The battle begins! (Skylanders fan fiction story)

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Skylands is falling apart! It's up to the Skylanders, protecters of this place to save it, and defeat the evil Portal Master Kaos!

(I give a f**k if you think this is corny. Not. -_-)

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Don't hate on me or this story if you don't like Skylanders or know what it is. ._.

What do you expect out of this story? A story, yes, a SUPER DUPER FRICKIN' BRILLIANT STORY?


I'm eleven. And it's fan fiction. And I LIKE SKYLANDERS  --------->   ._.

And like, the Skylanders don't exactly act like they do on the game, because I ain't not half of 'em charries.


Gill Grunt looked at Boomer. "How do we save the villigers?" He gulped, gripping his harpoon tighter, even though he gripped it pretty tight already. 

"We go BOOM BOOM BOOM!" Trigger Happy chipped in while laughing like the maniac he was.

"Shuddup Trigger butt!" Ignitor facepalmed.

"You!" Trigger Happy laughed like a maniac. 

Spyro head-butted Trigger Happy. "Think. You maniac."

I'ma continue later...



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