Another Child Abuse

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Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



So many children and teenagers deal with abuse and a crappy home life. Yet when some are able to tell people about it and don’t that is there fault. I made go on a whinge and say that my home life is bad but I have friends that life are way worse as mine. I mean if my home life was bad I wouldn’t own almost everything I wanted, I wouldn’t have three cats, I wouldn’t have a cell phone, I wouldn’t have a computer yet I do. I know that I’m loved by my mom and she doesn’t try to make me feel guilty or like crap. She makes me feels like I’m worth something and I know I can tell her anything and everything. She is what a mom is supposed to be, sure we fight sometimes but what teenage daughter and mother doesn’t fight sometimes?

There are adults out there that are willing to help children with a bad life at home. You just have to quit hiding it and go to the right adult and they will help the child out of the situation they are in before it get worse. Am I right on this one? If one of your students went up to you and told you everything about their bad life at home inside of hiding it wouldn’t you try to help them out of it? Instead of telling the student that there is nothing you can do about it? If so what has this world really come to? That they can’t help children out who are in need of help.

You can’t keep everything bottled up about your bad life style either that isn’t good. You can’t lie and say that everything at home is great because that is just making things worse. Coming clean to an adult that you can trust and is a reliable person and tell them everything is what a child that is going through a hard life should do. If you have tried that and got told that there was nothing they could do about it then well you went to the wrong person because somebody is willing to help you. You just gotta keep trying until you find that person.

Living in that life style is not good at all it can be very dangerous and probably will result into making everything worse when the right person does find out about what is going on. I may be wrong but having a parent that hates your guts, and makes your life miserable is just as bad as being abused physically instead of mentally. There are so many things you can do to help yourself out of that situation instead of staying in there and not doing anything about it because you think you can’t. We may be teenagers or kids but we can help make our life at home better if it is really bad by telling somebody everything and not lying about it and coming out in the open. That person would be much better off that way and it would make their lives easier instead of having to keep suffering like they do now.

A child shouldn’t have to fear about how they will be treated at home. They should be able to trust somebody and spill their stories and then they will be better off. I know I am glad that my home life is amazing. Because I don’t have to worry about if my mom will yell at me or go on and on about how useless I am. Every child should be saying what I am but I know that isn’t the case. We could work together and make a difference couldn’t we?

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