate chipped in. Chris stuck doggedly to his original stance, I can't apologize because you both know that i didn't do anything wrong! Chris said with anger and suppressed rage. The general grabbed a knife from his deputy's waist and plunged it into Chris' belly. As Chris breathed his last breath, the general said begone you troubler of mankind!


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