To become a Gargoyle

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Many are the skills of a wizard, but the most dangerous is perhaps shape-shifting. Young mage will find out the risks of magic the hard way. A lesson he won't forget for his lifetime.

Submitted: April 27, 2014

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Submitted: April 27, 2014



With the first Heartfire’s sunshine rose also Edwyn, Archmage of the College of Winterhold. Today was perhaps one of the most important day for senior students, day of their graduation exams.

Archmage already knew it was going to be a stressful and tough day for both students and professors. The spiced wine, after a early breakfast, eased his mind so he changed into his blue robes and made his way to the Arcanaeum. He wanted to pick a new book to read during the exams. Not being a professor, his only duty was to be present as the official leader of the Guild, while professors took care of examining the young wizards and mages. But they didn’t knew what would happen to them.

Downstairs, in the library, many students were already awaken, studying their graduation spells and rereading their notebooks.

“You’re pretty early too, Archmage”, said Urag gro-Shub, the librarian.

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep well last night. Bad dreams, again.”

“You shouldn’t worry about them. Dreams only happen in our minds. They are harmless”, Urag tried to comfort him but it was useless.

“Thanks. Let’s hope the exams will end without any problem. I don’t like this part of the year”.

Being a Breton, Edwyn enjoyed the cold perhaps even more than his fellow neighbours, the Nords. But today was a pretty warm day. Sun was shining and there wasn’t even a smallest cloud on the blue sky. Truly, the college looked alive like never, but Archmage prefers to spend his time in solitude, on the top of the college, where he can practise his spells and watch over his guild.

After having taken the book, he went downstairs to the Hall of the Elements, where all lessons and exams take place.

The Hall was illuminated by dozens Magelights, small glowing globes, cast by Toldfir, Master Wizard and the Alteration professor. He is the one in charge of the College whenever Archmage is away on his business throughout the Skyrim, Toldfir is also a good friend of Edwyn’s and one of the first professors to see his great talent and power when he had first arrived as a student. They have shared many adventures, even saved the College couple of years ago from Ancano, ex-advisor of previous Archmage Savos Aren, by preventing him to use The Eye of Magnus in his evil deeds.

Now, that everything is peaceful, Edwyn’s life seems boring. Beside leading the guild and some political duties for the Jarls, he spends his time reading books and studying the craft of magic.  

After the gong for the first lesson was struck, students slowly started to fill the Hall. They were all Adept mages and this exam would decide whether they will be able to leave the College as expert wizards and find work in the courts of Jarls and counts throughout Tamriel or go back to their studying.

Each student has to perform a spell he’s chosen, showing control of the power and magicka and their knowledge about magic. But to Edwyn, it was all boring. He almost fell asleep after few hours. He was trying hard not to close his eyes, but eventually he had to cast a small healing spell to make his dizziness go away. Student after student, they have performed their magic. But suddenly something caught Edwyn’s attention. Young student, perhaps the youngest among his classmates, stepped forward to perform his spell. At once, a flashback run through Archmage’s mind and he remember his dream. Something bad was going to happen.

“I’ll going to transform myself in to a Gargoyle”, said the boy while looking at his professors with great confidence.

“You are quite ambitious, Arius. Are you sure you’ll be able to cast it how it’s supposed to be done? Not many students were able to perform that kind of magic at that early age”, asked Faralda, the Destruction professor.

“Yes, I’ve done it countless times in the Midden, before showing it to anyone.”

“Very well, carry on”.

Arius closed his eyes, made hands gesture that were needed, and slowly started wowing the spell. Light flashed and now, where once was the boy, stood a grey sculpture of Gargoyle. He looked petrified and professors assumed it was all part of the spell. But then, Gargoyle’s rock skin shattered and he howled and cried. Suddenly, Fireballs flew across the Hall, aiming for the hopeless students who were both amazed and in awe by the spell. Shields were raised in a haste and luckily no one was hurt. While professors have been focusing on protecting the students, another light flew towards the creature. It was the Archmage.

