I can actually move on and mean it

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Okay the last poem about this guy.

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012



After talking to you for a few more days I finally realize

I have moved on from you, I don't have the same feelings as I did before

You aren't on my mind like you were

I don't look forward to talking to you

In fact I don't love you anymore I dislike you

Yeah there kind of is somebody else

But that isn't the point

I'm finally moved on from you

I want to tear up any reminders I have of you which I think is a few

I want to forget about the eleven months I dated you and us talking about getting back together

You weren't worth my time then and you aren't worth my time now

You are an ex for a reason

And now I remember why

I'm in charge of my life, not some low life guy who's a pervert

I have changed in the months we stopped talking

And I don't want you back in my life

 I don't want to ruin all my progress of changing

You aren't the guy for me

Why settle for you when the other guy treats me better?

I stopped talking to him due to his busy schedule and I miss him like crazy

With you I'm relieved that I'm not talking to you

So it's time to be honest with myself

It took six months but I'm over you

Now you shouldn't be on my mind anymore

I can finally watch The Notebook without you on my mind

Because we don't belong together

I'm just now realizing that because I was blinded by love

But we're not right for each other

You're like gasoline and I'm water

We just don't mix

We're not right anymore

You're the same and I'm different

You are not my type anymore

I prefer to keep my pride

It feels good to finally get the last words

I can now move on and not wonder what if

Because I know the what ifs and I don't want that anymore

I want a fresh start

I want a guy who isn't all about himself

It was hard but I have finally done it.

I've broken from your spell

The memories won't be as bad as they were

Because you don't mean the same to me

You are now just another love, another first

I'm just glad you weren't my actual first one for the first time

I would regret that more than anything

I'm not saying I'm over you so people could believe that

I'm actually meaning it this time

I found someone better this time

The feeling isn't there anymore my dear

It feels weird even calling you my dear

You never wanted me 

You only wanted to use me

We're over now.

We are done.

Good luck with your life.

I will be enjoying mine now.

I will be free from not moving on

I won't be in the jail cell of you,

I can finally break free and remember what it was like to be moved on.

I'm sorry, wait no I'm not.

You were a jerk.

You done me wrong

And I just hope one day Karma will find you.

At least I know I'm finally free from you.

I have moved on! And it feels good!


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