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A poem about high school bullying.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Perfect Girl


She Opens Her Eyes

wakes up, and rises

Another "perfect" day for Claire

She combs through her perfect hair

After she's done, she waits for her ride

from her boyfriend John, a perfect guy

He drops her off at her not so perfect school

Where many of the kids are jealous and Cruel

She sits in English class and waits for instructions

Their teacher hands back their test on algebraic functions

Claire receives a perfect A

Then one girl looks and whispers to say:

"What's wrong with her? She get's nothing wrong,

even her hair is perfect, well not for long"

She tosses her gum with perfect aim

and looks away so she doesn't get the blame

Claire reaches up and touches her head

she has no one to help her, she has not one friend

She runs out of the room, bursting in tears

They have been mean to her for too many years

Claire goes home, she doesn't care about school

this is the first time she is breaking a rule

She sees her mother and begins to cry

"I never made a friend no matter how hard I try"

She talks to her mother, while she cuts the gum out 

"I studied, and got an A, it wasn't my fault."

"Don't worry about them, they're just jealous of you,

you're nice, you're smart, and beautiful"

"Ok I'm done" her mother says and tries to smile

"It'll grow back in a little while"

Claire thinks of her hair halfway down her back

now it's barely past her neck

"My beautiful hair, what did you do?

I hate that girl, and I hate you too!"

That night Claire stayed in her room, she didn't eat

this attitude laster for a couple of weeks

the teasing continued and was too much for Claire

sometimes their target was her no longer perfect hair

and she began to lose weight

from the nothing that she ate

She looks in the mirror and feels nothing but sorrow

Claire didn't want to live to see tomorrow

She finds and consimes a bottle of pills

then she goes to sleep, herself she slowly kills

The next morning she didn't awake

they tried to pump her stomach but it was too late

It took her funeral for consciouses to kick in

They all felt guilt and realized their sin

Instead of trying to be nice, be a friend

One girl's life came to a miserable end

Many leave flowers as they apologize

the girl who threw the gum says "its my fault" as she cries

Even as they say sorry they already know

nothing they say can ever bring Claire home.

© Copyright 2018 Stella Dom. All rights reserved.

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