The Best Woman Out There

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This Poem is dedicated to my beautiful wife Karen viljoen to express my love for her as my wife!

Submitted: May 08, 2009

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Submitted: May 08, 2009



There is no better woman out there for me than you
no matter how far and wide I search,it is still you
They say there are many fish in the sea
but I tell you you are the only fish for me

Your loving and your caring for me
is what shows me you too love me
So I want to say again to you
there is no better woman out there for me than you

Your soothing touch on my back at night
assures me that your love for me is true
You are always there for me like the sun's light
whenever I might be feeling blue

You care for me like you would your own new born
that once again proves your love for me
But not showing my love for you makes my heart feel torn
so I decided to bring my side and make you see

This short poem I dedicate to you my love
and I really hope it is good enough
To show that I do see the things you do for me
i'm no poet but i got the message to you ,see?

With that my love I hope you understand my love for you
and that I will continue loving you too
I made a promise to stand by you through thick and thin
and that promise will be kept to you not just to avoid a sin
But because my love for you is so strong
and will carry on being so for long!!!
Karen my dear wife
You are mine for life!!!

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