Gargoyle tried to attack him casting Fireballs, Ice Spears and Thunderbolts, but none were able to pass through the strong shield Edwyn had raised. When he finally reached the creature, he put his hand on monster’s forehead and dispelled the magic. Arius now laid down on the floor while Edwyin was healing him. The boy was moved to the Hall of Countenance, and remained unconscious for another couple of hours before finally waking up. He acted strangely and Colette, Restoration professor, tried everything to bring his awareness back, but it was useless.

“It’s not a problem with his body, but with his mind”, Archmage said as he was entering the Hall, “You should call Drevis to see what’s the matter”.

After the accident has occurred, many students went to their rooms, while professors ate their lunch like nothing has happened. Drevis too went with his colleagues to get himself a warm bowl of venison stew and bun of sweetened bread with fruits. He had strange taste, mixing sweet and sour flavours. While he was eyeing his next dish, a student interrupted him with the summons of Archmage. Like a fox, Master Illusion made haste to the room where the boy was kept. He was the boy as if it was a body without soul. He knew exactly what was wrong.

“He didn’t weave his mind in to the spell. That’s why Gargoyle took over his body and attacked us. After the Archmage has dispelled the magic, mind of the creature remained inside his head. One must journey there and destroy the creature.”

“You’ll do it, won’t you?”, asked Collete Drevis.

“I’m afraid I cannot. I can travel there, yes, but I have no power to defeat the Gargoyle. Our minds are like another plane. My spells of Illusion are useless there, they won’t have any affects on the creature. You must go, Archmage. You have both power and skills”, replied Dravis with a look like he knew something about Edwyn that others didn’t know.

“Very well, I’ll do it”, replied Archmage with a little annoyance in his voice.

He sat on the chair beside the bed where Arius was laying, put his hand on the boy’s forehead and projected his mind into the boy’s one.

Once there, he was able to see how innocent and young Arius was, but also how much talented and powerful that boy is. He also sensed another presence, darker one, hungry for blood and killing. Edwyn knew now exactly where to look for the creature. He raised a shield and made his way towards the Gargoyle. Out of nowhere few Fireballs hit his shield and made it sizzle, but were weak, probably to test the opponent for a second later, devastating Ice Spears stroke Edwyn. He strengthened his defences and sent his own attacks in the direction where the attack were coming from. The creature was fast, really fast for someone who has his skin made out of rock. Archmage had to think fast, for he couldn’t stand too long against those attacks. He thought of a silly but quite effective tactic he learnt from Toldfir. He made a small globe of light and sent it near the Gargoyle. Because it was a small spell he needed no effort to put more power into it without getting exhausted, but the result was huge. It was as if the Sun was shining right there next to them. It made the creature blind and staggering. This gave Edwyn a chance to attack and without hesitation he cast powerful Thunderbolt that shattered the creature in to dust. With the work all done, Archmage came back to his own body, gently raising his hand from the boy’s forehead. They were both awake now, but tired and in need of a full night’s sleep.

Yet, that night, none of them could sleep. Edwyn had gone out to the College’s courtyard for some fresh air where he found Arius sitting on a bench just near the entrance to the Hall of Attainment.

“You can’t sleep either?”, asked Archmage.

“My lord”, the boy was surprised to see him there and in haste stood up and bow his head politely. “No I can’t. I’m afraid of Gargoyle returning and taking over my body again. I don’t know what went wrong. I was sure I had cast the spell correctly.”

“It seems Drevis didn’t explain anything to you. You forgot to weave your mind into the spell. That’s why it went on rampage”, replied Archmage.

“Now I’m afraid to cast even a small spell. What if it goes wrong too?”

“You mustn’t doubt yourself. I saw your mind and your one of the most talented young wizard I have ever seen. Don’t waste it. I’ve talked to the professors. You and other students who didn’t do the exam will have another try in couple of months. You have all the time you need to prepare new spell.”

“Thank you, my lord.”

“Off to bed now and get some rest”

As he watched the young mage go to his room, Edwyn, with a smile on his face, thought of the time while he was just an apprentice. He saw himself in Arius, how ambitious he was and hungered for knowledge and power. But he also had a lesson where he learnt of modesty and put him on a right path that led him to become an Archmage. 


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