I know this is crazy but I miss you

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I blame the music I have on my laptop. It just has me thinking.

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



 It's New Year's Eve now

We haven't talked since the beginning of the month

And I really miss you

I haven't heard your voice in months

I haven't seen you in months on webcam

I haven't seen you in person in two years almost

Yet I still think about you

Us talking again made me realize how much I do care for you

And I know it's crazy because we're not in the same state

We're seniors in high school now, we dated in sophomore year

We ended it for a stupid reason

And we still have feelings for each other

Long distance relationships don't work out that good

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you.

I turned down a guy because I couldn't do that to you.

I want to take a road trip to see you

You were my first actual love

You were my first real kiss

My first kiss in the rain

My first boyfriend that I actually count

We had our ups and downs but what relationship doesn't?

Our relationship wasn't normally

Not with a parent butting-in, not fighting all the time but we made up

You treated me good

You had your issues but so did I

You are my Prince charming

I just can't get up the nerve to admit it again

I know it hurt me when you said you had another girl

It made me realize how you felt when I was with that jerk 

You knew he was trouble, you tried to warn me

I thought you were a jealous ex-boyfriend

Now I wish I would have listened to you.

 I wish we were still together.

Cheer to you in the New Year!

Maybe we will meet again in the future!

I sure do miss you!

I still have the promise ring you gave me that day

I still sleep with the teddy bear that says I love you

I still miss you.

I always will.

I'm always going to love you.

You were my sweet first love.

Nothing will ever replace that.

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