For My two Encouarger!

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My best friend and my eight grade homeroom/math teacher loved my poems when they were just in a notebook. And they said I had a gift of writing, I never believed them til just now. And this is to show them how much they really did help me! For them my gift will be shown instead of hidden and put away... so Yeah you get the point of the poem!

Submitted: December 11, 2009

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Submitted: December 11, 2009



Last year y’all helped me so much!
You guys encouraged me to write more poems!
And you always loved them!
No matter how insane they were
Thanks you guys!
Even when I almost quit what five times?
Y’all supported me
And yet I knew I was letting y’all down
So I continued writing
So when I’m famous one day, it’ll be because of y’all!
Sure maybe only one of you will read this
But it was a two tag team on me!
And I will never lose my love of writing
It’s all because of y’all!
Even if I did get mad last year!
And for the one I made the promise to
If you’re reading this
Then you know I kept it!
And I always will
You guys showed me that I do have a gift!
Even know it took me a year later to figure it out!
But hey better now than never!
You guys will always be dedicated when I write a book!
Without you I would of only wrote one notebook!
You guys rock! I love how you stayed by my side!
Y’all supported me more than some people
And I need that too!
But y’all never gave up hope on me, even when I did!
Heck I almost had a rough end of the year if I didn’t write!
Even though, now when I say I’m gonna quit writing I get haunted!
But thanks you guys!
I can never say thanks enough
You guys really did show me how much my gift was!
Even though I don’t know if you guys will read this!
Thanks for everything y’all did last year!
My spark of love for writing will never die down!
And it’s all because of you guys!
Y’all gave me the push I needed!
And I really needed it too!
Thanks again you guys! I will always write poems!

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