Is this our final Good-bye?

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I wrote this earlier. It began out being a love poem for my boyfriend, ended up being a break up poem.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



This is just so simple

Trying to forget you It isn't that easy

'Cause I'm in love with you

Why must it hurt?

I knew it was coming

Just thought I had more time

Boy, was I wrong

Maybe it was just a joke

Somehow I doubt that Our relationship is strong

We will make it

Just wait and see If not then it wasn't meant to be

After all you're only seventeen and I'm only sixteen

We are so young With the rest of ours lives ahead

Do we really want to settle?

Or go out and explore

We aren't mature enough to know for sure

Fact is we are only teenagers We shouldn't stay tied together

After all you lied to me, kept something from me, and broke promises I can't keep lying to myself It does hurt me so much

With so much thought into it

So many tears were shed I think this if for the best

That we just break up And date other people

I'm so sorry if this hurts you

For it hurts me too September is so far away

Who knows where we will be I really do love you with all my heart

So, this is really it

You broke my heart so now I'm breaking yours

Maybe when you're ungrounded we can try again I guess we will see

Hope you will forgive me and understand It's killing me slowly

This is the hardest thing I have done

But it has to be done

Or it might hurt me worse

Hope you see how much this hurts me

To say good-bye to you

For we spent almost ten months together

We had our ups and downs this is one down I can't avoid

So this is good-bye my love, I'm so sorry

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