Boy you hurt me worst than cramps!

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I really don't know. but enjoy it!

Submitted: December 03, 2009

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Submitted: December 03, 2009



I can’t believe I fell for it!
I thought you were different
I loved you more than I ever did for a guy
And yet you hurt me bad
Worst than cramps!
Ah, boy I’m crying my eyes out
While your sucking that girl face!
Did you ever care?
Or do you enjoy hurting girls?
I don’t care, I hate your guts!
Don’t ever try to talk to me!
I won’t listen, you blew your chance
How can I trust a guy again?
You hurt me worst than cramps ever could!
We’re you two tag teaming against me?!
I hate it, hate how I feel
Hate how I could ever love again
I was scared of trusting, and you tricked me!
How can I trust again?
Or were you just a plain out idiot!
Boy, I’m hurt right now
I’m sure you get it
But did you get how you meant to me?
I love cramps more than you now!
And I hate them, by the way!
I’m getting off of my bed
Drying my tears now
Kicking cramps in the butt
Is harder than getting over you
But I guess anything can be done!

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