I missed my old life

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Okay, I know I'm not the only child who parents are divorced.. And tonight I'm just not liking the divorced part.

Submitted: December 24, 2012

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Submitted: December 24, 2012



I'm already feeling down about you guys being divorced

Because it's Christmas Eve

But now I miss living with my mom

It's hard to explain to your dad how to do something

I want my mom but I'm not near her

I want a good Christmas

But it's hard to do when your parents are split

I know I'm eighteen and I should understand it

I do but right now I need my mom

It's a female job and let's face it you're clueless,

I know you want to help

But you don't have the slightest clue

I'm not mad at you

But I really miss my mom

She would have known what to do

She would have done it so easily

Now I'm stuck waiting on some stranger to come

I want to go back two years

Back when things were a least a little bit simplier

I mean I know my parents were still split up

But I lived with my mom and she would have known what to do

I'm not in the Christmas mood because of it.

I mean it's just two people celebrating it

Next year it will be just me

I will be in college and away from everyone

So what's the deal anyways?

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