A little mixture of poems

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I have been a writer since I was little. I have a few notebook full from when I was in 8th grade (senior now) I'm going to do a few pieces, one from my notebook, one from another one (Year later) one from what I wrote last year, and one from right now..

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



A needle in my heart (From my first Notebook) I kind of feel like this

When you broke my heart

You stuck a needle in my heart


 I cry for my heart

'cause you put a hole in it

Only you can take the needle

out and fix my hole

But you won't you love

her now not me

So the needle will stay

there forever

since your the only one

who can save me

I'm dying of a broken heart

Cause there a needle in my heart

that you put there

only you the only one

who can take it out

Fix the needle of my heart

Tell me you love me

Show it

There a needle in my heart.


You Again (This is from two years ago) (but describes what I'm feeling right now)

Why are you back?

In my life and dreams

I thought it was over

those looks you give me

ye not a word is said!

This is driving me crazy

I was over you

you moved on too

Why this? Why now?

Why this again?

We been  down this road before

It never took us anywhere

Just an unsteady path

That lead to hate

and mainly heartbreaks!

So I'm not gonna fall for you

again, but it's harder than it sounds

I'll do my best

don't need to get hurt

not by you anyways!

I mean it this time

or I hope I do anyways

gotta move on

You're not worth my time or the tears

not for me anyways!


No title(  A poem from last year) 

What you are doing isn't helping

I need no contact from you

I know I'm special since you still talk to me

But if I'm ever going to be fully over you

I can't talk to you at all

So many months of ups and downs

I actually trusted you so much

We are over now for good

I don't trust you at all

I need you gone for good

My once strong feelings are gone

I'm not even sure if I love you

Still have my days on missing you

But I now strongly dislike you

No more tears for you

My wall toward you is up

You can't break it this time

You need to leave me alone

My heart can finally tell you no

Looky here, it seems like I can move on


No title (from right now)

I have my headphones in blaring

My heart is broken into millions of pieces

An emoional wall is up to block people out

I don't want to get hurt

I refuse to let anybody else in

I have a guy on my mind

Two actually even though neither are good

One is bad news and one won't talk to me

I blare my music to try to forget them

But all it take is one song to remember all the memories

This is why I need to move out of this state

I need to start over and start fresh

Where nobody will know my past

And maybe I can finally let somebody in

I have been hurt by both of these guys

Yet I love them with all of my heart

I don't need this not right now

My life was finally getting good again

Now it's starting to fall back to pieces

Along with my broken heart

All it takes is one song to  miss them even more

Why can't love be simple?

I remember the days when I thought boys were gross

And now I'm getting my heart broken by them

One guy knows all about my writing and was supportive

The other guy never knew

They are two different guys

One is really controlling, the other isn't as bad

I don't need a guy right now

But my heart beats for them both.

I'm focusing on just school for now

I'm riding solo and doing me!

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